Tarot Time Traveller by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin- REVIEW

A must read for Tarot enthusiasts, newcomers, and occultists!

Taking the reader on a journey through Tarot and other similar cartomanic practices such as Lenormand and playing cards, the authors paint a historical story about the evolution of Tarot. They provide the readers with a background of Tarot before the Golden Dawn, Waite, and Aleister Crowley.  Tarot Time Traveller not only weaves a tale about the history of Tarot but provides the reader with many new techniques on how to read them. Borrowing lost and forgotten techniques from the different eras of Tarot adds a special meaning, and readers who are bored of the traditional ways of reading Tarot will appreciate this.

Discussing Tarot as points of consciousness, a Kabbalistic, numerological, and astrological system, provides a rich background about why these various esoteric traditions have been incorporated into Tarot. I appreciated the sections on scrying and time traveling using the Tarot which was unique and captivating. Having small biographical sections on various Tarot influencers was also an excellent way of explaining the reasons behind Tarot’s archetypal and symbolic inclusions over time.

What appears to be a history of cartomancy is in fact a deep esoteric timeline of Tarot. At the end of the day, there is no special magic contained within the cards. Reading Tarot is about reading one’s consciousness and current state of spiritual awareness. Tarot does not have to be an intimidating art, and what this book captures is that Tarot is a map that allows anyone to time travel. Time travel does not mean that you visit another country or era, but a different point in your own spiritual timeline by either going deep within yourself or high above in an elevated state of being.


Are New Agers Suffering From Tarot/Oracle Addictions?

One thousand tarot/oracle sets line a bookshelf, a spread for literally every question, buying every deck ever made, and performing daily rituals. For most of us New Agers, this seems like a typical way of life whereby we consult the cards for every question we might have. One doesn’t have to look far to see this is a growing trend. Scrolling through my Instagram or Facebook feed- 90% of the posts are of daily readings. Some of us pull cards first thing in the morning to show us what the day ahead has in store for us. Some pull cards for questions ranging from- will I get the job- to should I buy that dress? Either way, it seems we have become obsessed with fortune telling. How many of us could actually go a day without doing either one? I know I’ve tried skipping my weekly readings, and I found myself feeling very unsettled. Every-time I would walk by my bookshelf where I keep some of my divinatory tools- I would feel a little anxious, tempted, and desperate to use them. I don’t use divination everyday, I have always limited myself to once a week. However, when I have a burning question I usually grab my cards or consult the stars to gain some clarity and insight. My concern is that when we rely on divinatory tools for answers we neglect our intuition and spontaneity. Some may argue that all cards do is confirm what we may already suspect, but can’t we just tune every once in awhile? The less we engage that inner voice in our head, the sooner it will stop speaking to us. It’s much easier to grab a deck and try to interpret the hell out of it, but I would argue it’s just as easy to let go and see what happens. Spontaneity allows us to embrace our inner child and to trust the process of life. The more we use cards the more we use our free will, trying to manipulate the outcomes of our readings. Considering there is a big push in the New Age spirituality communities to connect to the divine, over-exhausting our free will seems counter-productive. Relying on cards for every single question might be an indication of a control issues. Is the New Age birthing a generation of control freaks?

Source may speak to us through our cards, but why can’t we just talk directly to source? Do we really need a hermetic translation in the form of plastic cards- no matter how much magic is encoded in them? Can’t we just expect the unexpected and decode our own inner feelings, signs, and symbols? If we are able to do that, then we will have the most valuable Tarot/Oracle deck ever made- one made of our intuition, emotions, presence, and soul.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future there are Tarot therapy groups- similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. I’ve seen some lives destroyed from Tarot readings. I knew someone who had a reading done by a very well respected Tarot reader in the community and was foretold that she would acquire a lot of money.  This person ended up stealing a lot of money. Rather than to wait to see what would happen, she decided to manipulate fate for her own devious reasons. Tarot addictions can be very dangerous when you misinterpret the cards. Consulting a true professional is always the best option.

Do you think you could go on a Tarot/Oracle diet?

An Astrological Journey with Lenormand

I have been divining with Lenormand cards for a while now, and I have noticed the zodiac within the cards themselves. I haven’t found any other information about this anywhere, so I thought I would share it here on my blog. Lenormand consists of 36 cards or 38 depending on the deck you use. I have discovered that the first 3 cards of the desk corresponds to Aries, the next 3 Taurus and so on. The meanings of the cards echo the archetypes of the zodiac. Let’s take a look.


Rider, Clover, Ship

Rider= quickening movement, a message is on its way

Clover= small little luck

Ship= a journey

Aries-= quick, small, a new journey. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and corresponds to fast energy since it’s ruled by Mars. Aries energy also denotes a smaller burst of energy because it’s the baby of the zodiac who is about to embark on a new journey.


House, Tree,  Clouds

House= literal house, or family

Tree= good health, stability, new growth

Clouds= confusion, deception, blurry vision

Taurus= An an earth sign, Taurus loves the home and garden, but their love of money and luxury can distort their perspectives.


Snake, Coffin, Bouquet

Snake= deception

Coffin= literal death, rebirth

Bouquet- a lovely gift

Gemini-  Gemini’s can be deceptive as they are the best at playing mind games and can be a little two-faced at times like a two headed snake. Since Gemini rules over some of May and almost all of June, they are associated with Spring.


Scythe, Whip, Birds

Scythe- something being cut, removed

Whip- stinging feelings

Birds- chatter, communication

Cancer- As by far one of the most emotional signs in Astrology, Cancers often remove themselves from situations and relationships that become toxic or overbearing for them. As empaths, they feel emotions from other people that can clutter their energy fields, making them feel literally sick. As the mother archetype, a lot of Cancers are afraid to leave the nest, and would love to have their own children to nurture and raise.


Child, Fox, Bear

Child- youthful energy, new beginnings

Fox- trickery

Bear- big money, boss

Leo- Leo energy is all about embracing the inner child. They can also be a little sneaky and can me motivated by ulterior motives.  Leoline energy is also loud and proud, and expect to live like royals.


Star, Stork, Dog

Stars- destiny, wish fulfillment

Stork- delivery, baby

Dog- loyal

Virgo-  Virgo energy is pure, spiritual, and loyal. The stork symbolism corresponds to the Virgin archetype of this sign.


Tower, Garden, Mountain

Tower- institution, money, corporations, court house

Garden- community

Mountain- obstacles

Libra- Libran energy is associated with institutions, communities, and obstacles, as their is a give and take that correlates to the 1st and 7th house axis.


Crossroads, Mice, Heart

Crossroads- a decision to make

Mice- illness

Heart- love, literal heart

Scorpio- This energy is about transformation, illness, and having a heavy heart.


Ring, Book, Letter

Ring- comittment

Book- studies

Letter- correspondence

Sagittarius- studious, committed


Man, Woman, Lily

Man= Man

Woman= Woman

Lily= long time, long term

Capricorn- Capricorns have a nice dose of both masculine and feminine energies as they are able to combine the outward expression of masculine energy with the intuitive know how of the feminine. Capricorns take their time in life, slowly working their way up the mountain.

Sun, Moon, Key

Sun= joy

Moon= attention

Key- answer

Aquarius- These three cards show how Aquarius is the sign of the collective consciousness.


Fish, Anchor, Cross

Fish= money

Anchor= stability

Cross= burden, spirituality
Pisces- They are the mystical mermaids of the zodiac, and find their sense of security and stability with spirituality.

Dior Spring 2017: Tarot Infused Collection

Once again, another designer has incorporated a Tarot motif into their spring 2017 collection. Maria Grazia Churi who recently took over the House of Dior, paid homage to Dior’s superstitious nature by using tarot motifs, and talismans such as lucky number 8s and hearts throughout the collection. Mr. Dior was rumoured to have had his cards read before every show, and was a frequent visitor to local Paris clairvoyants. Basically, I need every dress in this collection, and I especially love the ‘La Lune’ sweater, which is perfect for this lunarian!


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Alice & Olivia’s Tarot Collection

“Inspired by the 18th century tarot cards and the elements of the sun, moon, earth, air and fire, the collection represents the power of positivity and the ability to connect with ones higher self; to venture into a divine yet mysterious rainbow failed fairytale,”

“I went to these gardens outside of Rome called Bomarzo. We did the whole concept of the show around these little girls who are playing with this book, and they open it up and there are these tarot cards. It transports them into this magical fantasy world with these monster gardens.”





Autumn Equinox Tarot Spread

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoy this Autumn Equinox Tarot Spread that I am sharing with you all today. It is a pretty standard equinox spread, however, I have added my own Luminessence magic to it! Invoke the energy of balance to harvest some Autumnal spiritual insight into your lives!

ishing you a happy.jpg

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Tarot Spread

Hi all, I thought I would share a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot spread that I have come up with. The spread itself, is a pretty standard Full Moon spread, however, I have tweaked a couple of questions, and have added my own questions as well. This spread uses 9 cards, which I feel is super appropriate since we are in a triple 9 vibration all month long.

I can’t wait to try this out tomorrow during our Eclipse, and I hope you all enjoy it as well!

There is also another fun Tarot reading that you can do during this Eclipse, which involves finding The Moon card in your deck, and seeing which card is behind it. The card behind The Moon is what is presently being eclipsed in your life, or what your shadow is at this point. I would recommend using The Moon as opposed to The High Priestess, since The Moon card is associated with Pisces, which makes sense since this lunation is happening in the sign of Pisces!

Enjoy, and many Eclipse blessings to you all!

Tarot Questions for our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo

I found these great New Moon Solar Eclipse tarot questions from Liz Worth who is a Toronto based Astrologer and Tarot Reader.

1. What is the universe asking of me now?
2. What is being eclipsed in my life?
3. What step can I take to create a deeper spiritual connection?
4. What growth will this eclipse initiate in my life?
5. What can I do to support this change?
6. What do I need to understand about the lessons that are before me?

I just did my own reading, and wow, it was very reflective and insightful!

August Faves

Luminous Movies

The Secret of Moonacre

This is a fantasy adventure film that basically tells of a whimsical love story between the divine feminine and divine masculine. There’s a moon princess, a mysterious English manor, and moon magic. Case in point, if you love all things associated with the moon, and fantasy films, then The Secret of Moonacre is a must see!

Doctor Strange Trailer

This whole movie is about a spiritual awakening…………enough said.


Lumi Listening

Yeah I know, Hilary Duff? When I was a pre-teen she was all the rage, and contrary to the sour reviews her debut album received, the song Metamorphosis was my anthem when I was like, 10? The lyrics are resonating with me even more now as I am currently experiencing my own transformation. Even if you detest Disney Channel wannabe singers, this song’s lyrics are great for coming out of your cocoon, little butterflies!


Superluminal Fashion

It is a nice change to see metaphysical jewelry becoming more mainstream, especially on the runways. I especially love how designers and fashion influencers are not afraid to speak of gemstone’s magical healing properties. If you wanna flaunt some chunky pieces of rock while making a fashion statement, then gemstones are the perfect choice!

Dennis Bass Pre-Fall 2016

Mr. Basso’s inspiration behind his Pre-Fall 2016 collection were fancy ladies dining under the foggy moonlight glow. Basically, as a luna lover, I need his entire collection which features dusky florals, moon motifs, and would totally fit my Midnight Garden aesthetic this fall:)

Luminary of the Month

This is my favourite intuitive, metaphysical teacher Youtube/blogger in cyberspace. Not only is she a fellow Canadian, but she melds galactic alien speak with spirituality. Her videos have taught me so much, and I find her message truly inspiring. Her information is easy to comprehend and in many ways are life changing. I highly recommend checking out her Youtube channel, I don’t believe there is anyone else out there doing what she is doing.

Lux Item of the Month

Rider-Waite Tarot Cards

I have been studying and dabbling in Tarot since I was a kid, but found myself more actively pursuing others forms of divination such as folksy domestic magic. However, I was recently gifted with my own Rider-Waite Tarot Deck on our Full Moon in Aquarius which was the ultimate gift for me. I rediscovered my love of Tarot, and have reawakened my strong Neptunian Lunar self who loves all things mystical, archetypal, and symbolic!


See you all next time for my September Faves!

Love & Light

A Persoal Tarot Contemplation

So far this year 2 psychics have told me that someone will be coming into my life next year and I will be moving out of my family home, and will be getting married. This is crazy to me as I have never been in a serious relationship before, and have never envisioned myself getting married. I have been studying tarot for a long time, and was recently gifted with my own Rider-Waite deck. I pulled some cards asking Who am I? Who is this man coming into my life? And what will the outcome of our union be? The cards I pulled gave me some serious goosebumps as they mirror what psychics have told me, they mirror what my various cosmic profiles have foretold, and what my intuition has been telling me all along.

Who am I?

4 of Wands

The Astrological association of this card is someone with a Venus in Aries, which I have!

This can also describes someone who is creative, loves beauty and harmony, has strong values, and loves stability. Very much me:) And can also indicate purchasing a home…….

Who is this man coming into my life?


This card was tricky to interpret in describing a person. I did some thorough research and here is what I discovered.

From what I have researched, it can indicate a karmic relationship, and a soul mate. It can also indicate someone who has gone through some kind of awakening, and can help to facilitate my spiritual growth. The Judgement card also describes someone who works in the field of law or ethics, has a good judge of character, and has strong Plutonian aspects in their natal chart, he could potentially be a Scorpio. Very interesting, as I am studying law…..

What will the outcome of our union be?

10 of Pentacles

Financial success, material wealth, stability, long-term relationship, ever lasting love, friendship, and loyalty.