Willow Tree Transit & Personality: September 3-12 & March 1-10


A Willow is a tree of heightened awareness. Sensual and with a strong interest for spiritual life, your intuition coupled with your perception makes you a natural medium. Your 6th sense is strong and gives you a balanced philosophical attitude toward life. You are sensitive and gentle needing of lot of care and love. A happy family structure is extremely important so that you can flourish. If the home situation is unfavourable, you will forever have a void in your life.  You are a dreamer, a nature-lover, a romantic, and sometimes melancholic. There always seems to be an underlying sadness to them. You are an artist with an amazing inner strength that has no exhibitions unless you truly rely on the inborn self-confidence. In fact, most Willow Tree people have strong Leo energy in their Astrology. Willow Tree people are hopeless romantics and can have many romantic partners in their life.


The Willow Tree transit is one of flexibility. The Willow Tree is one of the only trees that can bend to extremes without snapping……as the old saying goes “the strongest trees are those that bend with the wind.”  At this time, we are being called to go with the flow of life, to surrender, to let go. We will be required to adapt to some uncomfortable situations in order to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. The Willow Tree is traditionally associated with sadness (Weeping Willow) which is why this will be a very emotional time. No matter how much we grieve, we must stand tall like the Willow and remember that we are alive and well. This will be a time of letting go of pain, healing deep hurts, and mending some forgotten wounds. The Willow Tree is a maternal tree which is why this is an excellent time to work with your inner child and be a mother to yourself. Avoid resentment and blaming. Nurturing is required for this very vulnerable time. In fact, in Sumer- Ishtar’s predecessor- Belli was known as the Willow Mother.

Planet- Moon

Element- Water

Image result for willow tree gray

Image result for victorian weeping willow



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