The Child Asteroid

The asteroid Child (4580) in your natal chart tells you how to tap into your inner child and can also tell you about your own children’s Astrology sign or dominant sign. The inner child can be described as that piece of your heart that needs tender loving care. That piece of you, that is you in the raw, de-conditioned, and authentic. It’s that place that you go to when you’re lost, scared, or hurt. It is the innocent and most loving fragment of your soul. You can look up where this asteroid falls in your natal chart by going to, click on extended chart selection, fill in your birth details, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to input the asteroid number 4580.

Child in 1st House- your inner child is essential. It forms part of your identity and others may view you as childish. Playing with toys or staying active will assist you.

Child in 2nd House- your self worth is dependent upon how innocently you approach things in your life. The more hardened approach you take, the less joy you will find in life.

Child in 3rd House- creativity helps to bring out your inner child as well as your relationship with your siblings.

Child in 4th House- you come from a family that are like over-grown children. Your family and home life was very supportive of you growing up.

Child in 5th House- child play is extremely important as is creativity. Sharing your uniqueness with the world is your purpose.

Child in 6th House- the freedom to explore different avenues in life gives brings you comfort. Having a job working with children or those with disabilities helps you to tap into your inner child.

Child in 7th House- having child like interactions, or treating others like a Mommy or Daddy type of figure is common. Having a balanced life, with equal amounts of work and play is strongly recommended.

Child in 8th House- staying grounded assists in tapping into who you are. Your inner child longs for freedom and emancipation from those who restrict you.

Child in 9th House- your idealistic nature is your inner child. Exploration is extremely important.

Child in 10th House- a creative career will help to nurture your inner child. Your inner child is the part of you that never received any recognition.

Child in 11th House- your silly, care-free friends helps you to not take life so seriously. Playfulness and social activities are beneficial.

Child in 12th House- you will have a life long pursuit to reconnect with inner child, or had a miserable childhood. Connecting to spirituality will help you to realize that everything you want or need is already within you.



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