Linden Tree Personality & Transit: September 13-22 & March 11-20

According to Slavic Tree Astrology, we are born under the influence of a certain tree.

A Linden tree is a tree with heart-shaped leaves. Those born under its influence tend to have a very strong sense of self-love. They are generous with giving love, and receive it from the many admirers they have. They are beautiful and have a tendency to put on weight. Linden Tree natives also have a very keen intuition and are deeply connected to the occult. Their strong sensitivity can over-ride practical decision making, so finding a balance between the two is key to their happiness. Part of their spiritual work consists of having family that they can nurture. Important spiritual lessons will arise as a result of the purity and innocence of unconditional love within the home.


Planet- Jupiter

Element- Air

The Linden Tree is considered a sacred and holy (Jupiter) tree throughout much of Europe. Ancient lore claims this tree is the Tree of Life.  Due to the heart shaped leaves of the Linden Tree, this is the transit for love and beauty, and is even known as the Tree of Lovers. Its strong connection to love is what makes this a divine tree. Either you will be forced to confront issues surrounding self-love, or you will have opportunities to love something or someone unconditionally.

This Transit falls during the Autumnal Equinox- when it is believed we are closest to source and are protected in anything we undertake. An extra keen intuitive sense will also be available, but just be mindful of finding a balance between practicality and spirituality, which is the heart of what wizardry and witchery is all about. The smooth and fine grain of Linden Wood suggests a calm and serene transit.




beautiful, green, and heart shaped image



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