Social Media- The New Witch’s Familiar

Black cats doing a witch’s bidding have been a long time association with witchcraft. The majestic black night sky fur of a cat with yellow eyes lurking in the shadows of magic is a cliche that has haunted witches for centuries. But how many modern day witches actually own a black cat anymore? Is it fair to say that cats have since been replaced? I’d like to present my thesis that witch’s familiars have been replaced for the modern day cell-phone- iphone, android, tablet, ipad. Think about it- a witch can weave spells on her twitter timeline, hex those on Facebook, cast glamors on Instagram, and hide behind a veil of anonymity and secrecy on social media, allowing her to hide her true intentions and identity.

Familiars come from the Latin term ‘familiaris’ meaning a household servant. They were mentioned in the bible referring to the spirit guides of sorcerers and necromancers. Modern day technology has since become servants to everyone, including magickal folk- transforming itself from a piece of glass and plastic- to an enchanted talisman. The internet has become the modern day version of a grimoire- Google is essentially an encyclopedia for any topic, and witches, wiccans, pagans you name it, are able to find their covens online. The internet has allowed mystical people all over the world come out of their broom closets.

Witches typically received familiars as an initiatory gift into their coven. Our society today is a coven of globalization- and as a result people all over the world own cell-phones and communicate with each other at any time and any place. Familiars over time have been portrayed as mischievous and cunning- not unlike social media today where bullying and hatred seems to take comfort.

Familiars would often appear as a black cat or other small creature as marginalized women who were often accused of being witches would have small pets. They would appear to be harmless, but because of their association with outcasted women- they took on a more supernatural guise. Online predators who hide on social media to pray on the vulnerable reminds me of this concept.

A familiar will use magic and intelligence to form a very special bond with its companion in order to better assist them, and to also feed off their energy. Think about those online who form relationships and friendships even though they have never met in person. Can you be sure the person on the other side of the computer has pure intentions? Maybe they’re parasitic entities feeding off your vibes? I don’t mean to scare anyone, but harmful magic does exist, even if you don’t identify as a witch, pagan, or new ager.  You can also see this special bond with social media. People are obsessed with taking selfies and photo editing apps to disguise and alter photos for the purpose of receiving more likes and follows. This shows the blind worship of superficiality, a.k.a glamors. We all know this can go too far, and it’s thanks to our familiars that deception is literally at our fingertips.

Ultimately, if you have a strong emotional bond to an animal or object that can be considered a familiar. Consecrating your pets or objects with love, and intent is all it takes to turn them into handy helpers to do your bidding. You don’t need a black cat named Salem to do your dirty work for you these days, all you need is a seemingly harmless device.


Why We Should Treat Our Crystals Like Pets

How many of us have brought home the most sparkly powerful crystal completely enamored with it for a few days or weeks and without even thinking about it, abandon it on a shelf or dusty corner of our bedroom, perhaps only using it for a much needed ritual, only to put it back to its forgotten hideaway? I am certainly guilty of doing this, even worse you could say, as I keep the majority of my crystals in a little shabby chic box I keep in a bedside table drawer. This reminds me of the feeling when  you bring home that new kitty or puppy where you just can’t stop playing with them, and then as the weeks go by you find yourself waning off the 24/7 attention, busying yourself with “other” more “important” things. 

Crystals are living things with feelings like plants, animals or trees. It is believed that if your crystal breaks or chips there is a powerful emotive energy that is being emitted from the crystal that usually is reflective of an inner fracturing of the person using the crystal. I can speak from my own experience of dropping a rose quartz pendant in a new age shop and of course had to buy it. I brought it home and dare I say, glued it back together again……which is somewhat of a taboo in the crystal community, as glue is not a natural occurring substance. I have always believed that my Rose Quartz broke because my heart at the time was suffering from a self love deficiency. When I held the Rose Quartz it could not withstand that type of energy because it was emitting extra strong self love vibrations. I never felt much from that pendant and kept it hidden away in my little box for a good year.

Occasionally I take out all of my crystals to cleanse them and it sometimes feels as though they are crying for attention. Some feel weak, others feel cold, and some feel turned off from me. I recently cleansed my Rose Quartz in my Tibetan singing bowl and felt it was waking up. It’s malnutrition of cobwebs, darkness, and neglect were disappearing as its frequencies awoke to the sound healing. Ever since I have felt a stronger connection to it, and have started working with it again. It’s like those people who keep their dogs locked up indoors all the time, and when they take them outside once or twice a year for a walk, they can’t contain themselves, they’re running all over the place, jumping on strangers, and chasing the squirrels…….it’s as though they have been resuscitated.

I’ve started noticing that crystals need our attention as much as our pets and plants do. When they’re ignored they can become dull in colour and weak in energy. I even know people who have thrown away or sold crystals and I can’t help but wonder if they know that they can’t provide the necessities it needs, much like a pet owner has to give up a cat or dog they can no longer look after?

Feeding our crystals with love polishes these little vessels into the soul jewelry they’re meant to be. We’re obviously not going to put a leash on them and take them for a walk, but we need to nurture their frequencies by using them, speaking to them, asking them for help, and cleansing them. I’ve also noticed that taking them outside freshens them up a bit as they are visiting Mother Gaia, who is their own personal jeweler.

So while it’s important to raise and nurture our pets, we can’t neglect the pets of Mother Earth, those pets of the cosmos, those pets of light and love we call crystals. It’s not so crazy to have a pet rock after all.


Capricorn the Unicorn

Like the Unicorn who points her horn at whatever she is facing, Capricorn season encourages us to ground our soul’s mission into reality. Capricornian energy can become quite complacent, because whatever environment Capricorn finds herself in, she will make it comfy cozy and stable, due to Saturn’s rulership. If you want to truly embrace Capricorn season, then you must master the famous Capricorn paradox, let go of control in order to obtain control. Funny right? This energy makes us want to find security and achieve success slowly and surely but on our own terms. Understanding that you are a co-creator of your reality, working in tandem with the universe through surrendering is actually control in its purest form.Just think of the unicorn who is a night dwelling creature, and yet so silvery white. The unicorn opted not to camouflage herself in the darkness, rather she decided to be bright in order to navigate her way through the dark night of the soul.

Completion is also associated with Capricornian energy as it does take place in December and late January, when we all embark on a new journey every year. While Cancer is known as the entrance, Capricorn is known as the exit as this is the period of integration before we enter the the airy sign of Aquarius. If Sagittarius was about finding our truths, Capricorn teaches us what to do with this newfound knowledge. Like the unicorn who seamlessly drifts between the visible and invisible worlds, you too can see that the infinite possibilities that made themselves known to you in Sagittarius, are in fact always around you.

Magical Christmas Wreath


Create a magical wreath during this Christmas season. Incorporate a snow owl, stars, suspend quartz crystal from ribbon, and attach angel wings to the back of the wreath for a lovely angelic flair!
Merry Christmas!

New Moon in Sagittarius November 29, 2016: A Light in the Doorway

Date: November 29, 2016

Moonbeams- expansion, happiness, looking into the future, surrendering, dreaming big

What lights your fire? This is the big question hugging this lunation, as we have left the murky waters of Scorpio, which left us with some personal crisis no doubt. If you found this past month in Scorpio challenging, view it more as a renewal rather than a crisis. Sagittarius finds the light in darkness, which fuels its flames. There is nothing more than a Centaur likes then adventure! Jupiter is opposite Uranus which is square to Pluto right now, meaning you must let go and forge ahead with your dreams and plans. Trust the process, as Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus encourages us move ahead which will require confronting some insecurities and shadows (Pluto). Get ready to have a grand heightened perspective of you and your visions. Nothing is impossible during this lunation.

There is also a triple 11 portal opening up with this moon as it is happening on November 29 which reduces to 11, in the 11th month, in a universal 11 month. 11 is the number of enlightenment and inspiration. Open your heart, mind and soul (doorways) to the light during this new moon, and with that, be divinely guided to a new boundless happy place….your future awaits!


Dream big

Be inspired to push yourself further than you ever have

Magic Mike from Astrolada has a great tip during this moon, ask yourself “What do I desire.” Why do I desire that?

Intention- what does life mean to you?

Look to see what house this new moon will be transiting.Your perspectives in this house will be dramatically changing your future.


Sagittarius: Archery & Mastery

As we come up from the descent of the murky waters of Scorpio, we find ourselves in the rebirthing fires of Sagittarius. This season is about having a conscious direction in our lives through the wisdom that higher knowledge is able to bestow upon us. Breaking free from the centaur- which are the animal instincts of human nature and finding your inner truth- the human part, are part of the lessons that Sagittarius teaches us. The more we are able to hone in on our purpose in life the better control we have over our animal instincts (ego, desires, temptations). During this season, it is not uncommon to download visions and have an intense motivation to get things done. There is a strong electricity in the air during this time to create what inspires you. Once it is created, Sagittarius creates yet another vision, and so on. It is now that Sagittarius is able to use the mind as the driving force, and not the animalistic nature of the Centaur. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter- the planet of expansion and riches. The more you let go and surrender yourself to your divine plan, the more gifts the universe will bestow.

Using your arrow of wisdom this month, align yourself to your purpose by opening up your mind to knowledge in all its forms. Just be careful not to lose yourself in all the messages you receive during this time. Remember to look for synchronicities, and to trust your intuition during this next month. The sparks that ignite during this fiery season will ground your visions into reality once we enter the sign of Capricorn. Take time during this next month to master surrendering to divine will, and in doing so, have a laser sharp vision of where you need to go next!


Supermoon in Taurus November 14, 2016: Jewels of Wisdom

Time: 8:52am Eastern time 5:52 Pacific Time, 1:52pm UK

Degree: 22 degrees- master builder number

3rd super full moon in a row

Moonbeams- What matters most to me? What do I value? What makes me truly happy? Empowerment. Mindfulness.

Welcome to our Full Moon in Taurus which is also a supermoon, in which the moon will be closest to the earth in 68 years. The message of this full moon is a simple one, however, with simplicity comes a very complex inner process.

This moon is happening at 22 degrees which is the master builder number. Many psychics/mediums have been channeling messages of a new energetic cycle that this moon will open, we will all be experiencing a major rebirth on a spiritual plane. To facilitate this rebirth we have to pay attention to what truly makes us happy, what makes our heart sing? Since Taurus rules the throat chakra, vocalize this. Pluto in Capricorn square to Jupiter which is trine the North Node in Virgo is asking us all to be completely honest with ourselves.

As I mentioned earlier, Taurus energy is quite simple and almost naive, so don’t put too much though into what your values are, speak from your heart, and your spiritual centre which happens to sit in your throat. We can feel disempowered at this time, due to Scorpio’s shadow side, but Taurus is an empowering energy. It is the space in between where the jewels of wisdom are hidden. When you recognize the truth of now, you release any expectations of the present and future. The Moon is happening on the 14th of November and it is the closest the moon has been in 68 years which adds up to the number 14. 14 is a number of liberation and freedom!

Since we are in accelerated energy you do not want to mold this energy into something that is purely based on ego or gain. Recognize every minute, be a silent observer, and ride the waves of this new energy. Taurus has a strong emphasis on earthly pleasures, but opposed to a Scorpio sun, means that what we gain now will be on a much deeper level.

Mine your pure jewels created from mindfulness and self worth and with that, you will be able to put on your jeweled necklace come the end of December when a brand new energetic cycle will come into force.


Ground yourself

Clear your mind

Vocalize how you feel

Think back to our New Moon in Scorpio on October 30. This supermoon will be completing whatever it is that began at that time.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Freeing the Mermaids


Date: Friday September 16, 2016

Time: 8:05pm Universal Time

Moonbeams: The Truth Will Set You Free, Release, Creativity

Our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is the second eclipse of September, following the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo that took place on September 1, 2016. The theme of this eclipse is aligning your heart with your mind. Eclipses are karmic times that are meant to shake up your life, and to give it a major makeover. We are in a cycle of closure and completion, as this Eclipse is happening on the south node of the moon which has to do with our past. As well, this Eclipse is happening in the last decan of Pisces, which signifies the end of an era, so it is crucial that you surrender to whatever comes up for you at this time. This is the time to get connected to your emotions. A good way to get connected to your emotions is to unwind, relax, have a bath, listen to some music, watch a film, and just pay attention to how your heart feels- what is naturally coming up for you?

This moon is happening at 24 degrees, which is the number of “working on your purpose.” The energetic shift that is happening for us at this time, is to realign us with our purpose. The last time we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, was September 1997. What significant thing happened to you at the time? Whatever it was, is now coming to a karmic end, because it was a huge learning experience for our soul, and can now start the process of being released in this September 9 month of endings. It won’t be fully released until February, when we have 2 more eclipses when it will complete this cycle of truth that we have been in. Most likely, the truth that has been revealed to you now, will manifest or begin to manifest in February when we have 2 eclipses in Pisces & Virgo once again.

On a personal note, back in September 1997 I entered Kindergarten, where I found it extremely hard to adjust, I was bullied by other kids who didn’t understand me, and it started a 19 year cycle, of feeling misunderstood, which has made me become aware of my old soul, my purpose, and who I am. What is interesting, is that this week leading up to the eclipse, I have had some pretty intense repeating situations and feelings I have had over these 19 years of feeling misunderstood, excluded, and different. I know that this eclipse will allow me to release those feelings, which is why they have come up so strongly during this time. It is very important to pay attention to what you are feeling and dealing with at this time, because they will be intense old memories from the past.

Since this moon is in Pisces, you will want to trust that the feelings you have, the old memories, and the epiphanies are true and real.

There is a T-Square happening with the Sun & Moon to Mars in Sagittarius which is all about moving forward with our missions, which requires us to be true to ourselves, which can only happen if we are able to trust our hearts. If we are to enter into a new era in 2017, we first must be completely true to ourselves. Chances are, this month you may have changed your mind about what it is you want, and this has probably really surprised you! This month, and all year have been about letting go of what no longer serves us, in order to create the clarity we need, in order to see the truth of who we are.

It is time to free the mermaids from the watery subconscious nets that we have created by thinking one thing, and our hearts feeling another. Embrace the watery nature of Pisces by letting emotions enter and leave your being during this lunation, and trust that whatever is being eclipsed in your life right now, is to make the darkness become the light! Swim upwards all you beautiful mermaids!!


Nurture yourself and others

Channel the forward passion of Mars into a creative project….Pisces loves self-expression!