2018 Bridal Trends for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Venus in Aries- Anne Barge 

Venus in Aries ladies are assertive in their power and fair better in clean simple classic dresses that will not take the attention away from their self confident auras. Take a cue from Anne Barge’s 2018 Bridal Collection- a nod to the 1960s featuring Brigitte Bardot hairdos, deep v necklines, bows, and classic silhouettes, with a dash of lace, or try a pantsuit from Viktor & Rolf’s minimalist collection that screams miss Venus in Aries- Audrey Hepburn.

Muse- Audrey Hepburn

Aries Oracle

Venus in Taurus- Elie Saab

Venus in Taurus ladies are all about luxury and comfort. Feminine silhouettes, pink, lace, and tulle bring the Venusian feminine energy out for these brides. Go for an Elie Saab princess gown. Imagine your big day as a sepia Lana Del Rey music video, full of pink flower crowns, sparkling jewels, and sunset peach skies.

Muse- Lana Del Rey

Aries Oracle (1)

Venus in Gemini- Houghton

Venus in Gemini brides love sparkle and risque dresses.On their wedding day, their seductive twin likes to come out and play, leaving behind their more demure sophisticated twin. Cue Venus in Gemini lady Jennifer Lopez. Try a gown from Houghton, sparkly and a little revealing.

Muse- Jennifer Lopez

hypatia (1)


Cancer- Temperley London?

Venus in Cancer brides look their best in lace and vintage feminine gowns that will represent their delicate nature. Angelina Jolie’s Venus in Cancer gifts her with a graceful elegance. I would suggest a Temperley London gown featuring old lace with a dash of pink.

Muse- Angelina Jolie

hypatia (2)

Leo- Jenny Packham

Leo brides look ferocious in red and bold designs, anything that will make them stand out from the rest of the pack. Jenny Packham’s 2018 Bridal collection featured some red hot dresses, perfect for any Leoline Queen.

Muse- Gina Lollobrigida

hypatia (3)

Venus in Virgo- Carolina Hererra

Venus in Virgo brides look ravishing in conservative simple gowns that denote wholesome charm and innocence. Look to Carolina Herrera for her elegant crisp gowns to save the day.

Muse- Audrey Tautou

hypatia (4)

Libra- Lela Rose

Venus in Libra brides look their best in classic elegant pieces with a touch of pink and sparkle. Being the second air sign of the zodiac, they are drawn to lighter airy fabrics. Think a combination of Hollywood Grace Kelly mixed with Princess Grace, who by the way was a Venus in Libra.

Muse- Grace Kelly

Aries Oracle (2)

Scorpio- Reem Acra 

Being the witchy dark Venuses of the zodiac, Venus in Scorpio ladies look ravishing in touches of black and Gothic elements. Observe any Winona Ryder look whose Venus in Scorpio gives her a black magic aesthetic.

Muse- Winona Ryder

Aries Oracle

Sagittarius- Naem Khan

Sagittarius’ are the adventurers of the Zodiac and should wear risk taking gowns on their big day.

Muse- Katy Perry

Aries Oracle (1)

Capricorn- Marchesa

Capricorn brides like dresses that are practical, simple, and conservative. A touch of black adds sophistication and a sense of grounding that these earthy beauties are known for. Marchesa’s 2018 bridal collection exudes Capricorn style.

Muse- Scarlett Johansson

Venus in Capricorn

Aquarius- Vera Wang

As the bohemian babes of the Zodiac, Aquarius brides need something unique and hippy. Anything that evokes an easy breezy peasant dress with unusual detailing is right up their alley. Vera Wang’s collection was risky and avant-garde, making her collection perfect for Aquarian brides.

Muse- Paris Hilton

Venus in Capricorn (1)

Pisces- Zuhair Murad

These dreamy mystical brides look gorgeous in anything with illusion sleeves or bodices as well as anything that gives off a major mermaid vibe. Touches of tulle, lace, sparkle, and blue will also do.

Muse- Penelope Cruz

Venus in Capricorn (2)


Full Moon in Libra April 11, 2017: The Pink Moon

“After all these years, I am still involved in the process of self-discovery. It’s better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.”- Sophia Loren


7:08am UT

2:08Am ET

11:08PM PDT April 10

Moonbeams: Sudden realization, finding solutions, big choice to make

To keep this short and sweet, our full moon in Libra is about understanding how the choices we have been making up to this point have been hindering our progress. Everyone will experience some sort of an A-Ha moment that will illuminate the blockages and self sabotage that have been going on for a while now. This is an auspicious lunation for awakening. Happening on April 11, 11 is known as the gateway number, the stargate number, the number of light. We will have an opportunity to step into a new version of ourselves, bridging the gap between the higher realm and our reality. The T-Square will be activated with Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto. The Moon will be conjunct Jupiter opposite Uranus. Have we been too self sacrificing? Have we been betraying ourselves? Co-dependency might be highlighted with the theme of re-analyzing our values. This lunation is about integrity. What am I willing to change about myself in order to experience happiness and harmony?

It’s quite fitting this is known as a Pink Moon, because self love will propel us forward for the rest of the year. The secret is to send love to those parts of your life that have been experiencing harsh criticism and neglect, which is the house that the moon is transiting, at this time. This is a time of energetic diplomacy between your heart and mind. Don’t overthink anything, let your intuition (Jupiter) guide you to the answers you need (Libra).

Check to see where the moon will be transiting in your chart, the house it is in will show you where you will have an unexpected realization, its opposite house will show you where you have been blocking your self from experiencing joy and evolution.

The above quote from Sophia Loren who has her natal Jupiter in Libra and is the muse of this full moon, perfectly captures its essence. Libra at its core is all about self-discovery. Those parts of our lives that we have been suppressing or abusing are coming out to play. When we understand where we have been cheating ourselves, this is the code for living a full life. Life is all about learning, and when we continue learning about ourselves, we live our purpose. Life is all about striking that balance between teaching and learning, and it is those greatest lessons that will teach us the most.

Libra #octoberoracle

For the first post of my October Oracle I am reflecting upon Libra. I have already noticed the shadowy side of these scales all around me. I have definitely been trying to avoid some confrontations, which is what Libra energy can encourage us to do. I want to keep the peace, but that can actually make things worse. The glyph of Libra is the setting sun. Libran energy doesn’t want to shine, it wants to wane away, knowing that it’s done its job and can now take a break. However, the dangerous side of this energy is leaving a tornado of malicious trickery behind you as you try to “keep the peace,” while being fair to everyone. Don’t allow yourself to turn this wonderful Venusian energy into something dark and cruel.

Moonbeaming: Shadow Self in Full Force

My goodness, what a challenging New Moon in Libra this has been thus far. Right at 8:11am Eastern time this morning, the New Moon reached its full capacity and wreaked its havoc on me.

This New Moon is associated with the goddess Lilith, which is all about our shadow sides. My Lilith is in Pisces, which is about hypersensitivity and the inability to say NO. At school today, I was pulled into some drama that did not concern me, as 2 cliques whom I both speak with are turning against each other and am trying to force me to choose sides, although none of them are my friends.

Being an empath is not helping the situation as both sides of this situation are full of emotional vampires. My Lilith makes it challenging for me to put my own needs first, because I like to harmony and peace.

I am starting to wear Black Tourmaline which has helped to eliminate all the negative energy in my auric field…..I already feel a lot better.

My Lilith is also in the 10th house, which means I will encounter these emotional vampires in public settings such as school.

Look to see where your Lilith is in your natal chart and its sign…..no doubt you will be working with this goddess quite a lot during this next month.

New Moon in Libra: Black Beauty

Date: September 30/October 1

Time: 1:11am Universal Time, 8:11am Eastern Time

Moonbeams: New beginnings, transformation, love, self-worth, shadows

Welcome to our first new moon after the eclipses, which is brand new energy magnified. This is also the second new moon of September if you are in the Americas, which is known as a Black Moon.

This new moon is happening at 8:11am Eastern Time and 1:11am Universal time, on September 30 in the Americas, and October 1 everywhere else. The energy of October will also be coming into play which is the 10th month of the year which reduces to 1…………..look at all those ones!

This new moon is going to see the beginning of something new, an entirely new you, the birth of something new, especially in terms of love. This really won’t be fully seen and experienced until our Full Moon in Libra happening next year, around April 11. But this doesn’t mean that parts of the new you will be hidden. Quite the opposite actually. The sun and moon are together in Libra at 8 degrees which is all about saying goodbye to what is no longer serving you, but in order to that, you must first confront the shadows.

Our Black Moon is associated with the goddess Demeter. Demeter is the goddess of harvest, whose rage at having her daughter Persephone kidnapped by Hades is the representation of fall and winter when growth dies. The rebirth is when Persephone is reunited with her Mother in the Spring. We must be careful during this moon to be extra careful about our thoughts. They co-create our reality. Yes, there is a divine plan for each of us, but our free will comes to down to our thinking patterns.Whatever you want to create in terms of all things Libra & Venus- beauty, love, art, creative self-expression, now is the time to do some visualization and intention setting around those themes. Imagine you have already acquired those things. Embrace that energy! Neptune is trine Venus which is all about spiritualizing love. When you think about soul mates, or spiritual self expression, what does that look like for you? Jupiter is square Mars in Capricorn, so set realistic goals for yourself, without over-committing, find the balance. As well, our moon is conjunct Jupiter, so the possibilities are endless, now is the time to dream big!

We will come to see what is truly holding us back during this lunation as Libra forces us to look our shadows in the eye. A really simple way to do this, is to think back to January when you set those intentions for 2016, how have they been coming along? 

This is only  way we can plant the seeds for our spring bloom during this season of harvesting.


Libra: Justice of the Peace

Welcome to the season of Libra! Time to harmonize and beautify! Libran energy is all about bridging the  gap between polarities- masculine and feminine, ego and higher self, and you and me. It is very easy during this next month to try to manipulate others to ensure your victory, however, this disobeys the laws of Libra, which includes the understanding that we are all one together. Libran energy is the time to reset and recalibrate before moving into the highly transformative time of Scorpio. Don’t let others dominate you, and don’t push your idealism onto others to the point that the bridge between yourself and others becomes longer, and longer.

It is no surprise that Libra time is when we engage in more beautifying activities, since Venus is the ruler of Libra. Maybe a makeover, creative endeavour, or relationships will take over your focus now. Libran energy loves a mirror- but we can only see our true reflection in others. Harmony and beauty can only come about when we stop projecting, silent the ego, and love one another purely. Take this next month to love yourself, love others, and you will see beauty reflected around you. Remember, Libra is the only sign in the zodiac that has an inanimate object as a symbol- the scales. Bring those scales alive by weighing your needs against the needs of others, when you will truly see who you are and can effectively bring love and peace to every situation. Ask yourself this question Do I often tell people what they want to hear instead of telling them how I’m really feeling?

Being your authentic self without fear of judgement is crucial this month, especially after the nit picky season of Virgo. Be yourself from a place of love!

Whatever house you have Libra in, is the area in your life where you sacrifice yourself and needs for someone else, or where you are afraid to reach out to others. Take the time this month to understand what sharing is truly all about.

For example, I have Libra in my fifth house which means I will only feel fulfilled when I am meeting the needs of my partner, and can only appreciate my creativity when it is recognized by others. This month, I  hope to learn to give to myself more, and to put my own needs on the table. Being balanced means firstly loving yourself and loving others.