Nodal Axis Change May 9, 2017: The New Renaissance

A rustling of silk taffeta can be heard, a artist adds a dash of crimson to his fresco, a lion roars in the Colosseum signalling a fight, marble statues of men litter the gardens, a gilded rebirth is on the horizon, the sparkling palace of your heart awaits an insurgence of creative embellishment.

On May 9, 2017 the nodal axis changes from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius until November 7, 2018. The Virgo/Pisces axis was one of aligning to spirit through extracting the spiritual nutrients and discarding the toxins of illusions. The Leo/Aquarius axis is one of embracing the new version of ourselves un-apologetically. Leo represents creativity, self expression, individuality, and the inner child. Aquarius energy represents the other and the collective consciousness. This next year and half is asking us to let go of group conditioning and follow our hearts, wherever that may lead us. The Leo north node will be guiding us to embracing our individuality and uniqueness regardless of what others may think. The south node will be challenging this, luring us back into the cult of of what other people might think about our choices and decisions. Using discernment will be a huge help during what is a delicate time of me versus them. Remember, if every lion thought about what the animals thought of them, they wouldn’t be the kings and queens of the jungle. They own their title proudly, so embrace the throne and wear your crown proudly. If you find yourself becoming the cowardly lion, you will know that you aren’t listening to your inner roar.

I personally feel we will be entering a new renaissance during this next year and a half. The Renaissance of history was a time of building upon classical antiquity (Aquarius) but transforming the traditional into something new and creative (Leo). This will be a period where the old you will be left in the past in favour of your rebirth. On a collective scale I think creativity will flourish thanks to the innovative foundation of Aquarius. A more humanist approach to everything from politics, economics, to art will be much more self centred, hence Mr. Leo Donald Trump’s policy of “America First.”  It will be a tense time where selfishness at the expense of others will be seen in many major areas. Respecting other’s opinions without sacrificing yourself will be the challenge during this time. Coming out victoriously means that you turn others down with love (heart=Leo) as opposed to arrogance. The good thing is that the water bearer Aquarius will always be there to dampen the fiery flames of Leo if things do go unchecked. If you would like to see what you will be re-birthing in your life, check to see where the Leo/Aquarius axis falls in your natal chart.

We may not see the erections of basilicas, or the spread of religious iconography, but what we will see are more subtle examples of grandeur- self love, creativity, independence, and the pursuit of happiness………..and what more beautiful ornamentation could you ask for?


Aries Rising- 5th house Leo/11th house Aquarius

Embrace your creativity, focus on bringing out your inner child. Let go of people pleasing and be selective with regards to your social circles.


Taurus Rising- 4th house Leo/10th house Aquarius

The focus will shift to your home life, beautify your dwelling, animal prints and exotic decor will be favoured during this time. Lion cubs at home might be more needy. Career will take a back seat, so let go and have fun with the family!


Gemini Rising- 3rd house Leo/9th house Aquarius

Stellar communication will be your forte so spend time writing, blogging, public speaking, and having those heart to heart conversations. 9th house Aquarius is asking you to let go of preaching and to communicate your own philosophy of life.


Cancer Rising-2nd house Leo/8th house Aquarius

This is your time to earn big and to become self sufficient. Releasing financial co-dependency will become easier for you.


Leo Rising- 1st House Leo/7th House Aquarius

Okay all you lions and lionesses this is your time to roar! Happening in your first house, the Leo north node is asking you to be confident and bold without approval seeking from your partners.


Virgo Rising- 12th house Leo/6th house Aquarius

Virgo risings will be entering the jungles of spirituality, play around with divination and spirit and let go of the rigidity of everyday routines.


Libra Rising- 11th house Leo/5th house Aquarius

The Leo north node is asking you to find a new lion pack to join. Put yourself out there by joining social circles and finding some fierce female companions. Saying goodbye to lackluster hobbies and romantic relationships will allow you to pursue more engaging activities.


Scorpio Rising- 10th house Leo/4th house Aquarius

The career will be Scorpio ASC’s domain this next year and a half. Don’t be afraid of having more responsibilities or accepting a promotion. Home and family will be stable in order to focus on career aspirations.


Sagittarius Rising- 9th house Leo/3rd house Aquarius

Higher education, forming new philosophies, and foreign travel will be favoured. This is encouraging you to speak your truth and to remove outdated theories and spiritual information from your life.


Capricorn Rising- 8th house Leo/2nd house Aquarius

Getting your finances in order will be the focus for you. Refinance, budget, take out a loan. Revamping your spiritual practices will be getting underway, so don’t expect to be holding onto what no longer serves you.


Aquarius Rising- 7th house Leo/1st house Aquarius

Get ready for a time of relationships! Pay attention to mirroring as this will be a period of self discovery for you.


Pisces Rising- 6th house Leo/12 house Aquarius

This is the time of cleaning up your everyday life. Start a new health regime, balance your work and home life, and get productive! Now is not the time to become the hermit, hiding yourself away from the world for introspection. Work hard and play hard this year.

Why 2017 is 10 Universal Year and Not a 1 Universal Year

I don’t know about the rest of you, but 2017 has not been the most amazing year for me up to this point. At the end of the highly emotional universal 9 year of 2016, I was really looking forward to the blessings that the 1 universal year of 2017 was going to be bringing. The 1 in numerology is associated with new beginnings, self reliance, outward energy, and independence. Since January of this year, I have experienced all of these expressions, but they have been extremely uncomfortable and difficult. The shadow side of the 1 universal energy is self critical behaviour, lack of self trust, egotism, and self destruction. For me personally, I have been experiencing the shadow side of the 1 energy. I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, and I have come to realize that perhaps we aren’t in a 1 universal year at all, but are in fact a 10 universal year. The 10 number is numerology is known as the number of fate. If we observe the number we can see that the one is standing right beside the zero. The zero in numerology is the source of all other numbers, it marks a major manifestation point. Its shadow side is nothingness, the void, where it’s uncomfortable for us to sit while the one is asking us to charge ahead with our plans. In the astrological communities, something known as the galactic centre has been the subject of a lot of discussions. The galactic centre is the black hole in our milky way galaxy approximately 27,000 light years away. Like other black holes, this is a gravitational centre, where it sucks in the surrounding energy of the galaxy. Saturn is currently sitting there at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn is the planet of effort, restrictions, commitment, and long term goals. Sagittarius is the sign of visions, higher learning, and philosophy. When we bring these two together it is obvious that our futures are being reshaped, our reality is being birthed into something new!

If we reduce 27 we get 9, so expect many endings regarding your perspectives.  If we apply this to numerology, we can view the zero as being the black hole sucking us into something new, hence the 1 root energy. We have the strong desire during a 1 universal year to experience something new, but in 10 universal year, fate collides with our own desires, creating those shadow 1 expressions. 2017 has been tough so far, it seems events that were destined to happen, happened quickly and without warning. We are all being sucked into the vortex of change and fate, stargating us to a new reality. So rather than viewing 2017 as a 1 universal year, let’s try viewing it as a 10 universal year, and then maybe we won’t be so resistant to changes happening beyond our control.

Taurus- Soul Indulgence

Ruler- Venus

House- 2nd

Fixed, Passive, Earth

Cosmic energy moves from the external conquering of goals of Aries to the internal self sufficiency of Taurus. The inherent need for Taurus to possess and stabilize creates a false sense of security, whereby the real security lies in having a strong sense of self, where strong values and a dedication to create something bigger than themselves becomes the soul’s motivation. The Taurus-Scorpio polarity is one of letting go of material possessions in order to foster a deep sense of self and selflessness, the ability to give without the expectation of receiving. Here we see the conflict of I desire vs. I need. Letting go of material attachments during this time forces one to go inwards to develop a value system that is based on grounding spirit into reality, thus understanding what the soul most needs. The way this can be done is through understanding that we are all divine and are in possession of profound spiritual information in our hearts (Venus).

April: The Retrograde Clique

Welcome to April everyone, or as I like to call it Energy Rehabilitation Month! Now that we have let the eclipses of February sink in during the emotional rollercoaster of March, April things slow wayyyy down, bringing the attention inwards, with a very rare energy, 5 planets in retrograde! To see what these energies will be bringing, I’d like to introduce everyone to the Retrograde Clique.

Venus Retrograde in Pisces- April 3-  ‘A Celine Dion Love Song.’

Going with the flow, embracing unconditional love, loving ourselves. It’s a much softer energy for Venus as opposed to Aries, Venus it actually exalted in Pisces, meaning it feels very comfortable and powerful here. Venus will be going direct on April 15- all of the re-evaluating of values and all the work you did deciphering what your needs are will be ready to sink in.

Celine Dion who was born with Venus in Pisces, is the perfect muse for this energy, there’s a reason why she is the greatest love song singer of all time.

Venus will be re-entering Aries on April 28-

We will feel more optimistic and empowered to go after what we want.

Saturn in Sagittarius Retrograde- April 6- ‘Grace Kelly and Her Gilded Cage. ‘

Understanding what’s holding us back, what value system are we hanging onto that is no longer serving us? What walls need to be torn down? Saturn removes obstacles, but it will take effort on your part. With it being in Sagittarius, Saturn has a long term vision of where you need to be, but the road is long and there are challenges on the way, however with Saturn’s dedication and commitment, you can do it!

Grace Kelly was born with this placement natally, and while it is believed she resented giving up her acting career in order to become a royal, she made the most of it by dedicating her life to philanthropic causes, and played the role of a lifetime, as a real life fairytale princess.

Mercury in Taurus Retrograde- April 9

When Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication enters the lavish and grounded sign of Taurus, our intellectual abilities will become much more practical and a matter of factly. There won’t be no dilly dallying around issues or poetic embellishments. However, there can be some exaggeration with regards to communication, it might be easy for us to be a little dramatic or overly blunt with what we have to say. It’s best to err on the side of caution with Mercury in Taurus. This is also a time of planning and gathering information. Don’t rush like the bull into any decisions, take your time. Taurus rules the second house in Astrology, the house of our values. With Mercury using its analytical magic with Taurus energy, this transit will feel like Venus Retrograde. Taurus as the first earth sign likes tangible results, so Mercury is going to make very clear to you, what has been preventing those results.

Emma Watson who has Mercury in Taurus is someone who knows how to use words to bring about change. Case in point, watch her speech she gave to the United Nations.

Mercury will be stationing direct in Aries on April 20, so now that we have gathered our information about what has been holding you back, Aries will give you the fire and inspiration to take action!

Pluto will also be going retrograde in Capricorn- April 20

This is going to ask us to work with our shadow, to help us understand where we have been neglecting ourselves, and doing so will transform our outer world.

Jane Austen was born during the Pluto in Capricorn generation, and her stories of determined and ambitious women represents this energy beautifully.

Jupiter in Libra Retrograde- February 6

This transit will still be in effect this month and is all about mirroring. Our relationships to others will reflect back to us how we’ve been treating ourselves.

Sophia Loren was born with Jupiter in Libra, and her wanting to play sexy powerful exotic women has to do with an inner wounded self esteem of never feeling beautiful.

*I’ll be discussing these transits more in depth once they come around along with their Hollywood muses.


New Venus Cycle Begins!

March 25, Venus enters a new 19 month cycle also known as the rebirth of Venus! 8 days after today, Venus will become visible in the sky as a morning star, which will mark new values, new ideas about relationships and new experiences with love and art during these next 19 months. This is about what YOU WANT as opposed to what others expect of you.

Many Astrologers have been discussing the Venus pentagram and or flower which is a complicated journey that Venus travels, marking important evolutionary events in a person’s life. What’s important to note is that this new cycle begins at 4 degrees Aries, so check to see where 4 degrees Aries falls in your chart as this area of your life will experience new beginnings during this 19 month cycle. Venus will be making her next point at 19 degrees of Capricorn on January 9, 2018, when she enters Scorpio, conjunct Pluto. Check to see where 19 degrees of Capricorn falls in your chart as well, because this area of your life will see a major transformation.

Audrey Hepburn and her film ‘Sabrina’ have been my muses during our Venus RX cycle, as she was born with Venus in Aries RX (like myself). The above gif marks the point in the film when Sabrina returns from her stint in Paris, as a sophisticated woman who knows what she wants. Venus’ transformation from an evening star to a morning star is asking us to ponder this question, “if we were given the opportunity to leave the world for a while and return as an upgraded version of ourselves, who would you be, and what would that look like?” Would you be a spiritual guru? An artist? A humanitarian? Rise like the star you are, and get ready for a new adventure!

Today is an excellent day to set some new intentions regarding Venusian things. Now that we are in the halfway point of our Venus Retrograde cycle, some things probably need to be reworked in your life when it comes to what’s important to you. Write a love letter to yourself, or to your ideal partner. Pay attention to what comes up for you during these next few days. Be creative, be bold, and start a new self-care practice if you can! Keep all of this in mind, when Venus conjuncts our New Moon in Aries coming up on March 27-28, which will ask us to try something new.

I’m wishing you all a beautiful heartful Venus cycle!


My Venus Return

Since March 22 I have been experiencing my Venus Return, when Venus is exactly conjunct your natal Venus. The few days before and after this special event, you might experience more Venusian things in your life such as more romance, fun, luxury, creativity, and passion. You can also experience some of the more negative expressions of Venus too, such as jealousy, greed, gluttony, heated arguments etc. Pay close attention to how your days have been unfolding. This can give you a very clear idea of how Venusian things in your life will unfold over the next year. On March 22 I celebrated my 24th birthday which was a quiet day for me, a day that was very introspective and quiet. This can indicate a year that will involve more soul searching and self care. The days following have been very emotional, and I have also spent them watching Astrology webinars, one in particular about finding marriage in the horoscope using Jamini Astrology. I have had some spiritual/psychic readings that have foretold of an upcoming relationship for me this year. Interestingly enough, Lenormand and Tarot readings I have done for myself have also shared the same messages. If you can spend your Venus Return consciously by doing things you enjoy, and by setting some Venusian intentions, you can make the most of this epic event in your own life!

Spring Equinox- Soul Gardening

Seedlings breaking through the rich soils of the earth, rays of sunlight becoming a tad brighter, and the scent of new beginnings fills the air. Spring is the time of rebirth and new growth, and on a cosmic level this can best be explored through our own experiences on the planet. If we take a look at Spring’s astro chart, we see a fruitful year ahead, with a focus on creation and change.

Venus RX in Aries loosely conjunct the Sun in Aries is placing the focus on reviewing our self care practices, our relationships, and individuality. Loosely conjunct the Sun in Aries, there can be selfish tendency with this energy, so it is best to look to the opposite sign of Libra for answers. Jupiter will be in Libra until October 2017, which is all about how we relate to others and can be of service to humanity. If we spend all of our precious time admiring our reflection, we miss beautiful opportunities for connection.

The sun will be quintile to Pluto indicating creative expression will be very strong, and with the sun loosely conjunct Chiron, deep healing can be done through the art.

The moon will be trined Uranus in Capricorn suggesting that something wonderful is about to happen, something will be emerging this year that has never been seen before. The reinvention of self will be a common theme throughout the year.

The equinox also falls on a Moonday this year, placing emphasis on our emotions, and a new emotional cycle commencing. This would be a great year to let go of old feelings that are holding you back, and to embrace feelings of passion and initiation as Mars, the ruler of this equinox is un-aspected.

As much as Spring is a time of emergence, this chart is asking us to delve deeper into ourselves to take care of ourselves, honour our needs, and share our unique gifts with the world. In order to emerge as the little seedlings we are, we first have to submerge into the soils of the soul.