Elm Tree Transit & Personality- July 15-25 & January 12-24

“Sleep thou and I will wind thee in my arms

…the female ivy so

Enrings the barky fingers of the Elm

O, how I love thee! O how I dote on thee!”

-A Midsummernight;s Dream

The Elm Tree is the tree of attractiveness. If you were born under the protection of this tree you are very attractive. You also have a strong sense of justice, as you are very hard on yourself and others. You are open and honest, making you a faithful friend. You are also very conscious of your health making you a health nut.  You are a very peaceful and relaxed person who takes very good care of their family. You are very patient with kids and are gentle with animals. You work hard to achieve your idealistic fantasies- the word NO doesnt exist in your vocabulary. Stability at home with a long term partner and supportive family is what gives you emotional security. There is a problem with wanting security but also needing change. When you focus your creativity, you will have the best of both worlds.

The Elm Tree transit is about being mindful of your energy. Stagnation is possible now, so make sure you keep active through exercise- I would recommend Tai Chi or Yoga as they both help to re-distribute the chi or life force in the body. Spiritually, it is possible to grow by leaps and bounds this week, learning and discovering a lot about yourself. Elm Trees are famous for their ornamental value, so expect to be more attractive now.  You will be extra sensitive to other people;s words, so just take time to do some grounding exercises. In Ancient times, Elm Trees were planted alongside grape vines as their twiggy branches acted as lattice for the climbing grape vines. A need to reach your goals will be heightened this week as well. Elm Trees used to be planted in cities that won revolutions, so expect to be victorious this week on a number of levels. When you are able to be active, self-discovery and achievements will follow suit.

elmelm 2 arm



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