Sardonyx- August

Swedenborg corresponds Sardonyx to love of good and light. It exhibits sard and white chalecdony in layers but the finest specimens contain 3 layers: a black base, a white zone, and a layer of red or brown. Black symbolizes humility, the white virtue, and the red fearlessness. The Sardonyx is under the rulership of Leo, the sign of sensation, feeling, the first aspect of the soul’s future condition here on Earth. In the Rosicrucian jewels, the Sardonyx appears as the gem of victorious ecstasy and rapture which flows from the eternal fountain of delight, banishing grief and woe. It was said to give self-control, conjungal happiness and good fortune, and it is said that if a woman neglects to wear her Sardonyx, she will never marry. It was frequently engraved with an eagle or hawk as a talisman for fortune.

There was a famous cameo by the name of the “Saint Chapelle” which was the second largest cameo known measured by 12 x 10.5 inches. The carving is the return of Germanicus from Germany in the year 17 AD.  It also shows Tiberious and Livia enthroned receiving him. The grief-stricken captives were shown down below. The great antiquary of France- Nicholas Claude Fabri de Peiresc devalued the gem and then pawned it off to Louis X of France for 10, 000 silver marks. This Sardonyx cameo now lies in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.

There are many other famous stories of Sardonyx cameos and the word Onyx was interchangeable with the word Cameo in ancient times. It is believed that it comes from the Arabic word Chemelia= charm which is related to the Talmudical Hebrew word Khemeia= amulet.

If you were born in August, wear Sardonyx as a charm for love and happiness.




Crystal Magic by Sandra Kynes- REVIEW

A must read for anyone who uses and or is interested in crystals- whether you are a lapidary or witch- you will find this book to be both grimoire and text book. Crystal Magic is one of the best books I have read about crystals. Most books on this topic simply name crystals and their properties but this book took it a step further. The first part of the book is about the History and Science of crystals which is absolutely needed if you are going to be working with them. It is fascinating learning about crystals and gemstones in antiquity whether it was in astrology, divination, or medicinal uses. Learning about crystals from a scientific perspective such as their mineral compositions, their crystalline structures, and their formations provides a wealth of information about crystals that help you understand their magical properties even more. This section was not overly scientific, so if you are not a sciencey person, you have nothing to fear about this part of this book. This was extremely useful as we can sometimes forget that at the end of the day, crystals come from the earth. Tips on how to spot fake stones was also very helpful as we want to ensure that we are not simply relying on the placebo effect and that we aren’t supporting fraudulent distributors. I thought the chapter on crystals grids that are based on the crystalline structures of the crystals to be ingenious as I have never come across information about that before. The Compendium of Stones was one of the best I have seen as it also included the history of stones as many books opt not to include that in their descriptions. Two reference guides are also included at the back of the book that list the magical correspondences for the crystals such as ruling deities and planets. Once again this was very helpful. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced crystal practitioner, this book creates a solid foundation in understanding crystals from their historical and geological perspectives. Understanding crystals, gems, and minerals history and compositions creates a deeper and richer appreciation for these marvelous rocks. 

Crystal Prescriptions Volume 6 by Judy Hall- REVIEW

This book explored the use of crystals for karmic healing, soul reintegration, and ancestral clearing. Reading about alternative uses for crystals as opposed to the standard applications was a breath of fresh air. Each chapter contained an overview of what the crystals should be used for ie; karmic healing. This was helpful as it was explained in very straightforward ways that makes it easy for the reader to comprehend. Each chapter contained a list of items needed to perform the rituals and step-by-step instructions on how to use the crystals was provided. I would have liked a description of the crystals used as opposed to simply naming them. There was not enough information about the crystal properties and why certain crystals were preferred over others. This may be due to the fact that this book is not for beginners and those who are new to crystals, but it still would have been helpful to at least list the properties of the crystals- as I do believe some of them are harder to find. I also think there should have been more warnings and precautions mentioned throughout the book as anytime you delve deep within yourself for healing, there is always the risk of fracturing your psyche or shattering your emotional body.

Overall I do think this book was groundbreaking as there is not enough discussion on how crystals can aid very deep spiritual work.