Pine Tree Personality & Transit: August 23- September 2 & February 19-29


According to Slavic Tree Astrology, if you were born under the influence of the Pine Tree you are gentle, refined and love to be surrounded by beauty and luxury. You cannot stand ignorance and vulgar behaviour. You know what you want and usually achieve it. No defeats can harm you and you always try to be 10 steps ahead of everyone. Intelligent and precise, you can become a millionaire if you put your mind to it. Be aware of not closing your heart and missing out on opportunities for connection. Your weakness is within your ego-centric nature and your lack of compromise.


The Pine Tree stands tall above all other forest trees. It is a pillar, an idol, a source of inspiration.  We look up at the Pine Tree with a sense of wonder and awe. Its majestic beauty represents the higher self and mind. During this transit you will have the opportunity to rise to new heights. A spiritual regeneration is likely. The word Pine comes from the word Pineal as in our ‘Pineal Gland.’ This is the pinecone shaped part of our brain that regulates our wake-sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. The pinecone has long been revered as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment can be seen in art from Assyria, Egypt, India, Greece, and Italy. It is the ‘third eye,’ the seat of our soul- the gland of enlightenment. A spiritual awakening will happen during this transit.

Image result for pine cone spirituality

A thick skin will be needed during this transit. You might find yourself being faced with a lot of opposition so standing tall and firm in your values will help you through it. In order to manifest what you want, you must spend time visualizing them and focusing on your desired outcome. Working with sacred geometry is extremely helpful at this time, as the Pine Tree’s spiral growth of branches, needles, and scales are arranged in Fibonacci ratios. The Pine Tree transit gifts everyone with incredible endurance and perseverance. Using creativity to fire you up when faced with negativity is the best way to handle this energy (Pine Trees are known to regenerate after forest fires). It will take a lot to knock you down, so as long as you are grounded and know what you want, you will be safe. Cleansing your space and aura is also recommended.

Planet- Mars

Element- Fire, Air

forest, tree, and fog image

autumn, fall, and leaves image

witch, magic, and candle image


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