October Potpourri: Witchy Blend

Theme: Magic

Song: Angel by Joseph of Mercury

Crystals: Tiger’s Eye, Smoky Quartz, Shungite

Film: Practical Magic

Food: Chocolate

Biggest Lesson Learned: Don’t be a push over!

Biggest Regret: Saying “yes” when I should have said “no.”

Proudest Moment: Seamless Transition

Goal for November: Stand up for myself



My Favourite Witches

Sally & Gillian Owens- Practical Magic

Image result for sally and gillian owens

Practical Magic is one of my favourite stories/movies of all time. I loved the bond between Sally & Gillian and feel like I have the same type of relationship with my brother. They practiced domestic magic and were always looking out for each other. It hits close to home for me.

Gillian Holroyd- Bell Book & Candle

Image result for kim novak bell book and candle

Kim Novak played a sophisticated manipulative witch in this film. I absolutely loved her slinky performance.

Cassie Nightingale- Good Witch

Image result for cassie nightingale

Cassie Nightingale is the witch from the Hallmark tv series/movies ‘Good Witch.’ Yes, she’s a little cheesy, but she uses her powers for good and not evil, and is probably one of the kindest witches of all time.

Eglantine Price- Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Image result for eglantine price

I also could relate to Eglantine Price from ‘Bedknobs & Broomsticks.’ She was a closet witch who studied her craft at night…….something I can totally relate to.

Vianne Rocher- Chocolat

Image result for vianne rocher

Vianne Rocher plays the mother in the story ‘Chocolat.’ She adds spoonfuls of magic into her and her family’s life and always makes a home out of nothing. Chocolat and its sequel ‘The Lollipop Shoes’ by Joanne Harris are my favourite books of all time.

Winnie- Hocus Pocus

Image result for winnie hocus pocus

Bette Midler slayed her performance as Winnie in Hocus Pocus.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Image result for sabrina the teenage witch

I grew up watching this tv show and loved how it was a coming of age story with a witchy twist. Melissa Joan Hart’s comedic spin was perfect.

Luna Lovegood

Image result for luna lovegood

As a fellow Ravenclaw, I have a soft spot for Luna Lovegood. She is quirky and weird and makes no apology for it. She is authentic and woo-woo even in the magical world. I think I’d be a lovegood if I wasn’t living in the Muggle world.


Image result for glinda

I dressed up as Glinda for a couple of Halloweens in a row and sometimes feel as though I  am living in one of her rose quartz bubbles. She is a good witch who should have had her own movie by now.


Self-Denial: Sally Owens Style

‘Practical Magic’ has been on my mind lately…….and to quote Mr. Goran Visnjic who so drunkenly sang in the movie “You are always on my mindddddd.”  The themes in this story have really hit home for me this month as you can see from this previous blog post where I wrote about Venus Retrograde and the Owens’ love curse.

I’ve also been thinking about the main character Sally Owens and her issues around denying her witchy heritage.


How often does it happen, that when you reject who you innately are, you find yourself confronted with that part of yourself all the time? The more Sally refused to engage in magic and embrace her blood, the more issues she found herself in. When she went to rescue her sister Gillian from an abusive relationship, she relied on the magic of belladonna to get them out of their messy situation, which turned into an even messier situation when Gilly’s boyfriend ended up dying and being buried in their backyard.Sally didn’t have to use belladonna- she could have gone to the police, but as usual, magic snuck its way into her life.

Image result for practical magic gillian

After her husband died because of the love curse, she found herself moving back in with her aunts and refusing to raise her daughters as witches. The longer she stayed with her aunts, the more she fell back into love with witchcraft. She even ended up opening up her own boutique- Verbena, in town selling magical creams and soaps.

Image result for sally owens shop

By the end of the movie we see that Sally opened up her heart because of true love and embraced her witchiness, even going as far as creating a coven to help exorcise her sister, and jumping off the roof at Halloween in front of a congregation of neighbors.

Image result for practical magic gillian

The more we live and breath from a place of love, the more aligned we become. The vibration of love is the strongest and post powerful frequency which acts like a magnet for alignment. I’ve seen countless examples in my own life where I was constantly being confronted with things I was suppressing.

I believe Sally Owens ended up finding love because she embraced her witchy heritage. Even though she did cast a love spell as a child, I still think the spell only worked when she stopped denying who she was. Vibrate authenticity and witness the magic unfold in your own life.

Image result for practical magic aunts

And as Aunt Jet said in the movie “There’s a little witch in all of us….”

Reflections on my Jupiter Return

This year I experienced my Jupiter Return in Libra which affected my 4th house. Jupiter in Libra generally speaking was about spiritual diplomacy. It was about learning to embrace sovereignty and letting go of self sacrifice. When you are able to accomplish this, you will have achieved the soul lesson of Libra- balance.

My Jupiter Return

Since September 2016 until today, I have had many lessons around this theme. Since Jupiter expands whatever it touches, Jupiter in Libra expanded all of the imbalances in my own life. The 4th house in Astrology rules home and family and it was in this area of my life, that I learned my most important lessons.

Firstly, the desire to want to move out of my parents home became very strong. I had visions of my own space and found myself fantasizing about what this space would like like. I started to reflect on why I wanted to leave, and I came to the conclusion that it was because I needed more alone time to get in touch with what it is that I truly wanted to experience in my life.

This was also the year that I told my family what some of my personal goals and deepest needs and desires were. This was a huge step for me because I do seek approval quite a lot, but since voicing my needs, I’ve found myself less worried about what my family thinks of me.

Biggest Lessons

This biggest lesson for me this year was about honouring my own needs and path before my family’s.  I struggled with this, as I thought it was selfish of me to put them last, but if I wasn’t in a good place- I couldn’t possibly be there for them.

Jupiter Returns mark major spiritual transformations in a person’s life, and for me, not only did I share (Libra) some of my deepest wants and needs with my family (4th house Jupiter Return), but I saw my creativity also explode.

The sign that Jupiter traditionally rules over is Pisces- and having my Moon, Mercury, and Midheaven in Pisces (even my Sun according to Vedic Astrology), I saw my spiritual career take off. I wrote a lot this year, published quite a bit, saw The Luminessence evolve, and scored my dream job at a New Age shop. I believe this happened because I got honest with myself and my family.

My proudest accomplishment with my Jupiter Return was being able to share more of I was with my family and having their support to chase my non-traditional dreams. I embraced my own sovereignty and stopped sacrificing who I was for them.

In Sidereal Astrology- Jupiter will be entering the constellation of Libra this year. I guess that means I will be experiencing a double Jupiter Return? Double the trouble I guess!

The ‘Practical Magic Love Curse’: It’s Real

We are all familiar with Practical Magic. Whether you read the book by Alice Hoffman, or are a fan of the 1998 movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, this is a classic witchy story.  I have many astrological indicators of never being in love and still to this day have not experienced it. This is what it feels like, albeit not as glamorous as the movie depicts.

Practical Magic

The story of Practical Magic follows the Owens clan who can never fall in love, because once they do, their lovers suffer an untimely death.  Constantly toiling with fate vs love, the Owens sisters find themselves constantly at odds with this perilous curse. Do they risk never falling in love, or do they risk everything for love?

Venus Retrograde

I personally believe that when someone has Venus Retrograde in their natal chart, this is an indicator of a “love curse.” Venus Retrograde in the natal chart makes it extremely difficult to fall in love because the soul is learning how to create its own value system. Those with this placement are learning how to have a deep relationship with source and themselves before they can experience true love. It’s an empty feeling, a void, feelings of being unlovable are common.

Image result for practical magic gif

As someone with this placement, I have struggled with this. Twenty percent of people who have Venus RX have never been in a romantic relationship, and I am certaintly one of those twenty percent. When Venus is retrograde it is closest to Earth, so Venusian energies are very strong, but they have trouble expressing their energies. I’m in love with the idea of being in love, but I have yet to meet a person who I trust deeply enough to be in a relationship with. I also don’t make myself available for opportunities to meet anyone. This reminds me in the part of the movie when a young Sally Owens casts a love spell to protect herself. She casts a spell asking for her ideal lover to possess very specific qualities that are so obscure- she will never find him. I believe this is what I am doing unconsciously. I have cast a love spell on myself to never fall in love- out of fear of being hurt ( a big Venus RX issue).  Self protection is essentially love’s curse.


I worry that if I ever do fall in love my idealism will cloud my judgement and unintentionally lead the other person on. This is the part of the story when Sally tells the sheriff Gary Hallett that he is the victim of her love spell. They don’t really care about each other, because it’s not true love.


I think the best way to break Venus Retrogrades curse is to let go of the notion that you will never fall in love. You will only fall in love when you believe you are deserving of love. The deeper relationship you have with yourself, the less idealistic you will be about relationships. As Sally Owens said “love only works if you believe in in with your heart.”


September Potpourri: Motivation Blend

  1. a mixture and or collection of miscellaneous and diverse items.


Theme: Motivation/Drive

Song: Mountaineers by Susanne Sundfor

Crystals: Lemon Quartz & Snakeskin Agate

Things: Numerology Guidance Cards, Crystal Grids

Biggest Lesson Learned: Trust your initial feeling about someone

Biggest Regret: Not saying “no” when I should have

Proudest Moments: Doing Astrology birth chart analyses for clients & having a clear vision of what my future new age shop will be like

Goal for October: Savour the moment


Brighid- The Goddess in Me

Since December 2016, I have been working with the Goddess Brighid. Brighid is the celtic fire goddess who is rules creativity and motivation. I wrote a previous blog post about my experiences with her that I will share down below.

On December 16/17 I had the most beautiful dream, here is what I recorded

“I had a beautiful dream last night about a well covered in greenery and flowers  and the clearest water I have ever seen, and today on my timeline, saw a goddess card reading for the Irish goddess Brigid who is a creative goddess and is known to live in wells. I woke up this morning with such a strong desire to do more research on my Pisces Midheaven, in which I am meant to have a creative career.”

Since we are in the time of Imbolc, I really wanted to work with the goddess energy of Brigid, who I do feel is one of my guides, and a goddess archetype I need to work with.

I know since having that dream, a well of creativity has been awakened inside of me. It’s also no coincidence that this dream occurred on the cusp of the 16th and 17th of December, which was the threshold of 2016 energy leaving and 2017 energy coming in. I really do feel that 2017 is going to be a highly creative year for me and a year when I need to embrace my bohemian spirit and just go for it!

In honour of Imbolc which celebrates the fiery goddess Brigid, I bought a red hydrangea plant to symbolize the creativity and inspiration she can bestow upon us.


Since February 2017, I vowed to pursue my dreams whole-heartedly, and embrace my creativity. I participated in a meditation with the New Age Hipster in March called ‘March Night of Love and Light with Saint Brighid.’ I visualized my eternal flame being lit within and extending its flames throughout my entire being and aura. Right after the meditation, I had burnt my toast, and everything that I touched felt very hot. I knew from that point forward, my creativity was on fire.

This year all of our major planetary configurations are Fire alignments, and we are in the year of the Fire Rooster. As someone who has Fire as my second dominant element along with Air, this year has been a blessing. Expressing my creativity has been difficult at times, since all of my Fire houses contain watery planets. But I have tapped into an incredible drive that I have never felt before. I have even stopped working with blue crystals and now only work with red crystals (My favourites include, Carnelian, Garnet, Mookite Jasper, Amber, Red Aventurine, Poppy Jasper).

It was around the time of Imbolc back in February when I invoked the spirit of Brighid. It was at the time during our two eclipses, that I walked away from some pretty important things in my life in order to pursue my passions fully and completely. Since Brighid is a goddess connected to Spring, and I was born during the Spring Equinox, I do feel that she is my patron goddess.

I started off the year watching everything around come crashing down. Now, 7 months later, I have not only seen my creativity blossom, but I have created an incredible foundation for my New Age career.

Thank you Brighid