April: The Retrograde Clique

Welcome to April everyone, or as I like to call it Energy Rehabilitation Month! Now that we have let the eclipses of February sink in during the emotional rollercoaster of March, April things slow wayyyy down, bringing the attention inwards, with a very rare energy, 5 planets in retrograde! To see what these energies will be bringing, I’d like to introduce everyone to the Retrograde Clique.

Venus Retrograde in Pisces- April 3-  ‘A Celine Dion Love Song.’

Going with the flow, embracing unconditional love, loving ourselves. It’s a much softer energy for Venus as opposed to Aries, Venus it actually exalted in Pisces, meaning it feels very comfortable and powerful here. Venus will be going direct on April 15- all of the re-evaluating of values and all the work you did deciphering what your needs are will be ready to sink in.

Celine Dion who was born with Venus in Pisces, is the perfect muse for this energy, there’s a reason why she is the greatest love song singer of all time.

Venus will be re-entering Aries on April 28-

We will feel more optimistic and empowered to go after what we want.

Saturn in Sagittarius Retrograde- April 6- ‘Grace Kelly and Her Gilded Cage. ‘

Understanding what’s holding us back, what value system are we hanging onto that is no longer serving us? What walls need to be torn down? Saturn removes obstacles, but it will take effort on your part. With it being in Sagittarius, Saturn has a long term vision of where you need to be, but the road is long and there are challenges on the way, however with Saturn’s dedication and commitment, you can do it!

Grace Kelly was born with this placement natally, and while it is believed she resented giving up her acting career in order to become a royal, she made the most of it by dedicating her life to philanthropic causes, and played the role of a lifetime, as a real life fairytale princess.

Mercury in Taurus Retrograde- April 9

When Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication enters the lavish and grounded sign of Taurus, our intellectual abilities will become much more practical and a matter of factly. There won’t be no dilly dallying around issues or poetic embellishments. However, there can be some exaggeration with regards to communication, it might be easy for us to be a little dramatic or overly blunt with what we have to say. It’s best to err on the side of caution with Mercury in Taurus. This is also a time of planning and gathering information. Don’t rush like the bull into any decisions, take your time. Taurus rules the second house in Astrology, the house of our values. With Mercury using its analytical magic with Taurus energy, this transit will feel like Venus Retrograde. Taurus as the first earth sign likes tangible results, so Mercury is going to make very clear to you, what has been preventing those results.

Emma Watson who has Mercury in Taurus is someone who knows how to use words to bring about change. Case in point, watch her speech she gave to the United Nations.

Mercury will be stationing direct in Aries on April 20, so now that we have gathered our information about what has been holding you back, Aries will give you the fire and inspiration to take action!

Pluto will also be going retrograde in Capricorn- April 20

This is going to ask us to work with our shadow, to help us understand where we have been neglecting ourselves, and doing so will transform our outer world.

Jane Austen was born during the Pluto in Capricorn generation, and her stories of determined and ambitious women represents this energy beautifully.

Jupiter in Libra Retrograde- February 6

This transit will still be in effect this month and is all about mirroring. Our relationships to others will reflect back to us how we’ve been treating ourselves.

Sophia Loren was born with Jupiter in Libra, and her wanting to play sexy powerful exotic women has to do with an inner wounded self esteem of never feeling beautiful.

*I’ll be discussing these transits more in depth once they come around along with their Hollywood muses.



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