My Fall 2017 Aesthetic

My Fall 2017 Aesthetic- 1920s Dark Indulgent Midnight Witch with a dash of cosmic space priestess, a spoonful of occult, dusky florals galore, and velvet everywhere!



Monday’s Child is Fair of Face

Monday’s Child is Fair of Face
Sensitive, Modest, Motherly, Adaptable, Possessive, Intuitive, Whimsical, Soft-Spoken

Ruling Planet- Moon

Element- Water

Astrological Sign- Cancer

Tarot Card- The High Priestess

Gods- Atlas, Khonsu, Sin

Goddesses- Hathor, Isis, Hecate Artemis, Ceridwen, Diana, , Levanah, Lunah, Mari

Scent- Jasmine, Lotus Flower

Crystals- Moonstone, Selenite, Pearl

Colours- White, Silver, Pink

Archangel- Gabriel


Midnight Garden Witch

For Fall 2016, my inspiration is a Midnight Garden Witch


The Aesthetic– dark velvety midsummer night, the silvery light of the moon reflecting off the witch balls placed strategically through the garden, creating an energetic grid, the crickets are chanting their mantras, an owl hoots signaling midnight, the scent of jasmine fills the air, candle-light is seen from the cottage, as its occupant adorned in dusky florals invokes the night into her being.

Her Magic– Dahlia Mystic Desires, Dragon’s Blood, Queen of the Night Tulips, Black Velvet Petunias