Ash Tree Transit: November 22-December 1

The Ash Tree is the tree of intuition. You will be able to bridge your intellect with your hunches and feelings. You will connect deeply to many people during this time. Many will find you to be magical and awe inspiring.  You will succeed in any plans you undertake at this time.

Element: Water

Planet: Neptune

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Walnut Tree Transit: October 24-31

Planet- Jupiter

Element- Water

According to Slavic Tree Astrology- the Walnut Tree transit is one of transitions. Ruling over Scorpio season, this transition is one of stepping into an unknown place. The Walnut Tree will endow you with a strong sense of decisiveness. Staying true to your morals (Jupiter) and values will become the focus as you might find them challenged at this time. With such a strong sense of inner stability, you must not be inflexible. The more you are able to surrender (Water) and trust the process of life, the more you will be able to enjoy the fruits that this tree transit has to offer. Step into this new place confident in who you are and share your unique talents with the world. The Walnut Tree will assist you in forging your own path without the influence of other people. Wonderful new opportunities await you, so take a chance!

Maple Tree Transit: October 14-23

Planet- Moon

Element- Water

The Maple Tree transit is one of change. Ruled by the moon, there will be many small changes that you will have to deal with during this time. The Maple Tree will provide a sense of nurturing during all of the changes so remember to be gentle with yourself. There is a sweetness to life which will become apparent, so take time for yourself to indulge and unwind. Think positively and if you find yourself lost or hurt, look to the Maple Tree for inspiration. It is a sturdy tree that can withstand the harshness of the Northern elements. You too will be able to endure anything so long as you stand firm in who you are. Humour and laughter can also do wonders at this time.

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Rowan Tree Transit- October 4-13

Planet- Sun

Element- Fire

The Rowan Tree transit is one of patience and protection. This tree is one of the first trees to bloom in the Spring indicating the arrival of something new soon. Able to grow on mountains in high altitudes, we are asked to look to the divine (Sun) for answers during this period. Opening up to creative inspiration (Sun) will assist you greatly. The strong protective qualities of this tree will enable you to walk your spiritual path with grace and safety as it will be a long journey. The word Rowan is believed to come from the Norse word ‘runa’ meaning charm and or protection. Some sort of spiritual awakening will happen at this time, so you must be patient with yourself in order reap the rewards of this experience. The Rowan Tree has often been referred to as Witchwood due to the 5 pointed star shaped berries produced. Staying grounded through any means will be extremely helpful at this time. You will be protected in any undertaking during the Rowan Tree transit.

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Linden Tree Personality & Transit: September 13-22 & March 11-20

According to Slavic Tree Astrology, we are born under the influence of a certain tree.

A Linden tree is a tree with heart-shaped leaves. Those born under its influence tend to have a very strong sense of self-love. They are generous with giving love, and receive it from the many admirers they have. They are beautiful and have a tendency to put on weight. Linden Tree natives also have a very keen intuition and are deeply connected to the occult. Their strong sensitivity can over-ride practical decision making, so finding a balance between the two is key to their happiness. Part of their spiritual work consists of having family that they can nurture. Important spiritual lessons will arise as a result of the purity and innocence of unconditional love within the home.


Planet- Jupiter

Element- Air

The Linden Tree is considered a sacred and holy (Jupiter) tree throughout much of Europe. Ancient lore claims this tree is the Tree of Life.  Due to the heart shaped leaves of the Linden Tree, this is the transit for love and beauty, and is even known as the Tree of Lovers. Its strong connection to love is what makes this a divine tree. Either you will be forced to confront issues surrounding self-love, or you will have opportunities to love something or someone unconditionally.

This Transit falls during the Autumnal Equinox- when it is believed we are closest to source and are protected in anything we undertake. An extra keen intuitive sense will also be available, but just be mindful of finding a balance between practicality and spirituality, which is the heart of what wizardry and witchery is all about. The smooth and fine grain of Linden Wood suggests a calm and serene transit.




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Willow Tree Transit & Personality: September 3-12 & March 1-10


A Willow is a tree of heightened awareness. Sensual and with a strong interest for spiritual life, your intuition coupled with your perception makes you a natural medium. Your 6th sense is strong and gives you a balanced philosophical attitude toward life. You are sensitive and gentle needing of lot of care and love. A happy family structure is extremely important so that you can flourish. If the home situation is unfavourable, you will forever have a void in your life.  You are a dreamer, a nature-lover, a romantic, and sometimes melancholic. There always seems to be an underlying sadness to them. You are an artist with an amazing inner strength that has no exhibitions unless you truly rely on the inborn self-confidence. In fact, most Willow Tree people have strong Leo energy in their Astrology. Willow Tree people are hopeless romantics and can have many romantic partners in their life.


The Willow Tree transit is one of flexibility. The Willow Tree is one of the only trees that can bend to extremes without snapping……as the old saying goes “the strongest trees are those that bend with the wind.”  At this time, we are being called to go with the flow of life, to surrender, to let go. We will be required to adapt to some uncomfortable situations in order to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. The Willow Tree is traditionally associated with sadness (Weeping Willow) which is why this will be a very emotional time. No matter how much we grieve, we must stand tall like the Willow and remember that we are alive and well. This will be a time of letting go of pain, healing deep hurts, and mending some forgotten wounds. The Willow Tree is a maternal tree which is why this is an excellent time to work with your inner child and be a mother to yourself. Avoid resentment and blaming. Nurturing is required for this very vulnerable time. In fact, in Sumer- Ishtar’s predecessor- Belli was known as the Willow Mother.

Planet- Moon

Element- Water

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Pine Tree Personality & Transit: August 23- September 2 & February 19-29


According to Slavic Tree Astrology, if you were born under the influence of the Pine Tree you are gentle, refined and love to be surrounded by beauty and luxury. You cannot stand ignorance and vulgar behaviour. You know what you want and usually achieve it. No defeats can harm you and you always try to be 10 steps ahead of everyone. Intelligent and precise, you can become a millionaire if you put your mind to it. Be aware of not closing your heart and missing out on opportunities for connection. Your weakness is within your ego-centric nature and your lack of compromise.


The Pine Tree stands tall above all other forest trees. It is a pillar, an idol, a source of inspiration.  We look up at the Pine Tree with a sense of wonder and awe. Its majestic beauty represents the higher self and mind. During this transit you will have the opportunity to rise to new heights. A spiritual regeneration is likely. The word Pine comes from the word Pineal as in our ‘Pineal Gland.’ This is the pinecone shaped part of our brain that regulates our wake-sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. The pinecone has long been revered as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment can be seen in art from Assyria, Egypt, India, Greece, and Italy. It is the ‘third eye,’ the seat of our soul- the gland of enlightenment. A spiritual awakening will happen during this transit.

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A thick skin will be needed during this transit. You might find yourself being faced with a lot of opposition so standing tall and firm in your values will help you through it. In order to manifest what you want, you must spend time visualizing them and focusing on your desired outcome. Working with sacred geometry is extremely helpful at this time, as the Pine Tree’s spiral growth of branches, needles, and scales are arranged in Fibonacci ratios. The Pine Tree transit gifts everyone with incredible endurance and perseverance. Using creativity to fire you up when faced with negativity is the best way to handle this energy (Pine Trees are known to regenerate after forest fires). It will take a lot to knock you down, so as long as you are grounded and know what you want, you will be safe. Cleansing your space and aura is also recommended.

Planet- Mars

Element- Fire, Air

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