11 Folk Magic Tips- Face & Body Reading

1. Lines on your right fist will tell you how many children you will have

2.  When you’re first meeting someone and you want to have control over them, be the last person to sit down

3. Left palm is itchy you will be getting money

4. If the bottom of your feet are itchy, you will be going on a journey

5. If someone has a lot of wrinkles around their eyes, it means they have suffered from terrible hearbreaks in their life

6. If you have a cross on your palm, you will meet a soul mate in this lifetime

7. People with blue eyes, are promiscuous

8. People with thin lips have a quick temper

9. If your second toe is longer than your big toe and your other toes, you wear the pants in your family.

10. Curvy people usually have a very strong Venus in their chart.

11. If you have any large moles or freckles on your face, it’s a sign of good luck!


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