3rd House & Neighborhoods

Since I am in the process of moving, I have been reflecting on the types of neighborhoods I have lived in over the years and the types of neighbors I have had. In Astrology this can be seen from the 3rd House which rules neighbors and neighborhoods and precedes the 4th House which is your home. If you know the sign that rules your 3rd house, you can look down below to learn more.

Aries 3rd House- Neighbors might be argumentative, red brick houses, military families, tension.

Taurus 3rd House- nature, fancy homes, expensive homes or cars, lots of cooking smells, neighbors were workaholics.

Gemini 3rd House- variety of different people from different walks of life, no longevity in any neighborhood, gossipy neighbors.

Cancer 3rd House- very attached to neighborhood, lots of families, helpful, solidarity.

Leo 3rd House- close to neighbors, entertainment nearby- perhaps a theatre, active member of the community, warm place to live- no real problems.

Virgo 3rd House- You know details about your neighbors, very observant neighbors, people keep to themselves, cautious, clean for the most part.

Libra 3rd House- lots of neighborhood friends, beautiful neighborhood, people were friendly, everyone probably knew your name.

Scorpio 3rd House- tension, seedy people, crime, nosy neighbors.

Sagittarius 3rd House- multicultural, might have lived in many different places, white collar, might have been a church nearby.

Capricorn 3rd House- no attachment to neighborhood, blue collar, private neighbors.

Aquarius 3rd House- never felt like you fit in in your neighborhood, noisy, nervous energy, people might have come and gone a lot.

Pisces 3rd House- live near water, hazy-might not have clear memories, might have been able to see past the facade of the neighbors and neighborhood.


The 3rd House- What & How You Speak

The third house in Astrology is known as the house of communication. This house typically shows us how we communicate. I have also noticed that the third house also tells you about the way you actually speak and the type of language you like to use. Down below I have gone over each of the 12 signs with relation to the third house.


Aries 3rd House- talks quickly, loud, uses “I” a lot, passive aggressive in their tone, confrontational, emotions come through in their voice.


Taurus 3rd House- likes to exaggerate, uses beautiful language, likes to talk about food and luxury, usually has a comforting tone of voice, voice can sound throaty.


Gemini 3rd House- speaks very quickly, typically there is a speech impediment- such as a stutter or lisp, can sound like a know it all, always have to have the last word.


Cancer 3rd House- Soft spoken, speaks slowly, quiver in the voice, chattier at night, woe is me conversations, fuller lips.


Leo 3rd House- dominates the conversation, speaks loudly (roars), stands up for others, deeper/huskier voice, doesn’t like small talk- has to be a passionate conversation.


Virgo 3rd House- pure language- no swear words or filthy mouth, very descriptive analytical words are used, tends to have bad breath.


Libra 3rd House- Uses “we” a lot, can be a little wishy washy-likes to look at pros and cons, not afraid to call someone out and to stand up for themselves.


Scorpio 3rd House- stinging words, can provoke others using their language, will purposely speak very quietly in order to make others listen to them, can be phony, thin lips.


Sagittarius 3rd House- sounds very philosophical, voice has very strong projectory, can be hesitant to speak up- will think very carefully about what they want to say before they say it, there can also be a speech impediment.


Capricorn 3rd House- likes to discuss money, can use harsh sounding words- swear words, uses very basic language, will never show emotion in conversation- can come across as cold.


Aquarius 3rd House- Intellectual, can zone out during conversations, can sometimes sound incoherent, can sound very idealistic, likes to include a lot of details in their conversations.


Pisces 3rd House- speak very quietly, mystical sounding, can take them a long time to make their point in a conversation, don’t always know how to articulate their thoughts, mouth gets dry very easily.