3rd House & Neighborhoods

Since I am in the process of moving, I have been reflecting on the types of neighborhoods I have lived in over the years and the types of neighbors I have had. In Astrology this can be seen from the 3rd House which rules neighbors and neighborhoods and precedes the 4th House which is your home. If you know the sign that rules your 3rd house, you can look down below to learn more.

Aries 3rd House- Neighbors might be argumentative, red brick houses, military families, tension.

Taurus 3rd House- nature, fancy homes, expensive homes or cars, lots of cooking smells, neighbors were workaholics.

Gemini 3rd House- variety of different people from different walks of life, no longevity in any neighborhood, gossipy neighbors.

Cancer 3rd House- very attached to neighborhood, lots of families, helpful, solidarity.

Leo 3rd House- close to neighbors, entertainment nearby- perhaps a theatre, active member of the community, warm place to live- no real problems.

Virgo 3rd House- You know details about your neighbors, very observant neighbors, people keep to themselves, cautious, clean for the most part.

Libra 3rd House- lots of neighborhood friends, beautiful neighborhood, people were friendly, everyone probably knew your name.

Scorpio 3rd House- tension, seedy people, crime, nosy neighbors.

Sagittarius 3rd House- multicultural, might have lived in many different places, white collar, might have been a church nearby.

Capricorn 3rd House- no attachment to neighborhood, blue collar, private neighbors.

Aquarius 3rd House- never felt like you fit in in your neighborhood, noisy, nervous energy, people might have come and gone a lot.

Pisces 3rd House- live near water, hazy-might not have clear memories, might have been able to see past the facade of the neighbors and neighborhood.


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