Autumn Equinox 2018: My Bountiful Harvest

The Autumn Equinox for me conjures up images of rust coloured trees, hot chocolate, scratchy sweaters, apple picking, and cinnamon incense. However, I sit here writing this blog post in 30 degrees Celsius heat. Ontario Canada has been under a heat wave these past few days and quite frankly, I’m ready for rainy cold Fall days to arrive!

The Autumn Equinox marks the point in the year when we have equal sunlight and darkness turning into darker days. It’s no coincidence that we enter the sign of Libra on the very same day. Libran energy is all about bringing two seemingly opposite things into balance with another in order to create wholeness. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on both your light and shadow. By now, you will have learned some important life lessons and will be ready to harvest those nuggets of wisdom.

My Bountiful Harvest

This year has been one of the more difficult ones for me, as I was under the influence of the Tower Card since the first week of January until the middle of February. I was dealing with a horrendous internship and by the time the February eclipses came around into my 9th house- my entire perspective of my life and the direction I wanted to go in, had completely changed. I spent the next few months in a dark abyss, trying to claw my way out. And as synchronicity has it, when I wasn’t looking for an opportunity is when I found a once in a lifetime one.

I scored my dream job at a New Age store and couldn’t be happier. I have discovered an intense drive to have my own New Age business and my working conditions have been wonderful. I’ve spent quite a chunk of money in the store buying crystals I’ve never worked with before, and as a result, have seen myself alchemize into a strong business woman with an equally strong skill-set to match.

For the first time in many years, I have had quite the bountiful harvest this year. Not only have I learned a tonne about myself, but I have aligned to my higher calling and have matured ten fold. It doesn’t help that the North Node in Leo is in my 2nd house for the next year and half, so naturally, I would have wound up here anyways.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Maybe you’re not in the best place right now, or your harvest won’t be as abundant as you wish, but as we turn over the soil and rotate our crops, you too have the opportunity to enrich your soils with some much needed nutrients too. As the leaves start falling, remember that you can turn over a new leaf now as well. Mirror the Fall Equinox by bringing both your shadow and light together. When we balance these two polarities only then will true change occur. You can balance these polarities through letting go of what no longer serves you, much like the trees drop their leaves. Throw in a heavy dose of Virgo energy and we have a very abundant harvest indeed……one of self-love, surrender, introspection, and manifestation.

What will your harvest this year?

If you need help, check out an Autumn Equinox Tarot Spread I made.

Autumn Equinox Tarot Spread



Psychics- Mindfulness Coaches Incognito

Today someone I know had a psychic reading done with a psychic friend of mine. She left feeling empty, unsatisfied, and scammed. It’s sad to say that her experience is certainly not unique. How many of us have had a disappointing psychic reading before? I know I sure have!

My Experiences

My first Psychic experience was an Akashic Record Reading. I went in very open minded hearing but when she told me the truth very bluntly, I left in emotional shambles because her reading did not resonate with me. I also did not feel that she told me enough of anything, and what she did tell me was very vague.

My second Psychic experience was with a ruff and gruff woman who ironically is now going to be co-worker of mine. She spent the entire reading pointing out all of my flaws and sounded quite angry with how I’ve handled things in my life. She predicted some things as well, and some have come true, some have not, and some have yet to manifest. I was hoping for a more predictive kind of reading, and not a telling-off.

Many family members of mine have had readings over the years, and I’ve noticed that since they are quite intuitive themselves, they leave the readings not believing the psychics and feeling like it was a waste of time. Psychics have a hard time reading intuitive people because they sense they are being watched very closely which causes them to stumble.


The reason why I’m sharing this is because most of us have this notion that a Psychic will look into the future and tell us every little thing that is going to happen. The reality is, most Psychics can only see bits and pieces of your journey in the present. There is no true way of predicting events because the future is malleable. Yes, we all have a destiny that has been carved into stone, but the stone may chip, break, or get etched with images. Basically, as we change, so does the journey to our destiny. No Psychic can tell you where you’ll end up, only a vague description of how you might get there.

It’s when we aren’t getting the results we think we deserve that we become desperate and want to know how to get “there.” When we learn that stagnancy and struggle are there to wake us up and rethink, only then will we focus back in on the present in order to make a change. Mindfulness is the underlying message being brought forth in readings.

A Psychic can only read your current vibrational signature. You might have been to a Psychic who accurately predicted everything for you, but I believe it’s because you were consciously co-creating those events because you believed the reading so strongly.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you are your best Psychic, because everything that is meant to happen will happen. Will knowing it’s going to happen really offer any relief? Or will you find yourself fixating on it, ignoring the present, and in turn manifesting your fixations? Psychics aren’t some mystical seers who can predict the future. If you want to know the future- read your present.


When Waves Crash Ashore

An Observation

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are known to be emotional, sensitive, dreamy, and artistic. A lesser known quality of the Water signs would be their strong projection qualities. There’s a mutual exchange that happens when a water sign picks up on the feelings of others but also project their feelings on others. You must be thinking that every person does this, but I’ve noticed that Water signs do this the most to each other.

An insecure Scorpio will do everything in their power to make another water sign insecure. A depressed Cancer will do the same, as will a manipulative Pisces. Water signs are the dowsing rods of the zodiac, they have an incredible talent for seeking out fellow water sources. A Water sign will dry up like a rain droplet in the Sahara if they are surrounded by Earth, Fire, or Air signs. They feel a blockage when dealing with these people as they have an easier time concealing their emotions. For Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces, what they feel is real. Interacting with Earth signs is like tapping into solid granite, Fire signs are too hot to touch, and Air signs are unreachable.

Every person I’ve known who has a lot of Water energy tends to send a tidal wave of emotions my way since I am also Water dominant. At times it feel likes a tsunami and I am the land. I’ve come to appreciate this as their waves reveal the bottom of their ocean- sometimes it’s a pretty sight, and other times it’s an ugly sight. Merging water with water creates our seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes which are our source of life. Merging with another is what life is all about- without it, none of us would be here.


August 2017 Potpourri- The Instability Blend

  1. a mixture and or collection of miscellaneous and diverse items.

Theme: Instability

Song: Lavender’s Blue

Crystals: Emerald & Fluorite

Film: Cinderella

Art- Tomislav Tomic

Things- Playing Cards, Sunflowers

Biggest Lesson Learned: Home is where the Heart Is

Biggest Regret: Rushing

Proudest Moment: Getting my dream job at a New Age Shop

Goal for September: Surrender



11 Folk Magic Tips- Face & Body Reading

1. Lines on your right fist will tell you how many children you will have

2.  When you’re first meeting someone and you want to have control over them, be the last person to sit down

3. Left palm is itchy you will be getting money

4. If the bottom of your feet are itchy, you will be going on a journey

5. If someone has a lot of wrinkles around their eyes, it means they have suffered from terrible hearbreaks in their life

6. If you have a cross on your palm, you will meet a soul mate in this lifetime

7. People with blue eyes, are promiscuous

8. People with thin lips have a quick temper

9. If your second toe is longer than your big toe and your other toes, you wear the pants in your family.

10. Curvy people usually have a very strong Venus in their chart.

11. If you have any large moles or freckles on your face, it’s a sign of good luck!

Scota: Pharaoh Queen of Scotland

There might be speculation that the Celts descended from the Berbers, but it seems Ancient Egypt is the more likely of the two.


In the 1440s, a Scottish researcher by the name of Walter Bower wanted to trace the origins of the Scottish people. He thus created a volume of Scottish history called the Scotichronicon. One of his most famous claims was the the Scots descended from the ancient Egyptians, specifically through the daughter of a pharaoh named Scota.


A Greek king named Gaythelos also known as Gaodhal Glas (Gael is said to be derived from his name) was from the region of Scythia. One of his grandsons Niul (a Babylonian) was invited to Egypt as an instructor of languages by a pharaoh and married one of his daughters, Scota. Niul and Scota had a son named Goidel Glas, the ancestor of the Gaels, who created the Gaelic language by combining Babylonian and features of the other languages. During the rule of Miled/Milesius (whose wife was also named Scota) heard about Ireland, and believed it was the island foretold by Moses. Scota and her children eventually reached Scotland where they settled.

Other Sources

Many actually believe that Scota was actually Ankhesenamun, the widow of Tutankhamen. Gaythelos/Gaodhal Glas has also been argued to be Ay, the successor of Tutankhamen. Ay’s reign was cut short and the pharaoh and his wife were forced into exile. It was believed they had travelled to Spain before settling in Ireland.


Whether or not you believe in this “story,” it’s pretty hard to argue against the fact the traces of Egypt can be found in both Scotland and Ireland. Whether it’s the bagpipes, which are traditionally an Arabic instrument, to the jet black hair of many Anglo Saxons, to Gaelic- which has many similarities to Ancient Egyptian. If there’s one thing for sure, we’ve only just scratched the surface.

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