Almond Tree Personality & Transit- August 14-23 & February 9-18

The almond tree is a tree of optimism. If you are born under the influence of this tree you can adapt to all situations and become a very good manager. Your self confidence is contagious, your charisma takes you into many love relationships and good business deals. You love, love and falling in love is a part of your life rhythm. Open, giving, and friendly you enjoy art, music, and sports. You appreciate money as a tool for your entertainment. You are a self centred perfectionist which can also be your major weakness.

This transit you might find yourself very busy like the bees responsible for pollinating the Almond Tree. Your immune system could come under attack. Your might also find yourself to be fertile both reproductively and spiritually- birthing new ideas. Almonds were traditionally used as fertility charms to mimic the seed of man. Almond Tree transits can also see you come into some money and a potential new relationship. Almonds signify long lasting love so expect to find a true love- although this does not necessarily mean it will be a person, for instance you might discover a passion. Almond Tree transits are also excellent times for breaking addictions and starting a new health regime. You might also find yourself interested in exotic places or sand since Almond Trees are native to North Africa, Middle East, & the Indian Subcontinent.

Ruling Planet- Mercury

flowers, tree, and pink image

eyes, hijab, and arabic image

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