Fir Tree Transit & Personality- July 5-14 & Jan 2-11

A Fir Tree is a tree of mysticism and people born under the protection of this tree are surrounded by art, mysticism, and music. Women like to wear jewellery, and men are attracted to antiques. You have stable health and can expect to live a long life. The danger is that you could become an egoist that appreciates your belongings as opposed to people. It is important for you to have children and live a family life. Aware of your weaknesses, you try to transform them into virtues. Very intelligent, completely conscientious and very persistent you can overtake any obstacle. You have strong willpower and you are very patient. If you turn towards opening up your heart you can appreciate your partner more. There is a strong urge to be very self-sacrificing, however in order to overcome this, you must honour your individuality and stand tall and proud like the Fir Tree. These are the ultimate Tree Witches.

This is the transit of the homebody. Spending more time at home with your loved ones while delving deep into spiritual studies is favourable. Just be careful you don’t get too carried away with all of your spiritual information, as you can idealize your reality making it nearly impossible to function in the real world once this transit is over. This transit is also a very inspiring time, as Fir Tree Cones are raised up like candles- indicating that you need to reach up to the starry skies for enlightenment. Caterpillars eat Fir Trees, so any insight gained now aids a transformation later on, most likely during the January transit of this tree. As the common Christmas tree- Firs are a celebration of light and awakening- if you were born during this transit, you will undergo many spiritual transformations in your lifetime. Christians viewed the Fir Tree as the Tree of Life, gifting everyone with life force. During these few days your energies will increase. The solid and straight trunk of the tree is a constant reminder to be your own unique self, as the path that is illuminated, is the path for you.

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Social Media- The New Witch’s Familiar

Black cats doing a witch’s bidding have been a long time association with witchcraft. The majestic black night sky fur of a cat with yellow eyes lurking in the shadows of magic is a cliche that has haunted witches for centuries. But how many modern day witches actually own a black cat anymore? Is it fair to say that cats have since been replaced? I’d like to present my thesis that witch’s familiars have been replaced for the modern day cell-phone- iphone, android, tablet, ipad. Think about it- a witch can weave spells on her twitter timeline, hex those on Facebook, cast glamors on Instagram, and hide behind a veil of anonymity and secrecy on social media, allowing her to hide her true intentions and identity.

Familiars come from the Latin term ‘familiaris’ meaning a household servant. They were mentioned in the bible referring to the spirit guides of sorcerers and necromancers. Modern day technology has since become servants to everyone, including magickal folk- transforming itself from a piece of glass and plastic- to an enchanted talisman. The internet has become the modern day version of a grimoire- Google is essentially an encyclopedia for any topic, and witches, wiccans, pagans you name it, are able to find their covens online. The internet has allowed mystical people all over the world come out of their broom closets.

Witches typically received familiars as an initiatory gift into their coven. Our society today is a coven of globalization- and as a result people all over the world own cell-phones and communicate with each other at any time and any place. Familiars over time have been portrayed as mischievous and cunning- not unlike social media today where bullying and hatred seems to take comfort.

Familiars would often appear as a black cat or other small creature as marginalized women who were often accused of being witches would have small pets. They would appear to be harmless, but because of their association with outcasted women- they took on a more supernatural guise. Online predators who hide on social media to pray on the vulnerable reminds me of this concept.

A familiar will use magic and intelligence to form a very special bond with its companion in order to better assist them, and to also feed off their energy. Think about those online who form relationships and friendships even though they have never met in person. Can you be sure the person on the other side of the computer has pure intentions? Maybe they’re parasitic entities feeding off your vibes? I don’t mean to scare anyone, but harmful magic does exist, even if you don’t identify as a witch, pagan, or new ager.  You can also see this special bond with social media. People are obsessed with taking selfies and photo editing apps to disguise and alter photos for the purpose of receiving more likes and follows. This shows the blind worship of superficiality, a.k.a glamors. We all know this can go too far, and it’s thanks to our familiars that deception is literally at our fingertips.

Ultimately, if you have a strong emotional bond to an animal or object that can be considered a familiar. Consecrating your pets or objects with love, and intent is all it takes to turn them into handy helpers to do your bidding. You don’t need a black cat named Salem to do your dirty work for you these days, all you need is a seemingly harmless device.

The Witching Hour by Silver RavenWolf- REVIEW

A compendium for the modern day witch which includes spells, powders, and formulas for a variety of needs, wants, and wishes. What is unique about this book compared to other grimoires is that it contains plenty of information on how to prepare yourself for magic. This is the most important part of spellwork which Ms. RavenWolf makes obvious in this book as she spends a great deal of time providing tips on how to do this. Many tips on how to energetically prepare yourself are included such as breathing, posture, and visualization techniques. All of these methods will greatly enhance your magical practices along with choosing the right ingredients and tools which comprises most of the book. Step by step instructions on how much powder, oil, and herbs should be used makes this book extremely useful whether you are a beginner or more advanced witch. Where and when to perform magic, how and where to store your items is also included making this book a magical textbook. Incorporating the elements and planets into spells is also discussed along with fluid condensers which was unique and compelling and should be incorporated into magical practices more often. There is a plethora of information contained within this book that is a must read for anyone who uses magic. No review can do this book justice as you need to pick it up right now and watch your magical practices greatly improve. The Witching Hour begins when you get your hands on this handy dandy grimoire.

Crystal Magic by Sandra Kynes- REVIEW

A must read for anyone who uses and or is interested in crystals- whether you are a lapidary or witch- you will find this book to be both grimoire and text book. Crystal Magic is one of the best books I have read about crystals. Most books on this topic simply name crystals and their properties but this book took it a step further. The first part of the book is about the History and Science of crystals which is absolutely needed if you are going to be working with them. It is fascinating learning about crystals and gemstones in antiquity whether it was in astrology, divination, or medicinal uses. Learning about crystals from a scientific perspective such as their mineral compositions, their crystalline structures, and their formations provides a wealth of information about crystals that help you understand their magical properties even more. This section was not overly scientific, so if you are not a sciencey person, you have nothing to fear about this part of this book. This was extremely useful as we can sometimes forget that at the end of the day, crystals come from the earth. Tips on how to spot fake stones was also very helpful as we want to ensure that we are not simply relying on the placebo effect and that we aren’t supporting fraudulent distributors. I thought the chapter on crystals grids that are based on the crystalline structures of the crystals to be ingenious as I have never come across information about that before. The Compendium of Stones was one of the best I have seen as it also included the history of stones as many books opt not to include that in their descriptions. Two reference guides are also included at the back of the book that list the magical correspondences for the crystals such as ruling deities and planets. Once again this was very helpful. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced crystal practitioner, this book creates a solid foundation in understanding crystals from their historical and geological perspectives. Understanding crystals, gems, and minerals history and compositions creates a deeper and richer appreciation for these marvelous rocks. 

Witchery #octoberoracle

I came across this fun little thing where you can create your own witchy name based on the initials of your real name.

My witchy name is Bewitched Fortune, which suits me perfectly:)

What’s your witch name?


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Circe- The Witch in You #octoberoracle

Circe is fascinating mythology. Deemed a minor Goddess of magic, she is also known as a nymph, sorceress and enchantress who resides on the island of Aeaea – a mythical place mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey.

She was the daughter of Helius, the god of the Sun and Perse, an Oceanid – one of thousands of daughters of the seas, also known as mermaids and sirens. She is said to be the mother of the Minotaur and to turn her enemies into animals of they cross her and to be extremely knowledgeable of herbs and toxins.

It is claimed in Homer’s Odyssey, that Odysseus was on his travels to Ithaca,when he landed upon Aeaea and discovered Circe living in a mansion within a clearing that was protected by lions and wolves. The guests were welcomed by these creatures and Circe, offered them to sit at a feast as she worked at her loom. Unbeknown of Odysseus’s crew, she had laced part of the meal and they were all turned into pigs with a wave of her wand as they gorged themselves on her offerings. Eurylochus, who was suspicious of Circe from the get go, stayed out of the feasting and warned Odysseus and the others who had remained on the ship. Odysseus wanted to rescue his men but was warned by Hermes (Mercury) to use a special herb to thwart her powers, or she would render his ‘manhood’ useless. He followed Hermes advice, freed his men, then remained by Circe’s side for one year, drinking, eating and manhooding. After this year, he was released and able to return to his land of Ithaca.

The asteroid Circe in your natal chart can indicate where you have the ability to bewitch others, it is how and where you experience magical events in your life, it also indicates how you seek non-traditional answers to your most burning questions.

For example; I have Circe in Aquarius in my 9th House

This is all about breaking through limiting beliefs, cultural and social norms and expectations as you bring to life new ways of thinking, new forms of learning, expansion and awareness. The magic is in your original interpretation of reality. You use that magic to teach others, to pave new roads.

I can definitely see how my originality, uniqueness, and overall mystical vibe is some real potent magic. I’ve always found being misunderstood difficult, however it is actually me weaving spells, and enchanting others, who have only excluded me, because of my threatening sorcery!

Check to see where Circe is in your natal chart, and unleash your inner witch!

Stay tuned, I will be doing some blog posts on Hekate & Medea, the other 2 asteroid witches!

If you would like to join in on my October Oracle, please use the hashtag #octoberoracle.

Practical Magic #octoberoracle


Practical Magic has to be one of my favourite Witchy movies, for its domestic magic, tight knit family, great acting, and most importantly the stunning Victorian home that was built for the film (on an ancient Indian Burial Ground, and later torn down).I think a witch’s lair is just as important as her cauldron and broomstick, as this is the energy field she will be working directly with. If home is where the heart is, than for witches, home is where the magic is.

What I love most about this story is that all the Owens ever wanted was to find true love. After casting what seemed like an innocent love spell, actually came true in the most unexpected package. Isn’t that what magic is all about anyways? Intention with surprising results? As Sally Owens says at the end of the film

“There are some things, after all, that Sally Owens knows for certain: Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender, for luck. Fall in love whenever you can.”

The Owens arriving at their Aunts’ Victorian home

The kitchen, where some of the Owen’s sisters most delicious magic was cooked up!

The Conservatory

Conservatory/Potions Room

Tea time in the garden