The Silence Diaries by Jennifer Kavanagh- REVIEW

The Silence Diaries is a story about finding the courage to listen to your inner voice and the vulnerability that it will require. Silence is used as a way of removing all that is untrue and inauthentic leaving only what is. The exploration of this idea was presented through two main characters each with their own struggles to be who they are. Both characters in the story were living double lives- Suze who worked as a ventriloquist and financial reporter and Orbs a banker who also worked as a Fool on the side. Suze and Orbs were both engulfed by the noise of expectation and fear. They both had hidden lives away from their family and friends that both caused them a lot of worry. What if someone found out what they really did? They both struggled with finding purpose and meaning in their lives that took the form of secret professions. For Suze, she was able to express a silly side of herself through her puppet that she could never do as a financial journalist. Orbs on the other hand could express himself best as a mute Fool, through performance action. 

Throughout the story we see these two characters finding themselves when the noise of all that they should be or want to do begins to take over their lives. Suze and Orbs both have to confront their most vulnerable selves when their puppet and fooling cease to have a presence in their lives. It was only then, that the real communication of the heart began to have the loudest voice. 

We all tend to give ourselves labels and fragment our lives into separate little pieces but bringing those seemingly different parts of ourselves together is where the truth of who we are is found. It is a stillness and peace that quiets the world around us. It will look and sound completely different than we could ever have imagined.

I found a great quote that really captures the essence of this book:

“Within each of us, there is a silence, a silence as vast as the universe. And when we experience that silence, we remember who we are…” — Gunilla Norris



Full Moon in Aquarius August 15, 2019: One Heart

Date: August 15, 2019

Moonbeams: Differences between people is what brings them closer together.

Lesson to Learn: Love is what’s created when clashing forces come together.

The Aspects:

Sun conjunct Venus- combustion or ignition of relationships

Moon opposite Venus- illuminating tension between people

Moon opposite Mars- impulsive emotional responses

Sun quincunx Pluto- awkward release of emotions that does not go over well

Venus quincunx Pluto- values being compromised as a way to express yourself

Uranus retrograde conjunct asteroid Aphrodite- unconventional relationships make for deeper connections

The aspects of this Full Moon are about the problems that arise when we don’t live up to the romanticized version that someone has placed upon us. Does that in a way kill the relationship? Or does it bind us more powerfully to the other person?

The Kozminsky Symbol for the Full Moon is:

23º Aquarius: A musician playing a curious instrument of the organ type. In the foreground a large St. Andrew’s cross, one limb of a dark, cloudy substance, the other white.
Denotes one over whose early life a shadow hangs, of original mind, unorthodox and artistic. He is strangely moved by beauty and grace, blending loveliness of form with the seductive invisibility of sweet sounds. Living in the midst of high vibrations, the native is in danger of being drawn into the vortex of oppositions. Then the evil crosses the good and the devil wrestles with the man. It is a symbol of Crossing.

Aquarius energy is all about living authentically as a principle of unity. The more authentic and true to yourself you are, the more challenging your relationships become, because you are learning to see yourself in another. This is the cross-over that happens when each person is beginning to evolve within themselves. You get pulled in deeper and deeper into the relationship which is when arguments, conflicts, and challenges appear. This is where two become one. When the unity that is- (of each person’s differences meeting another person’s differences) comes to form.

The lesson of this Full Moon is to not see relationships and the problems they incur as repellent forces, but rather, as ways to bring you closer together, closer to yourself.

New Moon in Leo July 31st, 2019: Diamonds in the Dark

The New Moon on July 31st, 2019 is about the magic that occurs when the light catches a jewel. This is a highly creative New Moon that will sparkle like a multi-faceted diamond, casting prisms of multi-cololoured beauty in your world.

The Aspects

New Moon conjunct Venus- beautiful self expression

New Moon square Uranus- a shining, shimmering, splendid whole new world (to quote Aladdin)

Venus square Uranus- enlightenment


The Kozminsky symbol for the New Moon is:

9º Leo: A lady, elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels, standing before a mirror.
Denotes one fortunate, but somewhat vain, whose desire it is “to make a good appearance’ and who expends much money for this purpose. But the glories which shine forth from a great soul, glitter more than the choicest diamond in the daintiest setting, giving a lasting beauty which age cannot change nor time obliterate. There are two sides to this symbol, and both reflect, for it is a symbol of Reflection.

You will be called to express yourself through creative endeavours which can be anything from art, beauty, fashion, writing, or through making an unconventional decision. There is great healing that can occur when you let your heart open itself up to a modality that will not judge it, critique it, or condemn it. This is why artists are typically emotional people because their art is the only way for them to translate their pain in a beautiful way that can touch people in the way their feelings touched their canvas, paper, or stage.

This is the first New Moon after the eclipses earlier this month signalling a detoxification process. The only way we can detox our systems is through creativity. There is a lot that has happened on levels of our being we don’t even realize, but it will reveal itself when you begin to employ artistic and creative tools.

Like a jewel that has many faces that all glint and glimmer in their own way, the beauty of the jewel is not in these separate facets, rather its the overall sparkle that draws people to it. We each have our own complexities that can overwhelm us and keep us in the dark, but the more we can turn them to the light (express them) the shinier and brighter our world will become.

Mercury is stationing direct on this same day which will bring hidden information out in the open. It will be in Leo, so matters of the heart will be wanting to be expressed. This does not have to be romantic feelings, it can be any raw feeling that is looking for a voice (Uranus in Taurus). The word “heart” contains the word “art” for a reason.

So what is the light that catches the jewel? It’s that special magic that occurs when your heart (honesty, truth, authenticity) aligns with your life. It’s when the two begin to reflect each other that light- your unique sparkle is created.



I wrote another lunarscope for this New Moon over on my other blog  taking into account the fixed stars and healing aspect of this lunation. You can read it here.



Featured Photo: Sophia Loren

Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019: Secret Dagger

Secrecy is the word to describe this eclipse. There is a lot that is hiding amongst the rubble of our foundations that have been crumbling since the end of 2017 when Saturn first entered Capricorn. It’s common that when buildings are demolished or abandoned, treasure hunters go out and try to see if they can salvage anything valuable. Life during this eclipse is asking you to do the same.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon partially moves behind the earth, casting a reddish shadow on the moon. This indicates that our emotions and mind will be directly impacting our physical reality in much stronger ways than it normally does. This is why intense sudden events happen during eclipses. During our solar eclipse our ego takes a back seat and a lunar eclipse our emotions take a back seat. There is a certain level of clarity that presents itself if we know how to use it according to the astrological aspects present during the eclipse. It can feel like things are coming to a head because of the giant release valve that eclipses unhook.

The Aspects

Moon conjunct Pluto- feeling uncomfortable with the intensity of instability

Sun opposite Pluto- hidden information wanting to come to light

Venus opposite Saturn- Feeling restrained in all Venusian things (comfort, security, finances)

Venus trine Neptune- nurturing your dreams

Saturn sextile Neptune- restructuring your dreams


The Kozminsky symbol for the Lunar Eclipse is:

25º Capricorn: A man, gaudily attired, opening a document in the centre of which is a dagger.
Denotes one who will hold positions of responsibility and advantage. He has an inborn love of show and glitter, pomp and ceremony. He will be endowed with much mental ability and powers of persuasion, but is not free from secret enemies who seek to end his career by craft or violence. It is a symbol of Unrest.

Admist the turbulent restructuring of the past year, what have you discovered? Maybe you’ve come to understand just how attached you are to material things? Maybe you’ve come to realize that you have no clue what you want? Or maybe facades have finally been decayed? It is these realizations that are revealing the secret dagger. Pick it up and use it to slice through the chaos and uncertainty of these fast changing times. How do you do this? Well, to start off, you need to use the strong Neptune influence at this eclipse (and all of 2019) to visualize what you want. Whatever first comes to mind is what is honest. Keep this image in your mind everyday and help Saturn out who needs a little bit of imagination every now and then. Your secret dagger is also glinting with the power of priorities. What is most important to keep the dream alive? For example; let’s say that what you most want is to buy a new home. Visualize this home and think about it everyday. To keep this image alive you need to begin focusing on what will make a home successful. A home requires a strong family unit. Perhaps this is the area of your life that is still being restructured. Let Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node do its job. Life gets difficult when it’s being re-oriented. What we most want is what is currently being refined.

So the secret dagger is really just a tool of surrender. He is appearing during this eclipse with a huge test. You can wield it and try to cut through the uncertainty with your dreams, but you have another choice. You can choose to NOT pick up the sword and instead bow down to the master of life. You can let things come undone so they can be tied in a stronger knot, you can let things leave so room is made for something bigger, and you can visualize your dream by taking these bits and pieces of brick and mortar and lay them in a new pattern. It’s choosing to see the rubble as gold bricks instead of broken pieces of life that are the secrets hiding amongst the rubble of your foundations at this eclipse.

Did you catch the hidden joke? Daggers can’t cut through rock. And this is the test. The more things fall apart, the less power you have to put them back together, unless you give up control and visualize the new blueprint. You are the architect of your dreams, and in order to start the building process you have to see the design. See it and believe it.


Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2nd, 2019: The Simple Life

The Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, 2019 at 10 degrees Cancer is asking us to be like a Cancer crab and figure out where and what home really is. Is it in the confines of your shell or is it at the beach- a in-between place where emotions and reality meet?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon stands between the Sun and earth, cutting off the light of the Sun. This is what we typically think of when we use the word “eclipse,” with the moon covering the Sun.

The Aspects

Solar Eclipse sextile Uranus- doing something different

Saturn sextile Neptune- realistic dreams

Sun trine Neptune- vivid visions

Moon trine Neptune- creating a dream life

Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo- speaking from a place of truth

Mercury & Mars square Uranus in Taurus- destabilizing thoughts and words


Eclipses can rock us to our core, but this particular eclipse is making you question what your core actually is. You’ll be feeling the urgency to change something but you’ll be hesitating to make a change, and by hesitating you’ll want to do something drastic. It’s a confusing energy that needs to be grounded.

With the Sun being obscured by the Moon, our Solar Plexus will be experiencing a cloudy day. Our confidence will drop, we’ll feel extra emotional, and we’ll feel a sense of emptiness in our lives. We experience 2 solar eclipses every year and it’s the cosmic push or reset button that we all need. It’s important to remember that the eclipse is happening in the sign of Cancer- the stomach- where we find the solar plexus, so the theme of fullness in our life is coming up at this time.

The Kozminsky Symbol for the Eclipse is 11 degrees Cancer

11º Cancer: A number of maidens, crowned with garlands of wild flowers, dancing on a green lawn.
Denotes one of bright and joyous spirit and friendly nature whose desire it is to spread happiness and contentment wherever he goes. The native will always be much loved and popular. He comes to the world with a message of love, life, and hope, and a mind which resists the encroachments of evil. It is a symbol of Simplicity.

The message of the Solar Eclipse is to start leading a simple life. I have noticed a lot of people have been having real estate problems or making big changes in their house and home. This is the domain of Cancer, so the question is, is your home the sanctuary you need it to be, or is there a better way to live? Often when we make changes to our home, there is also an inner process that is happening with our internal home.

With the emphasis on the South Node being with Saturn and Pluto all year, there has been some major restructuring going on with the foundations of your life (depending where Capricorn falls in your chart). It’s been a purging and de-cluttering energy and now with a Solar Eclipse opposing this restructuring, in the sign of home & family, it’s time to reassess this domain.

To go back to the questions I asked at the beginning of this article…where and what is home? Is it in the confines of your shell or is it at the beach- a in-between place where emotions and reality meet? This in between place is about aligning our heart to earth. Simply, it’s about finding your sanctuary and securing it.


Give Me the Simple Life by Tony Bennett


Cosmic Chit Chat: My Mars Story…& European Football

2019 has been a Martian year for me. I’m in a 1 personal year in numerology which connects to Aries-Mars, and my natal Mars has been activated all year- experiencing my Mars return, Saturn/Pluto/South Node opposing it, and the eclipses waking it up. Normally I hate sports and as a girly girl I can tell you that I’ve never liked it…but as a result of all these transits, I began watching European football (Soccer) because I found myself interested in it, and for a short while, enjoying it.

My Dad has always been a lifelong fan of European Football and since he’s been home for a year because of a bad accident, he’s been watching a lot more of it. I work from home, so I couldn’t really escape it, and when I had the chance to sit down and watch it, I found I was using it as a way to bond with him to try and connect to him…my Mars being in Cancer- sign of home and family.

I watched a full season of Football this year watching Juventus, Inter-Milan, Liverpool, & Champions League, & Europa League the closest. I was specifically following all of the Croatian stars due to my heritage. I was even reading sports news, and even participated in some online forums for some football clubs. I surprised myself at just how dedicated I was to a sport that up until this year, I hated.

Last week I made the official decision to stop watching European football. It was during that week that I experienced my Mars Return- the time when transiting Mars meets up with your natal Mars. Since that happened, I lost all interest in it, and realized just how toxic football was for me.

Why I Quit Watching Football

1.  First of all, after I experienced my official Mars return last Saturday on June 8th, Croatia happened to play Wales for a Eurocup qualifying game, and Portugal won the League of Nations. I decided to go and comment on some Youtube videos that fans made analyzing the games. I found myself giving some very honest critiques only to have several people gang up on me and make sexist and degrading remarks about me and my thoughts. After that, I decided I had had enough, because this was an ongoing issue for me.

2.  What I came to learn about European Football is that it’s extremely racist. I could see that the Croatian players were always the most under-paid and over-worked players on their teams. People from other European countries were always making racist comments about Croatians and other nationalities. Football media was incredibly biased and playing favourites to certain countries and players. This really triggered me because I could not understand why Croatia was so hated? So what if they came second at the 2018 FIFA World Cup? They have always been a competitive team in Europe with very strong individual players with achievements (and all this considering they are a tiny country). I came to learn that Croatia has its natal Moon at 3 degrees Scorpio- the sign and degree of the Moon’s fall, so no matter what, they are always going to be un-liked. I still did not like the demeaning hate speech online so I decided to step away from Youtube and the forums. As I mentioned, my natal Mars is in Cancer, so I get very triggered when someone says something negative about my heritage.

3.  I also quit watching it because I found it to be very bi-polar. If a player had a good game he was a hero and if his next performance wasn’t that good he would be a zero. This idiotic behaviour from the fans was a huge turn off for me because no one is perfect and it made me wonder if these people treat their friends and family the same way? That you’re garbage unless you achieve something?

4.  I also stopped watching European football because I found it to be a very evil and corrupt business. Every player has a price tag and they are completely disposable. There is no loyalty, no trust, and no respect. At the same time, the players are multi-millionaires who for the most part are not charitable. I’m especially critical of players who come from small or poor countries who do not help out their country. They’re kicking a ball around and getting millions for it. It’s a bit excessive, don’t you think?

5.  The egos. The worship of players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is absolutely sickening. So they kicked the ball in the net more than someone else. Why does that make them Gods? Have they cured a disease? Did they create world peace? Nope. I did notice that all of the most successful superstar players have wounded masculinity. Messi was under-developed as a boy and had to take human growth hormones, Ronaldo’s father was an alcoholic and died when he was a kid, Modric grew up extremely poor during the war in Croatia and his grandfather who helped raise him, was murdered in that same war. All these guys are trying to use the Martian activity of football to over-compensate for their complexes.

Mars Mission

So when my Mars came home I realized just how toxic and degrading this sport is, for everyone involved- the fans, the players, the management etc. An important lesson for me that I learned during my Mars activity was that knowing how to conserve my energy and where to direct it, is extremely important for my health due to some bad aspects from my Mars. Watching European football for 1 year allowed me to experience the depth of my Mars that I had previously not known. With my Mars being in Cancer, it’s a very internalized energy that doesn’t always have an outlet for its expression, which is why physical activity is recommended. I can’t say that I experienced any positive Martian activity this year, apart from becoming more assertive. Football helped me to see what my triggers are and what I need to avoid.

It showed me that ethnicity is mentality, projection comes from rejection, everyone has a price, masculine energy is self-destructive, and egos are wounds. Interestingly enough, all of these are markers of my natal Mars. All of the reasons that I listed for choosing to quit watching European football are things that my Mars is guilty of suppressing and expressing. Forming a close relationship to Mars this year helped me to make peace with his unpleasant qualities.


Have you experienced your Mars Return? What sorts of lessons did you learn?





Full Moon in Sagittarius June 18, 2019: Life’s a Journey

Lunation: Full Moon in Sagittarius 25 degrees


  • Los Angeles – 17 June 1:30 am
  • New York – 17 June 4:30 am
  • London – 17 June 9:30 am
  • Delhi – 17 June 2:00 pm
  • Sydney – 17 June 6:30 pm

(Tines from The Astrology King)

Moonbeams: Life takes the lead when we need to align to something bigger and better that’s waiting for us.

The Aspects

Saturn sextile Neptune- make it happen

Jupiter square Neptune- fact vs. fiction

Mercury conjunct Mars- headstrong

Mercury opposite Saturn- feeling blocked

Mars opposite Saturn- frustration

Mercury trine Neptune- ability to see past obstacles

Mars trine Neptune- inspired action

Moon conjunct Jupiter- the illumination of a new journey about to begin


Image result for journey poem by rainer maria rilke


The aspects of this Full Moon reminds me of the above quote by Rilke. This lunation will be opening the gates (Saturn) of our perception to see a path that until this point was obscured by thorny bushes, a carpet of dried leaves, and creepy crawlers. We are going to receive information that is going to force us to say good-bye to the yellow brick road that has brought us to this destination. It’s time for us to embark on a new journey.

For many of us, we will be making some important decisions over the next two weeks regarding the direction of our life. The Full Moon will be guiding us to a place where our actions can connect to our purpose in a meaningful way.  She will be forcing us into the beyond where spirit and matter converge to birth new life. In fact, this Full Moon will be conjunct the Galactic Centre where it is believed souls enter and leave. It will feel scary leaving the past behind, and with some difficulties with Saturn showing up at this time, we will need to feel the implications of moving out into the beyond in our physical reality so we can better orient (Sagittarius) ourselves. When things come to an end, and when life gets difficult, it’s because things are being removed and reworked for our benefit. Sagittarius is all about truth and whatever is untrue must go.

A Sagittarius Full Moon is a silver opportunity to shine a light upon the journey that we call life. Let life guide you. It’s never lead you astray.

Sorrow (Thornskinned Heroines, Vol 1) by Saiteru- REVIEW

In this quirky retelling of Cinderella, Saiteru presents a fairytale princess who is anything but a lonely dis-empowered girl sitting in a dark, cold, dusty cellar. This Cinderella is a young woman with hopes, dreams, vulnerabilities, and pain. Presented via letters, journal entries, and poems, Cinderella offers a glimpse into her life behind the storybook glittering facade. Without giving too much away, the sorrow of this volume is having to do with a young woman attempting to create her own life with her prince only to have it turn to rubble when her past in the guise of a wicked stepmother begins to wage war against her and her kingdom. Yes, a literal war is taking place between two kingdoms, but a more sinister war is taking place between a jealous wicked woman attempting to destroy the freedom and comfort that a happily ever after provides. What is clever about this volume is that we find our princess in distress, whose prince cannot save her. What happens when he can’t come riding on his white horse and make everything right? All she wants is to rise up like the smoke from the cinder soot and claim her stake in the world. She refuses to surrender and resign to the shadow that is encroaching upon her kingdom. We see her grappling with sadness and stubbornness but also reaching for hope and resolve. Her glass slipper is no longer a rescue device, but a sword that needs to be wielded to put an end to the hate and pettiness. To many modern day readers, the glass slipper may be seen as an archaic symbol of oppression, an anti-feminist tool, but reading Cinderella’s account of her life before, during, and after the war, we realize that the glass slipper is a symbol of salvation. Spending life as a cinder-girl was perhaps an opportunity to cleanse herself in its purifying fires so in the end she became more than a dying ember…because even embers even when put out still produce tiny fragments of light.

Thank you to Kingdoms in the Wild for reaching out to me to review this work!

New Moon in Gemini June 3rd 2019: Miss Peregrine

The New Moon in Gemini on June 3rd 2019, is what is known as a peregrine Moon. She is not making any aspects to any planets. However, there is one major aspect that is in the background that has already revealed itself back in January. A peregrine Moon functions as though it is neutral, almost as if it’s hovering in the sky between two worlds.


Jupiter square Neptune-Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces is the big aspect happening with this New Moon. It already occurred on January 13, 2019. It will be occurring one more time this year. We can expect the truth being obscured by the iridescent waters of Neptune in Pisces. Things will be presented one way but will turn out to be very different. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This transit can make us idealistic falling into the ethereal trap that watery energies like to set up. Jupiter in Sagittarius is telling us we must modify our beliefs to align with our morals and values. The big test will be are you going to let fantasy and idealism carry you away even though you know it’s not going to end well? Or are you willing to stand up for your truth and walk away even if the siren song of Neptune in Pisces is intoxicating? Deception is seductive but we have the “God” planet Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius which is all about taking the high road even if you don’t know the final outcome. You can keep your rose coloured glasses on, but be prepared, Jupiter will hold you accountable for your actions.


The Kozminsky Symbol for the New Moon at 12 degrees Gemini is:

13º Gemini: Two men playing at cards, a man standing behind one player making signs to his opponent.
Denotes one exposed to treachery and deceit who will incline to place too much reliance on those unworthy of his confidence. Care in the choice of friends should be his constant charge, nor should he indulge in ventures of a risky nature at the suggestion of any one, nor put himself in the power of any man. It is a symbol of Deceit.

This symbol speaks of a hidden world contained within a world. There is something going in behind the scenes in our lives that we just aren’t seeing at the moment. The more we align our reality to our truth, to our higher purpose, the more this “secret life” will begin coming out into the open.

The dispositor is Mercury in Gemini at 27 degrees

28º Gemini: A number of workmen building a railway track through barren country.
Denotes one who through industry and prudence finds ways to aid himself over the greatest difficulties, and in aiding himself he confers lasting benefits on others. He approaches problems with determination and an understanding mind, and grapples until he firmly masters then. It is a symbol of Indefatigableness.

This symbol makes me think of building a bridge, or in this case, a railway between our reality and the reality that is performing in the background of our lives. We all live a double life (Gemini is the twins) and this New Moon is asking us to start bridging the gap between our two selves. So if you are an office worker by day and a tarot reader by night, now is the time to start bringing the hidden out into the open. Maybe you start teaching Tarot classes on the week-end? Whatever it might be, we have to start bringing our truth out into the open instead of letting it be carried away the currents of false hope and imagination otherwise we’re going to get burned by the upcoming eclipses.

Miss Peregrine

This Moon reminded me of the film and book ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.’ In this story, there is a hidden world contained within a world that is reliving the same moment in time over and over again. It is presided over by a peregrine falcon who is taking care of a group of peculiar children who are living in exile in this world. The main character of the film Jake, stumbling upon this hidden world, discovers the truth of who he is, family secrets, and purpose to his life that he would never have discovered in the “real world.”

This is a lesson for all of us during this New Moon. There is truth and information that can be found in our secret world, but it’s useless unless we can use it to fix and heal our “real world.” We might even discover that the life we are living is the actual illusion instead of our dreams.

I’d like to mention that the Vatican has the Jupiter square Neptune aspect natally, and I think we know that its deceptive image is merely a front for more sinister things going on behind its bejeweled facade.

So is the life you’re living a front for something beautiful or perhaps ugly that is being hidden behind the curtain?




Full Moon in Scorpio May 18: Medusa

After having two back to back Full Moons in Libra, this FM in Scorpio is going to be sculpting the light to shine its rays into the crevices where we’ve been afraid to look. This isn’t going to be as dark of a Scorpionic Moon that we’ve had in the past, but it’s definitely going to be confrontational.


Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus- information of Venusian themes coming to light

Sun conjunct Algol- see below

Venus conjunct Uranus- shocking but liberating freedom

The Sun will be conjunct the star Algol (Medua’s head) which is opposing the Moon. If we take a closer look at Medusa we can see her story playing out during this lunation.

Medusa is a symbol representing female rage who ultimately uses her anger as power by being able to turn people into stone. The rage is symbolic of being unable to cope with reality, thus petrifying all things, allows one to escape from a life that is meaningless and devoid of passion.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus, there is information regarding our security, finances, material things, and values that will be illuminated. With it opposing Scorpio, it’s not going to be easy to look at.

I cannot help remembering a remark of De Casseres. It was over the wine in Mouquin’s. Said he: “The profoundest instinct in man is to war against the truth; that is, against the Real. He shuns facts from his infancy. His life is a perpetual evasion. Miracle, chimera and to-morrow keep him alive. He lives on fiction and myth. It is the Lie that makes him free. Animals alone are given the privilege of lifting the veil of Isis; men dare not. The animal, awake, has no fictional escape from the Real because he has no imagination. Man, awake, is compelled to seek a perpetual escape into Hope, Belief, Fable, Art, God, Socialism, Immortality, Alcohol, Love. From Medusa-Truth he makes an appeal to Maya-Lie.”

— Jack LondonThe Mutiny of the Elsinore

Medusa might be turning things into stone, creating permanent displays of a moment in time, but afterall stone is beautiful. It’s a reminder of the raw majestic strength and power of life. We may find the truth uncomfortable but we need to think of the truth as statues or stone bricks that support us in creating a life we want to live.

Turn those fears, hurts, wounds, insecurities into stone. Look at them and carve them into something beautiful. Let’s not forget that Pegasus was born from Medusa- a symbol of eternal light, beauty, art, poetry, and goodness.



Picture: Medusa by Carvaggio