Fig Tree Personality- June 14-20, Dec 12-21

If you were born during the above dates, then you were born under the influence of the Fig Tree according to Slavic astrology.

A Fig Tree is a fig of feelings. The olives absorb the energy around them. The olive oil has to be kept closely tight in a small container because it will absorb the scents of the surroundings. You are able to understand the whole spectrum of feelings. Good natured, gentle, and sentimental, your happiness is not stable. Other people’s un-friendliness deeply hurts you and their friendliness makes you happy. In an attempt to please others, sometimes you are too strict towards yourself or your children. You are a faithful partner which makes you very attractive to the opposite sex. You appreciate the values of family and you will work hard to create happiness for them. It is family that gives you security and you need their constant appreciation. Your work is slow but consistent and with your persistency you will achieve results. You find it difficult to start your projects but once you start you do finalize them. Often you get sick during the winter so it’s important that you stay extra warm. You also have a fascination with deserts and sand dunes.

These individuals are highly introspective and spend a great deal of time psycho analyzing themselves. They do better in environments that allows them to work independently. Takes them a long time to mature- don’t come into their own until later in life. They will be interested in history and antiques.

fig arabic print


fig desert child

Sour Cherry Tree Personalities- June 4-13 & Dec 2-11

According to Slavic Astrology, each person is ruled by a particular tree. The characteristics and folklore of the tree influences a person’s personality.

Personality Characteristics- Artistic, Dreamy, Beautiful, Athletic, Health Conscious, Can get emotionally overwhelmed quite easily, Needs extra grounding, Self-reliant.

Sweet with a hint of tartness, Sour Cherry Tree people are the artists of the world. Due to the heavy melatonin content in the sour cherries, these people can be greatly inspired by their dreams and fantasies. Naturally athletic, those born under this tree make fantastic athletes and are excellent at decoding their body’s symptoms and illnesses. An obsession towards eating clean, organic, and whole foods also manifests. Being ruled by Venus- Sour Cherry Tree folks make excellent cooks. Since it doesn’t take a lot of water for Sour Cherry Trees to become waterlogged- these people can become emotionally overwhelmed quite easily which is why they need to ground themselves, more than the average person. As self-pollinating trees, Sour Cherry Trees are here to learn how to become self-reliant and emancipated from others- both spiritually and financially. Non-attachment is of the utmost importance.

For those born during the December dates- introspection becomes the dominant characteristic. Those born during the Winter tend to lead more spiritual lives as opposed to athleticism.

Dominant Elements- Air & Water

Ruling Planet- Venus




Sour Cherry Tree- June 4-13

During these 9 days of the Sour Cherry Tree (Slavic Astrology) art reigns supreme. Engage in artistic endeavors and nurture your creativity. Honouring your emotions during this cycle will inspire you to express them through art. This is not a time for strong intellectual pursuits even though we are in Gemini season. Gemini is the mercurial hummingbird- unable to focus its mind. When Gemini quiets its mind through incorporating creative self-expression- this focuses the mind- allowing spirit to channel through. The secret to Gemini is that it contains all of the information it needs within. The Venusian energies of the Cherry Tree during this transit will assist you in looking within to access the information you need.

Ruling Planet- Venus