My Favourite MOVIES About TIME


Something has happened to time. Last week the days felt out of order……..

Mercury and Venus both entered Aries from being in Pisces, and I have noticed when ever we shift from Pisces to Aries we experience a dimensional shift. We’re crossing thresholds and jumping timelines.

I thought I would share my fave movies about the concept of TIME.


Somewhere in Time


My goodness, I truly feel it is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever seen on film. I won’t give away the plot, but let’s just say that love transcends time, and that we’re all here to experience unconditional love. This story was beautiful as it was told from a man’s point of view, which was refreshing, as I think cinema has been known to distort the love that a man can have for the woman he loves. From the reviews I’ve read of this film, many men could relate to Christopher Reeve’s character.

What really makes my heart flutter, is the possibility that your soul mate may have lived in another era, or that one day, you will encounter this soul.

I highly recommend you watch this film if you love romance, period pieces, and beautiful costumes and music. In fact, there is even a big fan club dedicated to this film.

If you believe in the divine timing of all things, make time to watch this romantic story.

Winter’s Tale


A heart-wrenching love story set during the early 20th century New York. There’s demons, the cosmos, spirit animals, romance, and reincarnation. A gorgeous blend of fantasy and romance that will make you believe that love never dies.

The Time Traveler’s Wife


A man pops in and out of his lover’s life from the time she is a little girl until the time he is an old man. A story about jumping timelines all for the sake of love. The chemistry between Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana is passionate and will certainly make you tear up at points and make you believe that love has no time limit.

The Age of Adaline


Blake Lively plays a young woman who experiences a near death cosmic event that prevents her from aging. She has trouble sustaining a relationship because of this and as a result, tells a beautiful story about risking everything for love.  Time stands still when you fall in love.

In Time


An interesting story about time as currency and what people are willing to risk to acquire more time.


I am a hugge film lover, so if you would like to see more movie recommendations, please comment down below!




Apple Tree June 22-July 4 & Dec 23-Jan 1- Personality & Transit

If you were born during the above dates, then you were born under the influence of the Apple Tree. Overall these are extremely gifted people. Many consider the Apple Tree to be the tree of love. In Greek mythology, Apples are sacred to Aphrodite, and it was Eris who threw a golden apple into a wedding party which was the catalyst for the Trojan War.  Apples also appear throughout Norse mythology as symbols and fruits of fertility. When Apples are cut vertically, they actually look like the womb. Beautiful, attractive, and constantly thinking about love, they fall in love everyday and enjoy love-making. Their love can be secretive, passionate, jealous. They need to stay honest and open within their relationships so as not to complicate them. They also find it difficult to stay faithful. They earn and spend money easily because they are not attached to it so they find themselves in debt. They live in the moment and can have many false-friends. Apple Tree people need a lot of nurturing from a very young age and if they don’t receive this, they can feel a huge void in their life. These individuals tend to have a very thick skin, similar to the wax coating of apples.  They are also very different from parents.

This transit is all about love- you will feel more loving, will receive more adoration, and should wear and work with rose quartz and the colour red. As the forbidden fruit, it would also be an excellent time to study the occult.  The old name for Apple is Silver Bough, because apples were believed to grow on the silver bough of the underworld and held the power of immortality. Beware of excessive indulgences and contracting bugs and illnesses. A quarrel with your parents can also happen, so think before you speak. Overall a great time for love and esoterica.

appletreeapple witchsnowwhite

Crazy Little Spring Called Love- REVIEW

This anthology contained eight short stories centered around spring time love. Each story was whimsical, quirky, and romantic. Some stories were weaker than others, and some were highly developed enough to become their own stand alone books. Spring time is always a time of magic as flora bloom and fauna procreate. This served as the backdrop for all of the short stories. Whether it was a pagan love story, or a mermaid tale, or Greek gods falling in love- spring romance was definitely in the air. I appreciate Seton Hill University for helping to put this anthology together which featured some great writers and helped to showcase their emerging talents. As a lover of fantasy fiction, this book was a light and easy read that satisfied my mystical book thirst. This is the perfect book to enjoy on a lovely Spring day in the garden amongst the flowers and bees. There was just enough romance to satisfy romantic novel lovers and plenty of magic for fantasy connoisseurs. The stories were not too long and not too short and had many cliffhangers which I hope means a second volume is in the works! The season of Spring always serves as a reminder that anything is possible…….especially when love and magic are involved!

2018 Bridal Trends for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Venus in Aries- Anne Barge 

Venus in Aries ladies are assertive in their power and fair better in clean simple classic dresses that will not take the attention away from their self confident auras. Take a cue from Anne Barge’s 2018 Bridal Collection- a nod to the 1960s featuring Brigitte Bardot hairdos, deep v necklines, bows, and classic silhouettes, with a dash of lace, or try a pantsuit from Viktor & Rolf’s minimalist collection that screams miss Venus in Aries- Audrey Hepburn.

Muse- Audrey Hepburn

Aries Oracle

Venus in Taurus- Elie Saab

Venus in Taurus ladies are all about luxury and comfort. Feminine silhouettes, pink, lace, and tulle bring the Venusian feminine energy out for these brides. Go for an Elie Saab princess gown. Imagine your big day as a sepia Lana Del Rey music video, full of pink flower crowns, sparkling jewels, and sunset peach skies.

Muse- Lana Del Rey

Aries Oracle (1)

Venus in Gemini- Houghton

Venus in Gemini brides love sparkle and risque dresses.On their wedding day, their seductive twin likes to come out and play, leaving behind their more demure sophisticated twin. Cue Venus in Gemini lady Jennifer Lopez. Try a gown from Houghton, sparkly and a little revealing.

Muse- Jennifer Lopez

hypatia (1)


Cancer- Temperley London?

Venus in Cancer brides look their best in lace and vintage feminine gowns that will represent their delicate nature. Angelina Jolie’s Venus in Cancer gifts her with a graceful elegance. I would suggest a Temperley London gown featuring old lace with a dash of pink.

Muse- Angelina Jolie

hypatia (2)

Leo- Jenny Packham

Leo brides look ferocious in red and bold designs, anything that will make them stand out from the rest of the pack. Jenny Packham’s 2018 Bridal collection featured some red hot dresses, perfect for any Leoline Queen.

Muse- Gina Lollobrigida

hypatia (3)

Venus in Virgo- Carolina Hererra

Venus in Virgo brides look ravishing in conservative simple gowns that denote wholesome charm and innocence. Look to Carolina Herrera for her elegant crisp gowns to save the day.

Muse- Audrey Tautou

hypatia (4)

Libra- Lela Rose

Venus in Libra brides look their best in classic elegant pieces with a touch of pink and sparkle. Being the second air sign of the zodiac, they are drawn to lighter airy fabrics. Think a combination of Hollywood Grace Kelly mixed with Princess Grace, who by the way was a Venus in Libra.

Muse- Grace Kelly

Aries Oracle (2)

Scorpio- Reem Acra 

Being the witchy dark Venuses of the zodiac, Venus in Scorpio ladies look ravishing in touches of black and Gothic elements. Observe any Winona Ryder look whose Venus in Scorpio gives her a black magic aesthetic.

Muse- Winona Ryder

Aries Oracle

Sagittarius- Naem Khan

Sagittarius’ are the adventurers of the Zodiac and should wear risk taking gowns on their big day.

Muse- Katy Perry

Aries Oracle (1)

Capricorn- Marchesa

Capricorn brides like dresses that are practical, simple, and conservative. A touch of black adds sophistication and a sense of grounding that these earthy beauties are known for. Marchesa’s 2018 bridal collection exudes Capricorn style.

Muse- Scarlett Johansson

Venus in Capricorn

Aquarius- Vera Wang

As the bohemian babes of the Zodiac, Aquarius brides need something unique and hippy. Anything that evokes an easy breezy peasant dress with unusual detailing is right up their alley. Vera Wang’s collection was risky and avant-garde, making her collection perfect for Aquarian brides.

Muse- Paris Hilton

Venus in Capricorn (1)

Pisces- Zuhair Murad

These dreamy mystical brides look gorgeous in anything with illusion sleeves or bodices as well as anything that gives off a major mermaid vibe. Touches of tulle, lace, sparkle, and blue will also do.

Muse- Penelope Cruz

Venus in Capricorn (2)

Sunday Poetry Oracle

Love is a Magic Ray

Love is a magic ray
emitted from the burning core
of the soul
and illuminating
the surrounding earth.

It enables us
to perceive life
as a beautiful dream
between one awakening
and another.

-Khalil Gibran

New Moon July 4: Home is Where the Heart Is

Our New Moon is happening on Monday July 4, 2016 12:02pm universal time. Our moon will be 13 degrees in the sign of Cancer, which is a very spiritual code, along with the sun, venus, and mercury, making this new moon a stellium in Cancer. As well, we will have a total of 7 planets in the water signs, making this new moon a very sensitive and emotional one.

There are no planets in the air signs, which governs our mind and thoughts. This lunar energy is all about connecting to your heart.

There has been a recurring theme of love during our 2016 lunar cycles. The beginning of the year was about figuring out what we wanted, then it became about what no longer serves us, and for the past 2 or 3 months, our moons have been all about self-love, through rediscovering your inner truth and purpose. Love is the highest vibration, and that means when you let it in, something has to come out. That is why there have been so many tears, and intense emotions so far this year. We are releasing all of the old thoughts and feelings that are impeding our progress.

Since the sign of Cancer is experiencing a stellium with this new moon, we may notice ourselves dwelling on the past, and feeling emotions associated with past wounds. Yes, we do have Chiron in retrograde right now, which is about healing those wounds, but this new moon is offering the perfect moment for reassessment. If you find yourself filled with nostalgia, which does not have to mean a longing for the past, but just a conscious emphasis on past memories, stop and ask yourself if your emotions are what are keeping you in the past?

If you have been working on yourself and aligning yourself to the lunar vibrations this year, or even last month or the month before, you will have discovered what it is that you truly want in your life, and what is no longer serving you. That it very mind heavy energy to work with, so it is possible that your mind and heart are not aligned. If you have been feeling the emotions associated with your dreams then chances are, your mind and heart are becoming aligned with each other.

We have Pluto that is opposing the sun and moon, which is going to create a power struggle within you, only if you allow it! You may resent what has caused you pain in the past, and may question if your intentions are realistic or possible. Our New Moon in Cancer is telling you to LET Go! Since this is a heart centred watery moon, if you find yourself angry at the past, go with the flow, but don’t sit in those emotions,  state your heartfelt intention to yourself. For example, maybe a past relationship has caused you great pain, if you find yourself reminded of this, tell yourself “I love myself, and deserve a relationship free from pain.”

Don’t allow this plutonian struggle to control you. You have done the work to discover your dreams and purpose. During these next 5 months, when opportunities present themselves to you, and they will,  say YES! Don’t doubt what comes in your life, the universe has done alot of work behind the scenes to make it happen! Focus on self-love, if you find yourself drifting to the past, view it from a place of love. During our new moon and most importantly for these next 5 months, continue to be the embodiment of love and it will lead you back to where it all began, your heart,  which is the home of your divine essence. And so it is.


Work with emerald, it is a heart opening crystal

Trust your intuition

Set intentions that are not materialistic in nature, set intentions on how you want to feel!

This is our 7th new moon of 2016 and there is a combined total of 14 new moon and full moons left thus year, consider this time the halfway point. Don’t give up on yourself and aspirations, you’re almost there!

Full Moon June 20: The Enchanted Rose

An enchantress, disguised as an old beggar, offers a rose to a young prince, in exchange for shelter in his castle from the cold, but the prince refuses. For his arrogance, the enchantress transforms him into a beast and places a spell on the castle. She gives him a magic mirror that enables him to view faraway events, along with the enchanted rose that she had offered. To break the spell, the prince must learn to love another and earn her love in return before the rose’s last petal falls on his 21st birthday. If he fails, he will remain a beast forever.

Like the story Beauty and the Beast, during this Full Moon, will we each be offered an enchanted rose. This is a Blue Moon as our last Full Moon was also in Sagittarius, and it is also known as the Rose Moon. Our New Moon in Gemini from a couple of weeks ago was all about self-love and love towards others, in order to raise our vibration. Have you been acting from a place of love? Have you been breathing from your heart? Our Sagittarian idealism that was cloaked with love for these past couple of weeks, will have to now mesh with our mind. If you refuse to acknowledge your dreams during this Full Moon, you may feel anxious, unsettled, or angry. Your New Moon intentions from a couple of weeks ago were extremely powerful. If you cast them with love, and if you deny them now, there will be great tension between your inner beauty and beast.

This Full Moon is happening at 29 degrees which is a magical and critical degree in astrology. Interestingly enough, this degree corresponds to the galactic rotation of our milky way, signifying a portal or stargate that will be activated. There is a major soul evolution happening, a huge turning point. Your consciousness will be expanding, defying timelines in order to foresee where you need to go to be vibrating at the frequency of love, at all times. When the portal closes, remember  “You always return to where your heart is.”

If you have been acting and feeling from love, which means acknowledging your dreams, which are ultimately your purpose, know that the power of your beliefs creates your reality. Imagine what your life would be like if everything operated from a place of love? Your dreams would come true.

Less than 1 hour later our Full Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn which is the serious, straightforward, inflexible sign. More than ever before, your vibration will begin to align with your purpose, after returning from the portal.

Before the last rose petal falls, remember to be honest with yourself, love yourself, and trust that this magical portal being activated will expand your consciousness, allowing you to see the beauty in your life and where you need to go in order to feel, breathe, think, and be LOVE.

As a side note, the Summer Solstice is happening that same day, which means another portal will be activated…….more on that later.


Ground your energy- walk barefoot through the grass, wear Garnet or Tourmaline

“Love doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be true”

Cast your new moon intentions once again, and feel the emotions associated with those intentions.enchanted_rose_by_danielkendi-d93837u