New Moon in Capricorn January 16, 2018: The Walls Will Crumble

The Moon is encased in lead and steel during this New Moon phase. We have 6 planets in Capricorn which is adding a very serious tone to our lives at this time. Capricorn rules structure, stability, effort, and time- all of which are being illuminated. New Moons are times of self-awareness, so you will be seeing the harshness of the structures that have been created in the Capricorn ruled area of your life. You will feel frustrated as you want to change it up and break free from the tower you have been imprisoned in. However, Saturn will make sure that you first do your time in order for you to understand how you can knock it down and start anew. There’s tension building with the square to Uranus because you and Capricorn both know that it’s going to take time and effort. In order to fix the problem, you first have to know what the problem is.

The walls will crumble……………..eventually.

The song Walls Fall Down by Bedouin Soundclash is so fitting for this lunation. Just take a look at these lyrics

‘A bit unassured, a bit insecure
I climbed up and I saw the world I lacked
And my first stone cracked, foundations collapsed
Standing on the ground in stone I’d found’

The Tower card in the Tarot is also a great representation for this NM. The tower is the Capricornian structure we have built and the square from Uranus is the lightning strike that hits the tower. We won’t be falling off of our tower at this time, but just like the tarot card suggests, it’s the realization that you are off course and wrong that is the hardest to deal with.





A Saturnalia Ritual

Saturnalia was an ancient Pagan festival held from December 17-25. It was celebrated to honour the God of the harvest and agriculture-Saturn. Ancient Romans believed that Winter was caused by the Sun losing its power due to a battle with the God of the Dead- Pluto. In order to bring back the harvest, various rituals and sacrifices would be performed to appease the Sun God.

We can incorporate modern day Saturnalia themes in our modern magickal practices. An easy way to do this would be to create a Saturnalia crystal grid. Crystal Grids are vortices of energy created using healing crystals for the purpose of manifestation. The choice of crystals and their placements will ensure that their energies are properly utilized.

Saturn may have been the planet of agriculture to the ancient pagans, but in modern day Astrology, Saturn is the planet of responsibility, effort, structure, and karma. We can harness Saturn’s energies during Saturnalia to help us manifest our goals. It will be even more potent this year as Saturn will be changing signs from Sagittarius where it has been for 2.5 years, to Capricorn until 2020, which is its natural ruler. Saturn’s manifesting abilities will be extra strong and powerful which is why this year, Saturnalia will be very special.


How to Make Your Crystal Grid

The size of your crystal grid does not matter.

What you will need:

6 pieces of Brown Agate or Turitella Agate

6 pieces of Smoky Quartz

1 piece of Sunstone


The Ritual

Perform this ritual on a Saturday night.

Find a quiet spot where you will be assembling your crystal grid. You can google crystal grid templates or sacred geometry for inspiration.

Ensure that your crystals have been cleansed. I would recommend rubbing sea salt on them as Salt is ruled by Saturn.

Take a deep breath in and think of what you would like to manifest. Please focus on just 1 thing.

Pick up your first piece of brown agate and say the following words

“Lord Saturn, I consecrate this crystal to bring forth _____________ into my life.”

Place the crystal down onto your gird.

Continue picking up all of your crystals one by one, (leaving Sunstone last) repeating the above words.

When you reach your piece of Sunstone, say the following words:

“I call upon the Sun to infuse my life with ___________________.  I honour you Oh practical Sun! Shine your light on what needs to be done!”


Place the piece of Sunstone in the centre of your crystal grid.

Your Saturnalia crystal grid is complete.

Disassemble it after December 25th.

Why 2017 is 10 Universal Year and Not a 1 Universal Year

I don’t know about the rest of you, but 2017 has not been the most amazing year for me up to this point. At the end of the highly emotional universal 9 year of 2016, I was really looking forward to the blessings that the 1 universal year of 2017 was going to be bringing. The 1 in numerology is associated with new beginnings, self reliance, outward energy, and independence. Since January of this year, I have experienced all of these expressions, but they have been extremely uncomfortable and difficult. The shadow side of the 1 universal energy is self critical behaviour, lack of self trust, egotism, and self destruction. For me personally, I have been experiencing the shadow side of the 1 energy. I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, and I have come to realize that perhaps we aren’t in a 1 universal year at all, but are in fact a 10 universal year. The 10 number is numerology is known as the number of fate. If we observe the number we can see that the one is standing right beside the zero. The zero in numerology is the source of all other numbers, it marks a major manifestation point. Its shadow side is nothingness, the void, where it’s uncomfortable for us to sit while the one is asking us to charge ahead with our plans. In the astrological communities, something known as the galactic centre has been the subject of a lot of discussions. The galactic centre is the black hole in our milky way galaxy approximately 27,000 light years away. Like other black holes, this is a gravitational centre, where it sucks in the surrounding energy of the galaxy. Saturn is currently sitting there at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn is the planet of effort, restrictions, commitment, and long term goals. Sagittarius is the sign of visions, higher learning, and philosophy. When we bring these two together it is obvious that our futures are being reshaped, our reality is being birthed into something new!

If we reduce 27 we get 9, so expect many endings regarding your perspectives.  If we apply this to numerology, we can view the zero as being the black hole sucking us into something new, hence the 1 root energy. We have the strong desire during a 1 universal year to experience something new, but in 10 universal year, fate collides with our own desires, creating those shadow 1 expressions. 2017 has been tough so far, it seems events that were destined to happen, happened quickly and without warning. We are all being sucked into the vortex of change and fate, stargating us to a new reality. So rather than viewing 2017 as a 1 universal year, let’s try viewing it as a 10 universal year, and then maybe we won’t be so resistant to changes happening beyond our control.

Saturn Goes Direct August 13: Graduation Day!

Saturn goes direct at 9 degrees in Sagittarius after being retrograde since March 25. Our Saturn retrograde was all about recognizing what was not working for us, and no longer serving us well, it was also about confronting our fears. Since Saturn works on the subconscious level, we won’t be entirely aware of the homework we were all doing until he finally goes direct.

Healing was the undercurrent to the retrograde, because we were able to confront those shadow aspects of our lives that were weighing us down, preventing us from living our purpose and living from our highest potential. Saturn stationing direct always happens during a period of growth. You may have felt different this month. You may have made more progress, you may feel wiser, you may have a fresh new perspective on something that arose during our retrograde.

A big theme for Saturn is insecurity, and our retrograde period may have been about facing those insecurities so they can finally be released. What are insecurities…….fears. Saturn hates feeling restricted, but loves stability. So Saturn retrograde was an excellent period of conquering our fears, and once again, we will only feel the release of those fears after he stations direct.

Some common themes of this retrograde were the confrontations of your fears, wanting to spend more time alone, reassessing your life, letting go of self-critical behaviours, and having a new fun and joyous lease on life!

In astrology, Saturn is known as the teacher, so we have all been busy doing some internal studies of facing our fears, which is a huge task, but an important one…… if Saturn wants us to succeed with A+ grades.

I know on a personal level, I definitely had to face alot of insecurities and self-doubt I was having about my current life situation and my future. It was through confronting those feelings, sitting in them, that has allowed me to release them bit by bit. Having some beautiful heart opening conversations made me realize, that in fact, I was my own worst enemy. Don’t be surprised, if you discover that your restrictions have only been yourself, and your fears were merely ego based.

Saturn stations at 9 degrees in Sagittarius which is the number of endings paired with the sign of forward movement. You will notice after August 13, many more blessings coming into your life for the remainder of the year, also because 13 in numerology is the number of transformation and breakthroughs! Saturn joins Venus and Neptune in Sagittarius creating a square, so be loving towards yourself and others, to allow the new blessings coming into your life, to enter in with ease, at the highest vibration.

So get ready to graduate and move into a new abundant phase of the year!


Look to see where Saturn is in your natal chart, the house it’s in can indicate the type of release work that was done based around the fears/shadow aspects of that particular house.

For example; I have Saturn in my 7th house which rules marriage, and partnerships, relationships. I had to deal with 2 (extremely accurate) psychics who told me I would be getting married, which was really hard to for me to hear, because I always envisioned myself being an independent woman, and thought I loved not having an obligations to anyone. It was because of those psychic readings, that I realized, that while I do enjoy my independence, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone. My fear of “losing independence” was entirely ego based.

Work with sapphire, which is ruled by Saturn, it creates an intense focus on your inner vision, allowing you to bring your ideas to fruition.