Growing a Moon Garden

Whether you’re a witch, pagan, mystic, selenophile, or horticulturist, everyone should grow a moon garden. Moon gardens are gardens that bloom at night, where they cast a silvery glow in the darkness and release a fragrant aroma in your garden.

You can plant them in the shape of a crescent moon or circular like the full moon so as to mimic the luminary in the sky. You could also plant a few different gardens in the shape of the entire moon phase…….as above so below.

To enjoy these plants during the day, it’s best to plant some silver or white flowers throughout your garden as well, which will create a lunar effect during the day. Your moon flowers can be used for talismans, teas, baths, and incense.

Here are some common night blooming plants:


Evening Primrose

Night Phlox

Evening Stock

Angels Trumpet

Night Gladiolus

Lunar Herbs:

Dusty Millers

Silver Thyme

Lamb’s Ears


Silver Sage





The 4th House & Your Decor

Since we are in Cancer season I thought it would be fun to share some insight into each sign’s personal decorating preferences. You can see this by looking to the ruler of your fourth house in Astrology. If you have planets in your fourth house, you can certainly combine the energies of the planets with the ruling sign of the fourth house.

Aries 4th House- Country, Reds, Checkered Patterns, Rooster Motif, Spring like


Taurus 4th House- Pink, Feminine, Ornate, Floral Details, Rich


Gemini 4th House- Clean, Minimalistic, Coffee Table Books Gadgets on tables, White, Graphic


Cancer 4th House- Kitchen is most important room, Cozy, Family Pictures, Antiques, Shabby Chic

cancer kitchen

Leo 4th House- Grand, Ornate, Gold, Red, Gilt, Very Personal, Statue of a Lion and or Cats are present in the home, Animal Prints, Always Presentable to Guests


Virgo 4th House- Earth Tones, Cozy, Organized, Minimal, Always Clean


Libra 4th House- Library Aesthetic, Pinks, Grays, Balanced


Scorpio 4th House- Black, Mirrored Surfaces, Bold Prints, Gothic Inspired


Sagittarius 4th House- Exotic, World Traveler Aesthetic, Collectables, Eclectic, Cultured


Capricorn 4th House- Rustic, Country, Woods, Natural Materials, Scandinavian Style


Aquarius 4th House- Bohemian, Gypset Style, Grabs the 5 Senses, Patterned


Pisces 4th House- Mystical, Blues, Celestial, Nautical


Social Media- The New Witch’s Familiar

Black cats doing a witch’s bidding have been a long time association with witchcraft. The majestic black night sky fur of a cat with yellow eyes lurking in the shadows of magic is a cliche that has haunted witches for centuries. But how many modern day witches actually own a black cat anymore? Is it fair to say that cats have since been replaced? I’d like to present my thesis that witch’s familiars have been replaced for the modern day cell-phone- iphone, android, tablet, ipad. Think about it- a witch can weave spells on her twitter timeline, hex those on Facebook, cast glamors on Instagram, and hide behind a veil of anonymity and secrecy on social media, allowing her to hide her true intentions and identity.

Familiars come from the Latin term ‘familiaris’ meaning a household servant. They were mentioned in the bible referring to the spirit guides of sorcerers and necromancers. Modern day technology has since become servants to everyone, including magickal folk- transforming itself from a piece of glass and plastic- to an enchanted talisman. The internet has become the modern day version of a grimoire- Google is essentially an encyclopedia for any topic, and witches, wiccans, pagans you name it, are able to find their covens online. The internet has allowed mystical people all over the world come out of their broom closets.

Witches typically received familiars as an initiatory gift into their coven. Our society today is a coven of globalization- and as a result people all over the world own cell-phones and communicate with each other at any time and any place. Familiars over time have been portrayed as mischievous and cunning- not unlike social media today where bullying and hatred seems to take comfort.

Familiars would often appear as a black cat or other small creature as marginalized women who were often accused of being witches would have small pets. They would appear to be harmless, but because of their association with outcasted women- they took on a more supernatural guise. Online predators who hide on social media to pray on the vulnerable reminds me of this concept.

A familiar will use magic and intelligence to form a very special bond with its companion in order to better assist them, and to also feed off their energy. Think about those online who form relationships and friendships even though they have never met in person. Can you be sure the person on the other side of the computer has pure intentions? Maybe they’re parasitic entities feeding off your vibes? I don’t mean to scare anyone, but harmful magic does exist, even if you don’t identify as a witch, pagan, or new ager.  You can also see this special bond with social media. People are obsessed with taking selfies and photo editing apps to disguise and alter photos for the purpose of receiving more likes and follows. This shows the blind worship of superficiality, a.k.a glamors. We all know this can go too far, and it’s thanks to our familiars that deception is literally at our fingertips.

Ultimately, if you have a strong emotional bond to an animal or object that can be considered a familiar. Consecrating your pets or objects with love, and intent is all it takes to turn them into handy helpers to do your bidding. You don’t need a black cat named Salem to do your dirty work for you these days, all you need is a seemingly harmless device.

Sour Cherry Tree Personalities- June 4-13 & Dec 2-11

According to Slavic Astrology, each person is ruled by a particular tree. The characteristics and folklore of the tree influences a person’s personality.

Personality Characteristics- Artistic, Dreamy, Beautiful, Athletic, Health Conscious, Can get emotionally overwhelmed quite easily, Needs extra grounding, Self-reliant.

Sweet with a hint of tartness, Sour Cherry Tree people are the artists of the world. Due to the heavy melatonin content in the sour cherries, these people can be greatly inspired by their dreams and fantasies. Naturally athletic, those born under this tree make fantastic athletes and are excellent at decoding their body’s symptoms and illnesses. An obsession towards eating clean, organic, and whole foods also manifests. Being ruled by Venus- Sour Cherry Tree folks make excellent cooks. Since it doesn’t take a lot of water for Sour Cherry Trees to become waterlogged- these people can become emotionally overwhelmed quite easily which is why they need to ground themselves, more than the average person. As self-pollinating trees, Sour Cherry Trees are here to learn how to become self-reliant and emancipated from others- both spiritually and financially. Non-attachment is of the utmost importance.

For those born during the December dates- introspection becomes the dominant characteristic. Those born during the Winter tend to lead more spiritual lives as opposed to athleticism.

Dominant Elements- Air & Water

Ruling Planet- Venus




Happy Birthday to The Luminessence!

One year ago today I started my WordPress blog- The Luminessence. It has been a wonderful journey in which I have written and shared my thoughts, experiences, and musings on a variety of spiritual topics over the course of this one year.  You will have noticed that over this past month I have evolved my posts from Astrology to other new agey topics. I have a lot more interesting content to come which I cannot wait to share with everyone! It doesn’t surprise me that my blog is a Gemini- since it is pretty content heavy 🙂

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed, shared, liked, and commented on my posts. Putting myself out there into occulture has been a huge step for me, as my only motivation has been to connect with like minded people in the hopes of finding my tribe. I write from the heart and understand that the abyss we call New Age Spirituality is a very subjective one. We don’t always agree with what everyone writes, and sometimes blogs just don’t resonate with us, and that’s okay!

The name of my blog is a play on luminscence which is a means to produce artificial light. My spelling ‘Luminessence’ when broken down means ‘the essence of light’ which I hope it has been.

Thank you for all the lovely support and Happy Birthday to The Luminessence.


Mystical Croatia

My entire family is from Croatia which is a small central European, Mediterranean, Balkan country located in south-East Europe. It may be known as a top tourist destination as of late due to its gorgeous architecture, Adriatic sea, and beautiful landscapes, but not many people are aware of its mystical identity. There are many locations in this small country that contain a lot of magical energy and interesting folklore. Croatia happens to sit at the intersection of some major ley lines and crystal grid lines in the world, making it a hotspot for psychic and mysterious activity. The Balkans themselves are rich with legends such as vampires, witches, and fairies, but it’s also rich with more spiritual and metaphysical sites as well. In this article I am going to share some pretty cool places you should check out if you are planning a trip to Croatia.


The Temple of Jupiter- Split, Croatia

Image result for the temple of jupiter croatia

The temple of Jupiter was built around the 3rd century. Jupiter was the name of Diocletian’s father and was one of the most powerful Roman gods- the god of the sky and of thunder. Emperor Diocletian believed he was a reincarnation of Jupiter. The temple is considered to be one of the best preserved Roman temples in the world. At the fall of the Roman Empire in the Middle Ages, the temple was converted into Saint John’s Bapistery named after the Archbishop of Split (Sv. Ivan Krstitelj). Outside the temple entranceway is a Roman sarcophagus and a headless graphite sphinx from 1500 BC  which Diocletian brought from Luxor. Beside the temple is the narrowest street in Split called ‘Pusti me proc’ which means ‘let me through!’



Image result for veela creature

If you find yourself in a Croatian forest- beware of the Vila. These are mythical creatures who are always women with long silvery white hair. They are known to seduce young men and kidnap them for days at a time. I’ve heard stories about these creatures growing up, as they are inhabitants of Croatia.


Plitvice National Park

Image result for plitvice national park

Plitvice is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. Situated in central Croatia on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this mystical park has inspired awe in visitors and locals for centuries. 16 lakes comprise the park and feature colours such as azure, green, grey, and blue. What keeps this mystical allure going is the fact that the lakes are constantly changing colour depending on minerals and organisms in the water- almost like liquid mood rings. The fluorescence and bio luminescence of this magical location should be on your stop the next time you’re in the region.



Image result for obonjan croatia

This island has become the metaphysical hub of Europe. Many spiritual retreats are held here annually, and Ruby Warrington from The Numinous hosts spiritual getaways here every summer.



Image result for ogulin croatia

The town of Ogulin is in central Croatia near the capital of Zagreb. The town dates back to the 15th century when the Ottoman wars were occurring.  The town’s famous Ogulin Castle houses a memorial room of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic who is a famous Croatian fairytale author- equivalent to Hans Christian Andersen. This town is also known for the witches of Klek. In the 17th century, this story was first told. The legend states that witches, fairies, and elves from around the world would gather in Klek during the stormy nights. To this day, theatrical productions of the famous fairytales of this region are performed, making this any fairytale lover’s dream destination.


Blue Cave of Bisevo

Image result for blue cave of bisevo

The Blue Cave is located at the Balun Cove on the eastern side of the island. Croatian fishermen have known about this cave for centuries as the only entrance to the cave was to dive underneath it. In the 1880s an entrance was blasted out with dynamite. The bright blue glowing effect of the cave is created when the sun’s rays enter through the water and reflect off the limestone floor of the cave. The sun lights up the water, and the glowing ocean illuminates the cave walls in a bright blue- creating an ethereal glowing blue grotto.


Sea Organ- Zadar

Image result for sea organ of zadar

The sea organ is concealed beneath a set of large white steps leading into the water. The instrument contains 35 tubes and a large resonating cavity which is played by the wind and sea. This creates a melancholic sound reminiscent of siren calls and whale cries. The Sea Organ was designed by Nikola Basic and completed in 2005.


Nine Views

Image result for nine views croatia

In 1971,  an artist named Ivan Kozaric created a sculptural work called, The Grounded Sun, a bronze sphere two metres in diameter. Situated in the heart of Zagreb the work would make the centre of the solar system, unbeknownst to most locals. Another artist by the name of Davor Preis created metal models of the planets in scale with the established sun and placed them at relative distances around the city. Once completed, the system was in scale 1:680, 000, 000 to our actual solar system. People began to notice the planetary plaques, and it only became known when a students from the Croatian Physics Society discovered the entire installation.


Dubrovnik Maskeron

Image result for dubrovnik maskeron


When you enter the old town of Dubrovnik by the Pile Gate, as you walk along the the main street, look carefully and you might spot a strange gargoyle head protruding from a stone wall. The head stands half a metre above the ground, sticking out barely fifteen centimetres. Legend says that if you manage to hop onto the head, keep your balance, and take off your shirt while still standing facing the wall, luck in love will follow you.

Are New Agers Suffering From Tarot/Oracle Addictions?

One thousand tarot/oracle sets line a bookshelf, a spread for literally every question, buying every deck ever made, and performing daily rituals. For most of us New Agers, this seems like a typical way of life whereby we consult the cards for every question we might have. One doesn’t have to look far to see this is a growing trend. Scrolling through my Instagram or Facebook feed- 90% of the posts are of daily readings. Some of us pull cards first thing in the morning to show us what the day ahead has in store for us. Some pull cards for questions ranging from- will I get the job- to should I buy that dress? Either way, it seems we have become obsessed with fortune telling. How many of us could actually go a day without doing either one? I know I’ve tried skipping my weekly readings, and I found myself feeling very unsettled. Every-time I would walk by my bookshelf where I keep some of my divinatory tools- I would feel a little anxious, tempted, and desperate to use them. I don’t use divination everyday, I have always limited myself to once a week. However, when I have a burning question I usually grab my cards or consult the stars to gain some clarity and insight. My concern is that when we rely on divinatory tools for answers we neglect our intuition and spontaneity. Some may argue that all cards do is confirm what we may already suspect, but can’t we just tune every once in awhile? The less we engage that inner voice in our head, the sooner it will stop speaking to us. It’s much easier to grab a deck and try to interpret the hell out of it, but I would argue it’s just as easy to let go and see what happens. Spontaneity allows us to embrace our inner child and to trust the process of life. The more we use cards the more we use our free will, trying to manipulate the outcomes of our readings. Considering there is a big push in the New Age spirituality communities to connect to the divine, over-exhausting our free will seems counter-productive. Relying on cards for every single question might be an indication of a control issues. Is the New Age birthing a generation of control freaks?

Source may speak to us through our cards, but why can’t we just talk directly to source? Do we really need a hermetic translation in the form of plastic cards- no matter how much magic is encoded in them? Can’t we just expect the unexpected and decode our own inner feelings, signs, and symbols? If we are able to do that, then we will have the most valuable Tarot/Oracle deck ever made- one made of our intuition, emotions, presence, and soul.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future there are Tarot therapy groups- similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. I’ve seen some lives destroyed from Tarot readings. I knew someone who had a reading done by a very well respected Tarot reader in the community and was foretold that she would acquire a lot of money.  This person ended up stealing a lot of money. Rather than to wait to see what would happen, she decided to manipulate fate for her own devious reasons. Tarot addictions can be very dangerous when you misinterpret the cards. Consulting a true professional is always the best option.

Do you think you could go on a Tarot/Oracle diet?