The 4th House & Your Decor

Since we are in Cancer season I thought it would be fun to share some insight into each sign’s personal decorating preferences. You can see this by looking to the ruler of your fourth house in Astrology. If you have planets in your fourth house, you can certainly combine the energies of the planets with the ruling sign of the fourth house.

Aries 4th House- Country, Reds, Checkered Patterns, Rooster Motif, Spring like


Taurus 4th House- Pink, Feminine, Ornate, Floral Details, Rich


Gemini 4th House- Clean, Minimalistic, Coffee Table Books Gadgets on tables, White, Graphic


Cancer 4th House- Kitchen is most important room, Cozy, Family Pictures, Antiques, Shabby Chic

cancer kitchen

Leo 4th House- Grand, Ornate, Gold, Red, Gilt, Very Personal, Statue of a Lion and or Cats are present in the home, Animal Prints, Always Presentable to Guests


Virgo 4th House- Earth Tones, Cozy, Organized, Minimal, Always Clean


Libra 4th House- Library Aesthetic, Pinks, Grays, Balanced


Scorpio 4th House- Black, Mirrored Surfaces, Bold Prints, Gothic Inspired


Sagittarius 4th House- Exotic, World Traveler Aesthetic, Collectables, Eclectic, Cultured


Capricorn 4th House- Rustic, Country, Woods, Natural Materials, Scandinavian Style


Aquarius 4th House- Bohemian, Gypset Style, Grabs the 5 Senses, Patterned


Pisces 4th House- Mystical, Blues, Celestial, Nautical



3 thoughts on “The 4th House & Your Decor

  1. Omggg!! My aquarius in the 4th house and Uranus in the 4th house. It really is the house that I imagined for myself.
    Hippie Style.


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