All Signs Point to Murder by Connie di Marco- REVIEW

This book captured me from the very first sentence. As an Astrologer myself, I applaud Ms. di Marco for coming up with the ingenious idea of an astrologer who uses the stars as clues for solving mysteries. The story was fast paced and kept me guessing who the murderer was throughout the book and left enough red herrings to make me invested in solving the crime. I would have loved this book even more, if more Astrology was incorporated into the story, because as at times it felt as if the stars and planets were an afterthought because there was not enough focus on the main character being an Astrologer. The murder plot was predictable and I just wish there was a bad planetary alignment or challenging natal chart that was to blame instead. Due to the rapidity of the storyline and all the twists and turns, I am excited to read more books in this series, and I hope Connie di Marco infuses her storylines with even more Astrology as I felt she was holding back in incorporating more cosmic clues.


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