Sardonyx- August

Swedenborg corresponds Sardonyx to love of good and light. It exhibits sard and white chalecdony in layers but the finest specimens contain 3 layers: a black base, a white zone, and a layer of red or brown. Black symbolizes humility, the white virtue, and the red fearlessness. The Sardonyx is under the rulership of Leo, the sign of sensation, feeling, the first aspect of the soul’s future condition here on Earth. In the Rosicrucian jewels, the Sardonyx appears as the gem of victorious ecstasy and rapture which flows from the eternal fountain of delight, banishing grief and woe. It was said to give self-control, conjungal happiness and good fortune, and it is said that if a woman neglects to wear her Sardonyx, she will never marry. It was frequently engraved with an eagle or hawk as a talisman for fortune.

There was a famous cameo by the name of the “Saint Chapelle” which was the second largest cameo known measured by 12 x 10.5 inches. The carving is the return of Germanicus from Germany in the year 17 AD.  It also shows Tiberious and Livia enthroned receiving him. The grief-stricken captives were shown down below. The great antiquary of France- Nicholas Claude Fabri de Peiresc devalued the gem and then pawned it off to Louis X of France for 10, 000 silver marks. This Sardonyx cameo now lies in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.

There are many other famous stories of Sardonyx cameos and the word Onyx was interchangeable with the word Cameo in ancient times. It is believed that it comes from the Arabic word Chemelia= charm which is related to the Talmudical Hebrew word Khemeia= amulet.

If you were born in August, wear Sardonyx as a charm for love and happiness.




Crystals to Lift Your Spirits: A.K.A- Curing the Longggg Winter Blues

This past winter was a typical Saturnian winter. Bitterly cold, blistering winds, snow storm after snow storm, ice encrusted roads and trees, gray and gloom, so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Saturn moved into the sign of Capricorn December 2017 which is a winter sign. Saturn rules over our weather, so this was the recipe for an unbearable winter season. I am Canadian so our winters are usually long and cold, but this year was particularly harsh. Be prepared folks, we have another solid 2 years of this hell!

I sit here writing this blog during the second week of April, when birds should be chirping, the sun should be warm, and crocuses and tulips should be poking their little sleepy heads through the ground. Ummmm, no. It’s cold. Winter coat cold, which is very unusual for this time of year…thanks Saturn. Gray skies and cold weather are fine for a few months, but after a while it really starts to become depressing. With that being said, I thought I would share 3 of my favourite uplifting crystals.

They are ranked #3-1, #1 being the most powerful…

#3- Lemon Quartz


Lemon Quartz is an irridated quartz (a high vibe colour enhancing process) that has been treated to bring out its yellow greenish hue. This crystal helps to remind you of all the good things in life which counteracts negativity. I find this crystal is great to work with if friends, family, or coworkers are draining your energies.  Everytime I’ve worn this crystal, I feel perky and upbeat. It helps you to persevere even when you are feeling low.

#2- Sunstone


I know. The name is a dead give-away, but it’s true! Sunstone is THE happiness stone! It makes you feel alive and enthusiastic! It keeps you focused on the present moment without worrying about how long your happiness will last. Like the sun, it will increase your visibility, attracting new people and opportunities your way. I have a worry stone made of Sunstone, and whenever I feel low, I rub my fingers along it and I feel a burst of energy and excitement. It’s especially useful in the winter when you are feeling cold, as it will warm you up.

#1- Spinel


Spinel might not be the most obvious choice for a crystal to life your spirits, but I believe it is the most powerful happiness crystal. Spinel comes from the latin word ‘spina’ meaning spine, as Spinel has sharp needle like formations. It is a high vibe crystal that is used to substitute rubies and sapphires. Spinel repels negativity and grounds the user. It is said to alchemize all negative and emotional issues into positive emotions, empowering the user. It is known as a matrix crystal because of its strong regenerative properties. It will give you inspiration and optimism more than any other crystal. I recently purchased a spinel necklace, and I have never felt more happy in my life. I feel excited for the future and ecstatic in the present. I worry less and have more passion for life. I cannot recommend Spinel enough, which is why it’s my #1 crystal for uplifting your spirits!


There are many more crystals out there that will uplift you, but these are 3 that I have worked with that have had a great impact on my life. Typically the yellow and orange crystals are known as the happiness boosters as they activate your solar plexus chakra, which is known as the seat of happiness. Try exploring yellow and orange crystals if you cannot get your hands on the ones I’ve mentioend.

Some other good alternatives are:


Amber (not a crystal)

Yellow Jade

Yellow or Orange Calcite


Yellow Jasper

Yellow Opal


Thanks for reading!

Fluorite: Pisces Medicine

Fluorite is one of those crystals that everyone needs in their stash. Known as the ‘Genius Stone’ it promotes mental acuity like no other rock, gem, or mineral out there in the jewelry shop of Mother Nature. It strengthens the mind, fine tunes analytical and critical thinking skills, helps the user attain and remember information, and assists in solving complex problems. Bringing both the left brain and right brain together by bringing in more life force, spiritual and metaphysical awareness becomes heightened as does creativity creating a psychic spark in the individual.

There are many different variations of Fluorite- Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, but they all target the mind and consciousness.

Exceptional for clearing mental fog, distortion, and illusions, Fluorite becomes medicine for every dreaming Pisces. Helping to dissolve mental confusion, it gifts the user with the ability to work through every situation and problem methodically as opposed to drowning in the emotional tides that can sweep a person under. Keeping us connected to the divine, while firmly planted on the earth, this is the ideal crystal for anyone who finds themselves getting lost in the astral plane and new age spirituality. I call this crystal Pisces medicine, because as someone who has a stellium in Pisces, I understand how difficult it is to stay focused here in present reality when spirit and dreams are always beckoning. Fluorite becomes a crystallized chain that connects us to both planes without sacrificing one for the other.

Fluorite is also excellent for meditation as it helps to quiet the mind and to access “higher” information. It’s also great for studying, dream recall, and anything that requires concentration.

Fluorite is the crystal for the zodiac sign Pisces, but serves a dual purpose of not only being the birth crystal, but as also being a great medication for those who drown in their own thoughts.

Get a prescription of Fluorite and watch yourself become the master of your mind.

Why We Should Treat Our Crystals Like Pets

How many of us have brought home the most sparkly powerful crystal completely enamored with it for a few days or weeks and without even thinking about it, abandon it on a shelf or dusty corner of our bedroom, perhaps only using it for a much needed ritual, only to put it back to its forgotten hideaway? I am certainly guilty of doing this, even worse you could say, as I keep the majority of my crystals in a little shabby chic box I keep in a bedside table drawer. This reminds me of the feeling when  you bring home that new kitty or puppy where you just can’t stop playing with them, and then as the weeks go by you find yourself waning off the 24/7 attention, busying yourself with “other” more “important” things. 

Crystals are living things with feelings like plants, animals or trees. It is believed that if your crystal breaks or chips there is a powerful emotive energy that is being emitted from the crystal that usually is reflective of an inner fracturing of the person using the crystal. I can speak from my own experience of dropping a rose quartz pendant in a new age shop and of course had to buy it. I brought it home and dare I say, glued it back together again……which is somewhat of a taboo in the crystal community, as glue is not a natural occurring substance. I have always believed that my Rose Quartz broke because my heart at the time was suffering from a self love deficiency. When I held the Rose Quartz it could not withstand that type of energy because it was emitting extra strong self love vibrations. I never felt much from that pendant and kept it hidden away in my little box for a good year.

Occasionally I take out all of my crystals to cleanse them and it sometimes feels as though they are crying for attention. Some feel weak, others feel cold, and some feel turned off from me. I recently cleansed my Rose Quartz in my Tibetan singing bowl and felt it was waking up. It’s malnutrition of cobwebs, darkness, and neglect were disappearing as its frequencies awoke to the sound healing. Ever since I have felt a stronger connection to it, and have started working with it again. It’s like those people who keep their dogs locked up indoors all the time, and when they take them outside once or twice a year for a walk, they can’t contain themselves, they’re running all over the place, jumping on strangers, and chasing the squirrels…….it’s as though they have been resuscitated.

I’ve started noticing that crystals need our attention as much as our pets and plants do. When they’re ignored they can become dull in colour and weak in energy. I even know people who have thrown away or sold crystals and I can’t help but wonder if they know that they can’t provide the necessities it needs, much like a pet owner has to give up a cat or dog they can no longer look after?

Feeding our crystals with love polishes these little vessels into the soul jewelry they’re meant to be. We’re obviously not going to put a leash on them and take them for a walk, but we need to nurture their frequencies by using them, speaking to them, asking them for help, and cleansing them. I’ve also noticed that taking them outside freshens them up a bit as they are visiting Mother Gaia, who is their own personal jeweler.

So while it’s important to raise and nurture our pets, we can’t neglect the pets of Mother Earth, those pets of the cosmos, those pets of light and love we call crystals. It’s not so crazy to have a pet rock after all.


Cavansite- The Transition Stone

As the year of endings comes to a close, I thought I would share some information about a wonderful crystal that is the perfect crystal to work with in this time of endings and beginnings.

Cavansite is known to be a transition stone, assisting the user through major life changes. It assists you by illuminating the path forward, and creating a sense of inner peace about your past and current journey. It helps you retain and remember spiritual information from your life experiences through connecting the throat and third eye chakras, allowing you to communicate your spiritual truths. It also aids self acceptance and is a wonderful stress reliever. It also endows the user with incredible focus and stillness, which makes it excellent for studying.

This stone comes in a range of bluish colours from Mediterranean blue, to light blue, to bluish green. It is connected to the planet Uranus- the planet of change, and the sign of Aquarius.

I would highly recommend this stone for the month of December and for 2017, to assist you in integrating new energies that are coming into your life and to have a certain peace knowing that all is how it is meant to be. This is an amazing stone for passages- and what a more perfect time to take advantage of this talisman, then through the passageway of the final year of a 9 year cycle (2016), into the brand new chapter about to unfold in 2017.


Lodestone: The Witch’s Amulet

Lodestone, also known as Magnetite, is one of the most potent stones for manifestation. This stone magnetically attracts into your present, what you most need to experience. In fact, Lodestone is one of the most magnetic stones found in nature. This is a strong stone for attracting abundance and prosperity, and can draw into your life more love and commitment in your personal relationships, if that is something you seek.

This is also a very strong spiritual grounding stone, which grounds you down to the Earth Star chakra, and is therefore a very strong psychic protection stone. This is why they are extremely powerful amulets.

Alexander the Great distributed Lodestones to his troops to protect them from djinn. The Chinese used lodestones as wedding rings to ensure a strong loving marriage. The Romans carved their statues Venus and Mars with Lodestone, so both could be attracted to each other. Ancients believed that Female Lodestones were more rounded, and Male Lodestones more phallic shaped.

It was also used in divination specifically Lithomancy. Orpheus stated “With this stone you can hear the voices of the gods and learn many wonderful things.” Legend says that it had the property of foreseeing the future, and when held close to the eyes it would inspire divine spirit.

All in all, Lodestone has a rich esoteric history, along with superb magnetic abilities…..literally. Add a piece of lodestone to your gem/crystal collection………the next step is a simple as deciding on what it is you most desire, and watch the magnets do its magic:)

Green Aventurine: The Luckiest Stone

Green Aventurine is the most prosperous and luckiest stone in the world! It is also known as the gambler’s stone, as gamblers will often carry a piece of this in their left pocket……with great success I might add. If you would like to attract more wealth into your life, Green Aventurine will bring opportunities your way, via synchronicities, to increase your earning power. No, it won’t make make money appear out of thin air, but it will definitely release the vibration of money into your life.

Green Aventurine is also a calming stone, excellent for those who are afflicted with anxiety. This stone is also believed to help reduce the effects of near-sightedeness, in fact, ancient Tibetan statues often used Green Aventurine for the eyes, to increase the statues visionary powers! Remember, you can only take advantage of opportunities for wealth, if you are able to “see” them for what they are.

On a personal note, a close family friend, recently lost their job, and could not find another one to save their life. They purchased a piece of Green Aventurine and placed it in their wallet. Within 3 days, they had an amazing job opportunity present itself to them, and successfully obtained the position. Since then, they have earned more money than they ever have in their entire working career.

For those of us interested in metaphysics, we all know life isn’t about money, however, if you ever feel financially stranded or stuck, or just need some luck in your life, count on Green Aventurine the embodiment of Lady Luck to assist you!

*This is the stone to use during Virgo season!

Amber: The Fountain of Youth

True story…….I once knew a woman named Marie, who was 106 years old and is now 107….still alive and kicking! I remember asking her, “What’s the secret to your longevity?” She gave me a mischevious grin, and said “The secret is in my jewelry.” I looked at her at confused and suspicious. I did notice that everytime I saw her, she was wearing this gaudy coppery coloured jewlery, and I mean alot of it. She had thick beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings… was amazing she didn’t collapse from the weight of it all! She told me that it was Amber.

Marie was Belgian, and was in a work camp in Germany during World War Two. She met her Polish husband in this camp, and once the war was over, they both moved back to Poland, in a small village along the Baltic Sea.

Marie told me that Amber is found all along the beaches of the Baltic Sea, and locals scavenge the area, collecting bits and pieces that wash ashore. Amber is actually not a stone, crystal, or mineral, but fossilized tree sap. Baltic folk traditions view Amber has containing the universal life force, and rays of the sun. Amber allows the body to heal itself, in miraculous ways.

Throughout history Amber has been used an an antiseptic, penicillin like medicine, and a cure for all diseases. In fact, Amber smoke was used to fumigate homes and villages during the great plagues of Europe. In areas where Amber smoke was used, no one perished. Today Amber smoke is more commonly known as Frankincense. Amber is also used to instill happiness, creativity, warmth, and beauty for the wearer.

Marie told me that everyone in her husband’s village wore Amber jewelry for centuries, and interestingly enough, those who wore Amber, lived to be well into their 90s. Of course it may be unwise to suggest Amber is solely responsible, but Amber is often used to fossilize insects………perhaps its fossilization works on humans as well?

I have some Amber jewelry, and I often wear it during the Fall and Winter to strengthen my immune system, and I can honestly say, I have avoided being sick, while others around me were. If you often feel cold, I suggest wearing Amber to warm you up…….believe it or not, it does! As well, I’ve noticed everytime I wear it, people tell me I am glowing………..which I owe to its solar energies!

I have been doing a lot of research on Amber, and there is far more information out there than what I have discussed in this post. But there is something magical about the Baltic Sea. I believe, it just may be the mythical fountain of youth. It would at least explain why the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Romans, and Greeks all recognized Amber for its brilliant radiance… pun intended:)

As for Marie, she should bottle up her Amber and sell it as a magical immortality elixir, but…………..why don’t we just keep the secret between YOU and me!

Alexandrite: The Mercury Stone

“Look, here it is, the prophetic Russian stone! O crafty Siberian. It was always green as hope and only toward evening was it suffused with blood. It was that way from the beginning of the world, but it concealed itself for a long time, lay hidden in the earth, and permitted itself to be found only on the day when Tsar Alexander was declared of age, when a great sorcerer had come to Siberia to find the stone, a magician.”   -Leskov Nikolai Semyonovich. Alexandrite.1884

Alexandrite may only be 150 years old, but this mystical stone should not be dismissed for its fairly young age.

Alexandrite was discovered in the Emerald mines of the Ural Mountains, on the day Czar Alexander came of age. 19th Century mystics have long revered Alexandrite as a highly magical stone.

Alexandrite is believed to connect the physical and astral planes together and to enable one’s destiny. This explains why every Royal crown contains Alexandrite. This stone also aids all 7 chakras (pretty rare), has the ability to repair tissue and regenerate cells. Alexandrite also attracts money, love, and luck to its possessors. Speaking with Alexandrite is thought to mystically enhance one’s words……which once again explains the royal connection and why it is also known as the Mercury Stone.

Alexandrite is also associated with the month of June and the planet Mercury. Alexandrite can appear to be either Emerald green or Ruby red depending on the lighting, which speaks to the duality of Gemini. In Occult literature, Mercury is also known as the Magician and trickster. Alexandrite has such strong spiritual vibrations, that its wearers are thought to experience magical “unexplainable” moments.

Alexandrite is also believed to contain the soul of the Czar, enabling one to become their own King or Queen. You too can be royalty…..for a hefty price. The purest Alexandrite is one of the most expensive gems to purchase, rivaling Diamonds.

If you can get your hands on some Alexandrite to wear this June, please do so, and experience its crowning glory!

Sodalite: Enemy of the Retrogrades

You know when someone tells you, you CAN’T, and you do everything in your will power to prove them wrong? Well, Sodalite is an amazing conductor of aha moments. Sodalite is a healing gemstone that allows one to connect the inner and outer worlds together, enabling one to decipher archetypal patterns in the universe. Psychics, tarot readers, numerologists, and other diviners would benefit from using Sodalite to help them translate their oracles.

Sodalite stimulates the third eye chakra and gifts the user with deep insight, intuition, and clarity, kick-starting one’s inner genius. It allows you to assess your motivations, desires, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and patterns of personal destiny.

Sodalite creates an inner stubborn courage that allows you to stay on your path, without doubting yourself. It’s almost as if it takes the reigns from the universe for a short while. It does not change your destiny, but gives you those little cosmic pushes that we all need sometimes.

Sodalite is also excellent for artists, writers, musicians, and anyone who requires creativity.

Sodalite is also excellent for mental endurance, and helps you to retain information, which is why students should take advantage of this stone.

I have been wearing my Sodalite pendant for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, I have been able to piece together things in my life, to the point that they are no longer puzzle pieces, but a beautiful image that I can now reflect upon. This is why Sodalite is the perfect stone to use during these crazy retrogrades, as all of your inner work, will be far less daunting.