The Witching Hour by Silver RavenWolf- REVIEW

A compendium for the modern day witch which includes spells, powders, and formulas for a variety of needs, wants, and wishes. What is unique about this book compared to other grimoires is that it contains plenty of information on how to prepare yourself for magic. This is the most important part of spellwork which Ms. RavenWolf makes obvious in this book as she spends a great deal of time providing tips on how to do this. Many tips on how to energetically prepare yourself are included such as breathing, posture, and visualization techniques. All of these methods will greatly enhance your magical practices along with choosing the right ingredients and tools which comprises most of the book. Step by step instructions on how much powder, oil, and herbs should be used makes this book extremely useful whether you are a beginner or more advanced witch. Where and when to perform magic, how and where to store your items is also included making this book a magical textbook. Incorporating the elements and planets into spells is also discussed along with fluid condensers which was unique and compelling and should be incorporated into magical practices more often. There is a plethora of information contained within this book that is a must read for anyone who uses magic. No review can do this book justice as you need to pick it up right now and watch your magical practices greatly improve. The Witching Hour begins when you get your hands on this handy dandy grimoire.

Crystal Prescriptions Volume 6 by Judy Hall- REVIEW

This book explored the use of crystals for karmic healing, soul reintegration, and ancestral clearing. Reading about alternative uses for crystals as opposed to the standard applications was a breath of fresh air. Each chapter contained an overview of what the crystals should be used for ie; karmic healing. This was helpful as it was explained in very straightforward ways that makes it easy for the reader to comprehend. Each chapter contained a list of items needed to perform the rituals and step-by-step instructions on how to use the crystals was provided. I would have liked a description of the crystals used as opposed to simply naming them. There was not enough information about the crystal properties and why certain crystals were preferred over others. This may be due to the fact that this book is not for beginners and those who are new to crystals, but it still would have been helpful to at least list the properties of the crystals- as I do believe some of them are harder to find. I also think there should have been more warnings and precautions mentioned throughout the book as anytime you delve deep within yourself for healing, there is always the risk of fracturing your psyche or shattering your emotional body.

Overall I do think this book was groundbreaking as there is not enough discussion on how crystals can aid very deep spiritual work.

Instant Presence by Enza Vita- REVIEW

Instant Presence was equivalent to a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Its main message of practicing mindfulness was shrouded in heavy metaphysical language that read as if it was a long forgotten scripture hidden away in the Tibetan mountainside. For those who are new to mindfulness and spirituality, this book would be very hard to grasp. The essence of being present is basically non attachment to everything. Explaining how one can achieve this state was just as confusing as the explanation of the state itself. I personally do not feel this book is for the everyday person trying to achieve a calm state of peace. This book is for those who have experienced a spiritual awakening similar to the one the author experienced. Functioning from a place of neutrality is nearly impossible for the average person, and trying to achieve that state would be extremely frustrating as most of us do not have the self control that is needed to “turn off” our over-thinking, analytical programming . The heavy metaphysical descriptions of presence detracted from the message of why presence is important. The benefits of instant presence were lost throughout the entire book.

I would have appreciated a lighter approach to presence alongside the deep exploration of mindfulness. For instance, can we be present when we are observing our breath? When we are doing something we love? When we listen without judgement? More practical advice would have been helpful and would have turned this book from an incomprehensible manual to a more grounded approach at living. I appreciated the long discussion of the “I” and how when we become neutral observers of our thoughts and actions, we can achieve presence. This was profound but more step-by-step advice on how to accomplish this would have been great. The ‘Presence Pause’ at the end of each chapter was a clever idea but did not do a good job at breaking down the chapter it followed. I was hoping it would offer easier steps to achieve presence, but it was shrouded in just as much confusion as the chapter itself.

Overall this was a fantastic read that will transform the way you view yourself and life. Ironically Instant Presence is not something any of us will achieve instantly when we first read this book, it is more like Delayed Presence. This is a book we will have to read over and over again, in order to unlayer all of its messages and to decode its rich spiritual language.
If a real life guru accompanied this book, then I think instant presence would literally manifest.