Apple Tree June 22-July 4 & Dec 23-Jan 1- Personality & Transit

If you were born during the above dates, then you were born under the influence of the Apple Tree. Overall these are extremely gifted people. Many consider the Apple Tree to be the tree of love. In Greek mythology, Apples are sacred to Aphrodite, and it was Eris who threw a golden apple into a wedding party which was the catalyst for the Trojan War.  Apples also appear throughout Norse mythology as symbols and fruits of fertility. When Apples are cut vertically, they actually look like the womb. Beautiful, attractive, and constantly thinking about love, they fall in love everyday and enjoy love-making. Their love can be secretive, passionate, jealous. They need to stay honest and open within their relationships so as not to complicate them. They also find it difficult to stay faithful. They earn and spend money easily because they are not attached to it so they find themselves in debt. They live in the moment and can have many false-friends. Apple Tree people need a lot of nurturing from a very young age and if they don’t receive this, they can feel a huge void in their life. These individuals tend to have a very thick skin, similar to the wax coating of apples.  They are also very different from parents.

This transit is all about love- you will feel more loving, will receive more adoration, and should wear and work with rose quartz and the colour red. As the forbidden fruit, it would also be an excellent time to study the occult.  The old name for Apple is Silver Bough, because apples were believed to grow on the silver bough of the underworld and held the power of immortality. Beware of excessive indulgences and contracting bugs and illnesses. A quarrel with your parents can also happen, so think before you speak. Overall a great time for love and esoterica.

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Birch Tree June 21- Personality & Transit

If you were born on the longest day of the year  (Summer Solstice) you are beautiful, elegant, and refined. You are energetic and your optimism is contagious. Friendly, you are good natured and charming. You could be a writer or a leader because you are not afraid of big projects. You could do a lot for the benefit of others and be involved in some type of charity work. Your good looks, creativity and charisma open the door for other endevors. You are not oblivious to your life lessons and your memory is great. In love you follow both your intuition and intelligence, and work to have a passionate relationship. You have the quality of a Divine trailblazer but you also appreciate your family and home. Often times, Birch Tree people discover their life purpose early on in life.

During the Birch Tree transit, tempers can come and go in a flash. You can commit to too many projects at once during this time. Opportunities can also present themselves at this time, so it’s important to be flexible. The Summer Solstice marks a time for new beginnings, so expect a lot to transpire over these next 3 months. The word ‘Birch’ came from the Sanskrit word Bhurga- meaning tree whose bark is used for writing upon. This is an excellent time for writing, poetry, fiction etc… Birch is used in many pagan celebrations and rituals- Imbolc- white bark is used to symbolise the return of light along with candles. Beltane- maypole was made of Birch bark. The dark and white colours of the tree indicates rebirth and new beginnings. The notchings in the tree look like eyes- so ESP will be heightened during this transit.  Overall a very busy, psychic, and communicative time!

Ruling Planet- Venus

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Fig Tree Personality- June 14-20, Dec 12-21

If you were born during the above dates, then you were born under the influence of the Fig Tree according to Slavic astrology.

A Fig Tree is a fig of feelings. The olives absorb the energy around them. The olive oil has to be kept closely tight in a small container because it will absorb the scents of the surroundings. You are able to understand the whole spectrum of feelings. Good natured, gentle, and sentimental, your happiness is not stable. Other people’s un-friendliness deeply hurts you and their friendliness makes you happy. In an attempt to please others, sometimes you are too strict towards yourself or your children. You are a faithful partner which makes you very attractive to the opposite sex. You appreciate the values of family and you will work hard to create happiness for them. It is family that gives you security and you need their constant appreciation. Your work is slow but consistent and with your persistency you will achieve results. You find it difficult to start your projects but once you start you do finalize them. Often you get sick during the winter so it’s important that you stay extra warm. You also have a fascination with deserts and sand dunes.

These individuals are highly introspective and spend a great deal of time psycho analyzing themselves. They do better in environments that allows them to work independently. Takes them a long time to mature- don’t come into their own until later in life. They will be interested in history and antiques.

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Fig Tree- June 14-20

This transit is about getting in touch with your feelings. You will feel more emotional and extra sensitive to your surroundings.  As an ancient symbol of fertility- Fig Tree transits are excellent for creation and conception. Buddha received enlightenment by sitting underneath a Fig Tree, so spiritual insight can be downloaded at this time.  Extra moodiness can surmount- so be cautious when dealing with others as their appearances will be deceiving.  In many cultures the Fig Tree was considered the Tree of Life. In Greek mythology, Demeter gave a fig to Dionysus linking it to love and fertility, and the Romans viewed figs are sacred. In classical paintings, fig leaves were used to cover the genitals. Secrecy can run rampant at this time- so trust your intuition. It is also an excellent time for release work.


Sour Cherry Tree- June 4-13

During these 9 days of the Sour Cherry Tree (Slavic Astrology) art reigns supreme. Engage in artistic endeavors and nurture your creativity. Honouring your emotions during this cycle will inspire you to express them through art. This is not a time for strong intellectual pursuits even though we are in Gemini season. Gemini is the mercurial hummingbird- unable to focus its mind. When Gemini quiets its mind through incorporating creative self-expression- this focuses the mind- allowing spirit to channel through. The secret to Gemini is that it contains all of the information it needs within. The Venusian energies of the Cherry Tree during this transit will assist you in looking within to access the information you need.

Ruling Planet- Venus


Mystical Croatia

My entire family is from Croatia which is a small central European, Mediterranean, Balkan country located in south-East Europe. It may be known as a top tourist destination as of late due to its gorgeous architecture, Adriatic sea, and beautiful landscapes, but not many people are aware of its mystical identity. There are many locations in this small country that contain a lot of magical energy and interesting folklore. Croatia happens to sit at the intersection of some major ley lines and crystal grid lines in the world, making it a hotspot for psychic and mysterious activity. The Balkans themselves are rich with legends such as vampires, witches, and fairies, but it’s also rich with more spiritual and metaphysical sites as well. In this article I am going to share some pretty cool places you should check out if you are planning a trip to Croatia.


The Temple of Jupiter- Split, Croatia

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The temple of Jupiter was built around the 3rd century. Jupiter was the name of Diocletian’s father and was one of the most powerful Roman gods- the god of the sky and of thunder. Emperor Diocletian believed he was a reincarnation of Jupiter. The temple is considered to be one of the best preserved Roman temples in the world. At the fall of the Roman Empire in the Middle Ages, the temple was converted into Saint John’s Bapistery named after the Archbishop of Split (Sv. Ivan Krstitelj). Outside the temple entranceway is a Roman sarcophagus and a headless graphite sphinx from 1500 BC  which Diocletian brought from Luxor. Beside the temple is the narrowest street in Split called ‘Pusti me proc’ which means ‘let me through!’



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If you find yourself in a Croatian forest- beware of the Vila. These are mythical creatures who are always women with long silvery white hair. They are known to seduce young men and kidnap them for days at a time. I’ve heard stories about these creatures growing up, as they are inhabitants of Croatia.


Plitvice National Park

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Plitvice is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. Situated in central Croatia on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this mystical park has inspired awe in visitors and locals for centuries. 16 lakes comprise the park and feature colours such as azure, green, grey, and blue. What keeps this mystical allure going is the fact that the lakes are constantly changing colour depending on minerals and organisms in the water- almost like liquid mood rings. The fluorescence and bio luminescence of this magical location should be on your stop the next time you’re in the region.



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This island has become the metaphysical hub of Europe. Many spiritual retreats are held here annually, and Ruby Warrington from The Numinous hosts spiritual getaways here every summer.



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The town of Ogulin is in central Croatia near the capital of Zagreb. The town dates back to the 15th century when the Ottoman wars were occurring.  The town’s famous Ogulin Castle houses a memorial room of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic who is a famous Croatian fairytale author- equivalent to Hans Christian Andersen. This town is also known for the witches of Klek. In the 17th century, this story was first told. The legend states that witches, fairies, and elves from around the world would gather in Klek during the stormy nights. To this day, theatrical productions of the famous fairytales of this region are performed, making this any fairytale lover’s dream destination.


Blue Cave of Bisevo

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The Blue Cave is located at the Balun Cove on the eastern side of the island. Croatian fishermen have known about this cave for centuries as the only entrance to the cave was to dive underneath it. In the 1880s an entrance was blasted out with dynamite. The bright blue glowing effect of the cave is created when the sun’s rays enter through the water and reflect off the limestone floor of the cave. The sun lights up the water, and the glowing ocean illuminates the cave walls in a bright blue- creating an ethereal glowing blue grotto.


Sea Organ- Zadar

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The sea organ is concealed beneath a set of large white steps leading into the water. The instrument contains 35 tubes and a large resonating cavity which is played by the wind and sea. This creates a melancholic sound reminiscent of siren calls and whale cries. The Sea Organ was designed by Nikola Basic and completed in 2005.


Nine Views

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In 1971,  an artist named Ivan Kozaric created a sculptural work called, The Grounded Sun, a bronze sphere two metres in diameter. Situated in the heart of Zagreb the work would make the centre of the solar system, unbeknownst to most locals. Another artist by the name of Davor Preis created metal models of the planets in scale with the established sun and placed them at relative distances around the city. Once completed, the system was in scale 1:680, 000, 000 to our actual solar system. People began to notice the planetary plaques, and it only became known when a students from the Croatian Physics Society discovered the entire installation.


Dubrovnik Maskeron

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When you enter the old town of Dubrovnik by the Pile Gate, as you walk along the the main street, look carefully and you might spot a strange gargoyle head protruding from a stone wall. The head stands half a metre above the ground, sticking out barely fifteen centimetres. Legend says that if you manage to hop onto the head, keep your balance, and take off your shirt while still standing facing the wall, luck in love will follow you.

Vampires #octoberoracle

After witches, vampires are my favourite Halloween character. I suppose it has to do with my slavic/balkan heritage, which is the culture that vampires originate from. My family has a close friend who is from Transylvania, and he has apparently seen vampires in this region. The man is a little eccentric, and if you ask any of the people who live there, even throughout the Balkans, someone will tell you that they have either seen a vampire, or believe in them. The Balkans are actually right on the crystalline matrix grid, and is believed to be a portal to another realm. Many mythological figures are believed to come from this part of the world. In fact, it is the Balkans that produce the most psychics in the world….something I can definitely attest to.

What supernatural beings are part of your heritage?