50 Spiritual Questions Tag- Part 1

These are 50 spiritual questions that will free your mind. In this post I answer the first 25. You can find all of the questions here: http://www.marcandangel.com/2009/07/13/50-questions-that-will-free-your-mind/

1.How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

21. I am 24 in real life.

2. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Failing is worse than never trying for the Ego, but never trying is worse than failing for ascension purposes.

3.If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

Because we are afraid of failing!

4.When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

So far………….yes.

5.What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

Corruption & Deception.

6.If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

Teaching metaphysics and spirituality for the purpose of helping and healing humanity.

7.Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

I am doing what I believe in.

8.If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

I would be less afraid.

9.To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?

I personally believe that the destination will always be the same, it’s just the route that changes. If you want to get to the city, you either take the highway or country road. The scenery will be different, but in the end you’ll still get to where you need to be.

10.Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

I am more worried about doing the right things.

11.You’re having lunch with three people you respect and admire.  They all start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend.  The criticism is distasteful and unjustified.  What do you do?

I would take what they had said and twist it around into something positive and immediately lose all respect and admiration for those people.

12.If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Always have an open heart.

13.Would you break the law to save a loved one?


14.Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity?


15.What’s something you know you do differently than most people?


16.How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy?

Because we are each unique souls.

17.What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?  What’s holding you back?

I have never been in a relationship and would love to have that experience. What’s holding me back is FATE.

18.Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

I was until recently.

19.If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

Budapest, Vienna, or Prague- for its rich esoterica.

20.Do you push the elevator button more than once?  Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?


21.Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?

Joyful simpleton.

22.Why are you, you?

You’ll have to ask Source.

23.Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?

That’s all I have ever known.

24.Which is worse, when a good friend moves away, or losing touch with a good friend who lives right near you?


25.What are you most grateful for?

My family.


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