Sour Cherry Tree Personalities- June 4-13 & Dec 2-11

According to Slavic Astrology, each person is ruled by a particular tree. The characteristics and folklore of the tree influences a person’s personality.

Personality Characteristics- Artistic, Dreamy, Beautiful, Athletic, Health Conscious, Can get emotionally overwhelmed quite easily, Needs extra grounding, Self-reliant.

Sweet with a hint of tartness, Sour Cherry Tree people are the artists of the world. Due to the heavy melatonin content in the sour cherries, these people can be greatly inspired by their dreams and fantasies. Naturally athletic, those born under this tree make fantastic athletes and are excellent at decoding their body’s symptoms and illnesses. An obsession towards eating clean, organic, and whole foods also manifests. Being ruled by Venus- Sour Cherry Tree folks make excellent cooks. Since it doesn’t take a lot of water for Sour Cherry Trees to become waterlogged- these people can become emotionally overwhelmed quite easily which is why they need to ground themselves, more than the average person. As self-pollinating trees, Sour Cherry Trees are here to learn how to become self-reliant and emancipated from others- both spiritually and financially. Non-attachment is of the utmost importance.

For those born during the December dates- introspection becomes the dominant characteristic. Those born during the Winter tend to lead more spiritual lives as opposed to athleticism.

Dominant Elements- Air & Water

Ruling Planet- Venus





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