When Waves Crash Ashore

An Observation

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are known to be emotional, sensitive, dreamy, and artistic. A lesser known quality of the Water signs would be their strong projection qualities. There’s a mutual exchange that happens when a water sign picks up on the feelings of others but also project their feelings on others. You must be thinking that every person does this, but I’ve noticed that Water signs do this the most to each other.

An insecure Scorpio will do everything in their power to make another water sign insecure. A depressed Cancer will do the same, as will a manipulative Pisces. Water signs are the dowsing rods of the zodiac, they have an incredible talent for seeking out fellow water sources. A Water sign will dry up like a rain droplet in the Sahara if they are surrounded by Earth, Fire, or Air signs. They feel a blockage when dealing with these people as they have an easier time concealing their emotions. For Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces, what they feel is real. Interacting with Earth signs is like tapping into solid granite, Fire signs are too hot to touch, and Air signs are unreachable.

Every person I’ve known who has a lot of Water energy tends to send a tidal wave of emotions my way since I am also Water dominant. At times it feel likes a tsunami and I am the land. I’ve come to appreciate this as their waves reveal the bottom of their ocean- sometimes it’s a pretty sight, and other times it’s an ugly sight. Merging water with water creates our seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes which are our source of life. Merging with another is what life is all about- without it, none of us would be here.



New Moon in Cancer June 23, 2017: The Sandcastle

Time- 3:31 am UT- June 24

10:31pm ET

7:31 PDT

Moonbeams- Co-creation

The mermaid came ashore and directed the architects of the ocean to sculpt her sandcastle. The waves moulded and shaped her home into the home of her dreams. The supermoon heartbeat pulled the tides higher and higher, while Jupiter in Libra put down her anchor. If Cancer rules the past, then the sepia toned sand became the sands of time, reminding the mermaid that every second counts. Her sandcastle was her art of memory. Every room was filled with objects of importance, feelings of love, and fantasies of grandeur. Walking through each room pulled her deeper into herself, into the cavern of her soul. She defended her decision to create this gaudy granular mansion on the shore, because it was her creation. She had birthed it using the waters of the ocean of her consciousness. It was home.

The New Moon in Cancer features a stellium in Cancer- Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars. We are birthing something new, something from deep within ourselves. The stellium in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces- signifying dreams becoming reality. A square to Jupiter in Libra is asking us to practice non-attachment- to not fixate on our dreams, and to not get hardened by the truth of our reality. Coming into alignment with both, is the essence of creation. When a woman gives birth, both her and her child and working in tandem to ensure the safe and successful arrival of the baby. Manifestation works the same way, like the tides of the ocean, there is always a push and a pull, and with this New Moon being a Supermoon, we will feel extra passionate about creating something new for ourselves. The waters of our consciousness will be sculpting the new reality, and we can aid this process through our creativity and meditation. Cancer rules the passage of time and we are being called to utilize every precious moment to its full advantage. Forgiving those who may have wronged us, letting go of things that are interfering with our self trust, and dreaming big so as to co-create something wonderful. A new cycle is beginning, and the gestation period is starting today and will complete at the Spring Equinox of 2018. We are most comfortable when we are at home, wherever that may be, and like a mermaid who creates a sandcastle of her dreams, we too are creating our own sandcastles, with every wish, dream, and hope being a grain of sand. And it is that combination that makes it withstand the crashing waves of uncertainty.

Mars in Cancer- 2017

Mars moves into Cancer today. I happen to have my natal Mars in Cancer in my first house, so I definitely know how emotionally powerful this transit will be. This transit will be about feeling safe in your feelings. Cancer’s sanctuary lies within, while Mars domain is the real world. We will come to understand that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. The above photo is from the film ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ which follows the story of 3 orphans who have to stick together in situations that constantly threaten to tear them apart. There’s a great quote in the film that says ‘As long as we have each other, we have a home.’ The need to keep their family unit together (Cancer) became the orphans motivation to survive (Mars).

When Mars threatens to break open Cancer’s shell remember that as long as you have self-trust, vulnerability, and FAMILY, you will be safe.

2018 Bridal Trends for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Venus in Aries- Anne Barge 

Venus in Aries ladies are assertive in their power and fair better in clean simple classic dresses that will not take the attention away from their self confident auras. Take a cue from Anne Barge’s 2018 Bridal Collection- a nod to the 1960s featuring Brigitte Bardot hairdos, deep v necklines, bows, and classic silhouettes, with a dash of lace, or try a pantsuit from Viktor & Rolf’s minimalist collection that screams miss Venus in Aries- Audrey Hepburn.

Muse- Audrey Hepburn

Aries Oracle

Venus in Taurus- Elie Saab

Venus in Taurus ladies are all about luxury and comfort. Feminine silhouettes, pink, lace, and tulle bring the Venusian feminine energy out for these brides. Go for an Elie Saab princess gown. Imagine your big day as a sepia Lana Del Rey music video, full of pink flower crowns, sparkling jewels, and sunset peach skies.

Muse- Lana Del Rey

Aries Oracle (1)

Venus in Gemini- Houghton

Venus in Gemini brides love sparkle and risque dresses.On their wedding day, their seductive twin likes to come out and play, leaving behind their more demure sophisticated twin. Cue Venus in Gemini lady Jennifer Lopez. Try a gown from Houghton, sparkly and a little revealing.

Muse- Jennifer Lopez

hypatia (1)


Cancer- Temperley London?

Venus in Cancer brides look their best in lace and vintage feminine gowns that will represent their delicate nature. Angelina Jolie’s Venus in Cancer gifts her with a graceful elegance. I would suggest a Temperley London gown featuring old lace with a dash of pink.

Muse- Angelina Jolie

hypatia (2)

Leo- Jenny Packham

Leo brides look ferocious in red and bold designs, anything that will make them stand out from the rest of the pack. Jenny Packham’s 2018 Bridal collection featured some red hot dresses, perfect for any Leoline Queen.

Muse- Gina Lollobrigida

hypatia (3)

Venus in Virgo- Carolina Hererra

Venus in Virgo brides look ravishing in conservative simple gowns that denote wholesome charm and innocence. Look to Carolina Herrera for her elegant crisp gowns to save the day.

Muse- Audrey Tautou

hypatia (4)

Libra- Lela Rose

Venus in Libra brides look their best in classic elegant pieces with a touch of pink and sparkle. Being the second air sign of the zodiac, they are drawn to lighter airy fabrics. Think a combination of Hollywood Grace Kelly mixed with Princess Grace, who by the way was a Venus in Libra.

Muse- Grace Kelly

Aries Oracle (2)

Scorpio- Reem Acra 

Being the witchy dark Venuses of the zodiac, Venus in Scorpio ladies look ravishing in touches of black and Gothic elements. Observe any Winona Ryder look whose Venus in Scorpio gives her a black magic aesthetic.

Muse- Winona Ryder

Aries Oracle

Sagittarius- Naem Khan

Sagittarius’ are the adventurers of the Zodiac and should wear risk taking gowns on their big day.

Muse- Katy Perry

Aries Oracle (1)

Capricorn- Marchesa

Capricorn brides like dresses that are practical, simple, and conservative. A touch of black adds sophistication and a sense of grounding that these earthy beauties are known for. Marchesa’s 2018 bridal collection exudes Capricorn style.

Muse- Scarlett Johansson

Venus in Capricorn

Aquarius- Vera Wang

As the bohemian babes of the Zodiac, Aquarius brides need something unique and hippy. Anything that evokes an easy breezy peasant dress with unusual detailing is right up their alley. Vera Wang’s collection was risky and avant-garde, making her collection perfect for Aquarian brides.

Muse- Paris Hilton

Venus in Capricorn (1)

Pisces- Zuhair Murad

These dreamy mystical brides look gorgeous in anything with illusion sleeves or bodices as well as anything that gives off a major mermaid vibe. Touches of tulle, lace, sparkle, and blue will also do.

Muse- Penelope Cruz

Venus in Capricorn (2)

Full Moon in Cancer January 12, 2017: Shell Shocked

Moonbeams- taking action, getting things done

Welcome to our first lunation of 2017! The Moon will be in 22 degrees of Cancer which is the Master Builder number, signaling a major transformation that will create the foundation for this year.

There will be a grand cardinal cross happening at this time with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra, Pluto conjunct with the Sun. The whole year will be under the influence of this Cardinal energy, so it will be a year of getting things done and taking action. Cardinal signs will feel this the strongest, however, everyone will be transformed in some way.

The date of January 12, 2017 adds up the number 14 which is a karmic number. This number is about initiative, taking charge, and everlasting momentum. The transformation this moon brings will set the tone for the whole year, so just because something does not manifest in these next two weeks, does not mean there is not a lot of construction and deconstruction going on, although that is highly unlikely. The Moon will be in the sign of the crab, Cancer, so ultimately, this energy is about reconnecting us to ourselves, our internal oasis, and sense of comfort. It is ironic that this grand cardinal cross will be quite uncomfortable, because it is only when we are out of our comfort zones, when we are able to grow and find our way back “home.”  Many of us will have a major change of heart about something, and all of us will be enlightened.

If you have either you Sun, Moon, or AC in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) your personal lives, home, relationships, and careers will be illuminated. If you have your Sun, Moon, AC in the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) then your opinions and perceptions will be illuminated. If you have either Sun, Moon, AC in Mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini) then issues of security and possessions will be illuminated. Please check to see where this Full Moon will be in your natal chart, because the house its transiting will bring a transformative energy to it. Saturn in Sagittarius will bring a stabilizing energy to this upheaval, so while it will be intense, rest assured that your life is being changed for the long-term.

This is a time of major emotional releasing. Uranus is rebelling, instigating a defiance within us, Jupiter in Libra is asking us to harmonize with our heart, the Sun and Pluto in conjunction is creating a major transformation within us. Like the crab who uses its shell as its home, defense, and identity marker, our own shells will be crashing and swaying with the waves of opposing energies during this lunation. The Moon is very comfortable in its own sign of Cancer, so take advantage of its nurturing qualities, and enjoy the ride. Be prepared to be shell-shocked!

Full Moon in Capricorn July 19: Chit-Chat

Full Moon in Capricorn: July 19, 2016
Our Full Moon in Capricorn lights up the sky on Tuesday July 19, 2016, 6:57pm Eastern Time, and 3:57pm Pacific Time. The main message of this lunation is acknowledging the barriers that are blocking you from living your divine purpose, and having this important conversation with others. We still have our sun in Cancer, which means both our sun and moon will be in feminine signs, connecting us to our intuition and internal mother. Go easy on yourself during this moon, don’t be hard on yourself, even though our Capricornian energy will try to encourage this behaviour.
So far in 2016, we have spent alot of time and energy digging deep within ourselves to uncover what it is we truly want in our lives, what we are passionate about? Your passions are ultimately your divine purpose.
The energy of our 2016 lunations have been introspective and hidden from others. Yes, we will have discovered what it is that makes us passionate, but this full moon is about grounding those passions in practical reality.Our moon will be in 27 degrees in Capricorn which is the divine prompting number!  One of the first steps to doing this, is vocalizing your passions, and then having the courage to look at and vocalize the inhibitors.
Uranus will be making a T-Square which is all about breaking old patterns, making new discoveries, and change! Uranus loves its freedom, which is connected to the theme of breaking down walls!
Since the month of July is ruled by Cancer, this month you will have noticed that there has been a larger focus on family and home life. Now, it is your time to have that heartfelt conversation about your passions and barriers. Everyone’s barriers are directly linked to wanting to please others. Maybe you don’t feel ready to pursue your passions because you seek approval from others? Maybe you’re worried they won’t accept your decision? By having this important conversation, you will realize that the external barriers that you convinced yourself of, have really been your own internal walls that have been built up, out of an irrational external fear of disapproval.
Venus and Mercury will both be in Leo, so now is the time to speak confidently and joyfully about your needs. When you don’t acknowledge your needs, you give your power away freely. The universe is now asking you to take back your power by being true to yourself which is all about self-recognition. Yes, I want this, and here is how I have been blocking it.
Take time during this Full Moon to have that chit-chat with someone who you seek approval from, and take notice of the bits and pieces of your internal and external walls crumbling down.
Uranus is restless energy, so spend time exercising, dancing, and moving.
Ask yourself where you want more freedom? Where do you feel stifled in your life?
Ask the universe to assist you in breaking down those barriers.
Remember, just as you may be nervous to communicate your desires and fears with others, understand that they are feeling nervous about expressing themselves as well. Once one person initiates the breakthrough, usually the walls between you and others gets torn down as well!
Check out my July energetic forecast ‘Starspeak’ which is all about the cosmic convos we need to have this month.
*As a side note, I have already been feeling this energy quite intensely. There is something I really want to experience in my life that I have yet to experience, which I am afraid to communicate to my loved ones out of fear of disapproval. I am really looking forward to having that heart to heart convo with them in the coming days:)

Cancer Rising

Cancer Rising

The lunar goddess of the zodiac should wear her signature colour pink, along with light purples, silver, and white to mimic the moon. Soft, delicate fabrics, feminine attire, necklines to emphasize the bust, and all things romantic and antique, along with pearls which are rules by the moon, are suited for those born with a Cancer Rising/Ascendant.
Famous People Born with a Cancer Rising- Angelina Jolie, Molly Ringwald, Liv Tyler, Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, Jayne Mansfield, Cher, Kate Hudson, Judy Garland, Tyra Banks, Farrah Fawcett, Lauren Bacall

New Moon July 4: Home is Where the Heart Is

Our New Moon is happening on Monday July 4, 2016 12:02pm universal time. Our moon will be 13 degrees in the sign of Cancer, which is a very spiritual code, along with the sun, venus, and mercury, making this new moon a stellium in Cancer. As well, we will have a total of 7 planets in the water signs, making this new moon a very sensitive and emotional one.

There are no planets in the air signs, which governs our mind and thoughts. This lunar energy is all about connecting to your heart.

There has been a recurring theme of love during our 2016 lunar cycles. The beginning of the year was about figuring out what we wanted, then it became about what no longer serves us, and for the past 2 or 3 months, our moons have been all about self-love, through rediscovering your inner truth and purpose. Love is the highest vibration, and that means when you let it in, something has to come out. That is why there have been so many tears, and intense emotions so far this year. We are releasing all of the old thoughts and feelings that are impeding our progress.

Since the sign of Cancer is experiencing a stellium with this new moon, we may notice ourselves dwelling on the past, and feeling emotions associated with past wounds. Yes, we do have Chiron in retrograde right now, which is about healing those wounds, but this new moon is offering the perfect moment for reassessment. If you find yourself filled with nostalgia, which does not have to mean a longing for the past, but just a conscious emphasis on past memories, stop and ask yourself if your emotions are what are keeping you in the past?

If you have been working on yourself and aligning yourself to the lunar vibrations this year, or even last month or the month before, you will have discovered what it is that you truly want in your life, and what is no longer serving you. That it very mind heavy energy to work with, so it is possible that your mind and heart are not aligned. If you have been feeling the emotions associated with your dreams then chances are, your mind and heart are becoming aligned with each other.

We have Pluto that is opposing the sun and moon, which is going to create a power struggle within you, only if you allow it! You may resent what has caused you pain in the past, and may question if your intentions are realistic or possible. Our New Moon in Cancer is telling you to LET Go! Since this is a heart centred watery moon, if you find yourself angry at the past, go with the flow, but don’t sit in those emotions,  state your heartfelt intention to yourself. For example, maybe a past relationship has caused you great pain, if you find yourself reminded of this, tell yourself “I love myself, and deserve a relationship free from pain.”

Don’t allow this plutonian struggle to control you. You have done the work to discover your dreams and purpose. During these next 5 months, when opportunities present themselves to you, and they will,  say YES! Don’t doubt what comes in your life, the universe has done alot of work behind the scenes to make it happen! Focus on self-love, if you find yourself drifting to the past, view it from a place of love. During our new moon and most importantly for these next 5 months, continue to be the embodiment of love and it will lead you back to where it all began, your heart,  which is the home of your divine essence. And so it is.


Work with emerald, it is a heart opening crystal

Trust your intuition

Set intentions that are not materialistic in nature, set intentions on how you want to feel!

This is our 7th new moon of 2016 and there is a combined total of 14 new moon and full moons left thus year, consider this time the halfway point. Don’t give up on yourself and aspirations, you’re almost there!

Cancer: The Jasmine Crustacean

We have now entered the astrological sign of Cancer.  Cancer is the first water sign in the zodiac and represents the divine feminine, womb, motherhood, and the birth of all things. Cancers are known to be extremely  sensitive and often retreat within themselves where they feel the most safe, hence the protective crab shell. This sign is also ruled by the moon, hence the moody disposition that we all may feel during this next month. We may feel resistant to change and avoid confrontation. However, we will also feel a strong connection to the past, and may come across antiques, photos, or souvenirs that infuse us with a sense of nostalgia or past life recall. Jasmine is the scent of Cancer, where it’s perfume can lead us to faraway exotic places. Jasmine is an intuitive scent that encourages astral travel, prophetic dreams, and psychic protection. Quite literally, you might be inclined to travel, however, spiritually you may discover your own exotic land within you, which our Neptune Retrograde will help to facilitate. Cancer energy rests upon the threshold of our reality and those beyond it. Since Cancerian energy is the birthing energy, don’t be surprised if you experience your own rebirth during this period. Creativity and independence will be heightened, along with your intuition. It’s important for us all to retreat into our shells when we feel energetically overwhelmed; But, when the scent of Jasmine fills the air, know that it is a sign that your retreat is over, and the new you is ready to be revealed, as the silvery white light of the moon, casting your glow upon both the surreal and charmed worlds.