Happy Birthday to The Luminessence!

One year ago today I started my WordPress blog- The Luminessence. It has been a wonderful journey in which I have written and shared my thoughts, experiences, and musings on a variety of spiritual topics over the course of this one year.  You will have noticed that over this past month I have evolved my posts from Astrology to other new agey topics. I have a lot more interesting content to come which I cannot wait to share with everyone! It doesn’t surprise me that my blog is a Gemini- since it is pretty content heavy 🙂

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed, shared, liked, and commented on my posts. Putting myself out there into occulture has been a huge step for me, as my only motivation has been to connect with like minded people in the hopes of finding my tribe. I write from the heart and understand that the abyss we call New Age Spirituality is a very subjective one. We don’t always agree with what everyone writes, and sometimes blogs just don’t resonate with us, and that’s okay!

The name of my blog is a play on luminscence which is a means to produce artificial light. My spelling ‘Luminessence’ when broken down means ‘the essence of light’ which I hope it has been.

Thank you for all the lovely support and Happy Birthday to The Luminessence.



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