Full Moon in Pisces September 6, 2017: A Crystal Ball

Date: September 6, 2017

Moonbeams: Cosmic Clarity, Come gaze into my crystal ball……..

That which becomes real looking through a crystalline sphere swirling with cosmic stardust clouds using the Virgo tools of analysis to pick apart your vision which is already perfection.  We are all still reeling from the effects of the August Eclipses which many will feel up to 6 months. Every year we have an important lunation in Pisces in September to soften the rational energies of Virgo. Virgo processes all that we cannot see, and with its polarity being Pisces- that which we cannot see is actually crystal clear at this time.

Crystalline Knowledge of You

The Full Moon in Pisces will be conjunct Neptune adding a dreamy fog to this starry night. Active dreaming will be the easiest way to make it through the thick of the fog. Dreams might be coming true for you, psychic readings will be extremely accurate, intuitive abilities will be on point. What you are seeing at this time is your reality re-imagined through a Piscean crystal lense. The language of the universe are codes and symbols and what better time to decode all of these message than through some heavy Virgo energy this month. We must keep in mind that the ruler of Virgo- Mercury will be stationing direct in Virgo a day or so before the Full Moon and will be conjunct Mars for most of the month. Your processing abilities will be on fire, but in order to keep your mechanic self in check you must remember that the intuitive and fantastical downloads you are receiving at this time are already perfected. There’s no need to pick apart every little detail and try to make sense of what you are seeing and feeling. The energies at this Full Moon are simply fragments of knowledge about yourself that are appearing from a place of purity (Virgo) after the energetic portals we entered during the eclipses.  The Full Moon in Pisces is a crystal ball that contains your iridescent self and future. What will you see?


The Hidden Secrets of Water by Dr. Paolo Consigli- REVIEW

A heavy read about the secrets of Water. Discussing Water from its molecular, scientific, and spiritual states was at times like reading an encyclopedia about a topic that is at its core- undefinable. Explaining Water in all these states leaves the reader with an appreciation of this elusive element. Talks on our Aquatic ancestors, big bang, dowsing, physiology, and countless others was an extremely deep and rich exploration of something that is so ingrained in our being- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and beyond. Water is everywhere, it’s ephemeral, wise, needed, wanted, mysterious, and un-explainable. The Secret History of Water was a passionate and poetic analysis of this strange and yet beautiful substance. The more we learn about ourselves and the universe, the more we will be able to unlock more of its secrets.

Tarot Time Traveller by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin- REVIEW

A must read for Tarot enthusiasts, newcomers, and occultists!

Taking the reader on a journey through Tarot and other similar cartomanic practices such as Lenormand and playing cards, the authors paint a historical story about the evolution of Tarot. They provide the readers with a background of Tarot before the Golden Dawn, Waite, and Aleister Crowley.  Tarot Time Traveller not only weaves a tale about the history of Tarot but provides the reader with many new techniques on how to read them. Borrowing lost and forgotten techniques from the different eras of Tarot adds a special meaning, and readers who are bored of the traditional ways of reading Tarot will appreciate this.

Discussing Tarot as points of consciousness, a Kabbalistic, numerological, and astrological system, provides a rich background about why these various esoteric traditions have been incorporated into Tarot. I appreciated the sections on scrying and time traveling using the Tarot which was unique and captivating. Having small biographical sections on various Tarot influencers was also an excellent way of explaining the reasons behind Tarot’s archetypal and symbolic inclusions over time.

What appears to be a history of cartomancy is in fact a deep esoteric timeline of Tarot. At the end of the day, there is no special magic contained within the cards. Reading Tarot is about reading one’s consciousness and current state of spiritual awareness. Tarot does not have to be an intimidating art, and what this book captures is that Tarot is a map that allows anyone to time travel. Time travel does not mean that you visit another country or era, but a different point in your own spiritual timeline by either going deep within yourself or high above in an elevated state of being.

When Waves Crash Ashore

An Observation

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are known to be emotional, sensitive, dreamy, and artistic. A lesser known quality of the Water signs would be their strong projection qualities. There’s a mutual exchange that happens when a water sign picks up on the feelings of others but also project their feelings on others. You must be thinking that every person does this, but I’ve noticed that Water signs do this the most to each other.

An insecure Scorpio will do everything in their power to make another water sign insecure. A depressed Cancer will do the same, as will a manipulative Pisces. Water signs are the dowsing rods of the zodiac, they have an incredible talent for seeking out fellow water sources. A Water sign will dry up like a rain droplet in the Sahara if they are surrounded by Earth, Fire, or Air signs. They feel a blockage when dealing with these people as they have an easier time concealing their emotions. For Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces, what they feel is real. Interacting with Earth signs is like tapping into solid granite, Fire signs are too hot to touch, and Air signs are unreachable.

Every person I’ve known who has a lot of Water energy tends to send a tidal wave of emotions my way since I am also Water dominant. At times it feel likes a tsunami and I am the land. I’ve come to appreciate this as their waves reveal the bottom of their ocean- sometimes it’s a pretty sight, and other times it’s an ugly sight. Merging water with water creates our seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes which are our source of life. Merging with another is what life is all about- without it, none of us would be here.


Willow Tree Transit & Personality: September 3-12 & March 1-10


A Willow is a tree of heightened awareness. Sensual and with a strong interest for spiritual life, your intuition coupled with your perception makes you a natural medium. Your 6th sense is strong and gives you a balanced philosophical attitude toward life. You are sensitive and gentle needing of lot of care and love. A happy family structure is extremely important so that you can flourish. If the home situation is unfavourable, you will forever have a void in your life.  You are a dreamer, a nature-lover, a romantic, and sometimes melancholic. There always seems to be an underlying sadness to them. You are an artist with an amazing inner strength that has no exhibitions unless you truly rely on the inborn self-confidence. In fact, most Willow Tree people have strong Leo energy in their Astrology. Willow Tree people are hopeless romantics and can have many romantic partners in their life.


The Willow Tree transit is one of flexibility. The Willow Tree is one of the only trees that can bend to extremes without snapping……as the old saying goes “the strongest trees are those that bend with the wind.”  At this time, we are being called to go with the flow of life, to surrender, to let go. We will be required to adapt to some uncomfortable situations in order to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. The Willow Tree is traditionally associated with sadness (Weeping Willow) which is why this will be a very emotional time. No matter how much we grieve, we must stand tall like the Willow and remember that we are alive and well. This will be a time of letting go of pain, healing deep hurts, and mending some forgotten wounds. The Willow Tree is a maternal tree which is why this is an excellent time to work with your inner child and be a mother to yourself. Avoid resentment and blaming. Nurturing is required for this very vulnerable time. In fact, in Sumer- Ishtar’s predecessor- Belli was known as the Willow Mother.

Planet- Moon

Element- Water

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August 2017 Potpourri- The Instability Blend

  1. a mixture and or collection of miscellaneous and diverse items.

Theme: Instability

Song: Lavender’s Blue

Crystals: Emerald & Fluorite

Film: Cinderella

Art- Tomislav Tomic

Things- Playing Cards, Sunflowers

Biggest Lesson Learned: Home is where the Heart Is

Biggest Regret: Rushing

Proudest Moment: Getting my dream job at a New Age Shop

Goal for September: Surrender



11 Folk Magic Tips- Face & Body Reading

1. Lines on your right fist will tell you how many children you will have

2.  When you’re first meeting someone and you want to have control over them, be the last person to sit down

3. Left palm is itchy you will be getting money

4. If the bottom of your feet are itchy, you will be going on a journey

5. If someone has a lot of wrinkles around their eyes, it means they have suffered from terrible hearbreaks in their life

6. If you have a cross on your palm, you will meet a soul mate in this lifetime

7. People with blue eyes, are promiscuous

8. People with thin lips have a quick temper

9. If your second toe is longer than your big toe and your other toes, you wear the pants in your family.

10. Curvy people usually have a very strong Venus in their chart.

11. If you have any large moles or freckles on your face, it’s a sign of good luck!