Palmistry-Your Personal Guide (In Focus) by Roberta Vernon- REVIEW

Palmistry- Your Personal Guide (In Focus) by Roberta Vernon is a comprehensive guide on the art of reading hands. I have read a lot of books on palmistry and this one far exceeds all of them. Everything that you need to be able to effectively read someone’s hand is included, from the lines on the palm, to the shapes of the fingers, the colour and feel of the hand, etc. This is where this book stands out. Including tips and tricks on how to read the entire hand is not something you will find in an average palmistry book. I especially loved the chapter on fingerprints and skin ridge patterns. The information in that chapter was unique and intriguing. I wish that there were illustrations earlier in the book that clearly showed what islands and chains look like on the palm because it wasn’t clear in the descriptions given. The chapter on the health of the hands was ingenious and I know most readers will probably jump right to that chapter. There were lots of unique tidbits included throughout that I haven’t read anywhere else. Such as travel lines, and timeline predictions using the lines on the palm. The illustrations were clear and were almost on every page so I didn’t have to constantly flip back and forth. This book is great for beginners and those who have more experience. I guarantee that you will learn new methods and will have your palm right under your nose when reading this guide. After reading this book, I will never look at my hands in the same way again, so go and get your hands on a copy of Palmistry- Your Personal Guide (In Focus)…no pun intended.


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