My Venus Return

Since March 22 I have been experiencing my Venus Return, when Venus is exactly conjunct your natal Venus. The few days before and after this special event, you might experience more Venusian things in your life such as more romance, fun, luxury, creativity, and passion. You can also experience some of the more negative expressions of Venus too, such as jealousy, greed, gluttony, heated arguments etc. Pay close attention to how your days have been unfolding. This can give you a very clear idea of how Venusian things in your life will unfold over the next year. On March 22 I celebrated my 24th birthday which was a quiet day for me, a day that was very introspective and quiet. This can indicate a year that will involve more soul searching and self care. The days following have been very emotional, and I have also spent them watching Astrology webinars, one in particular about finding marriage in the horoscope using Jamini Astrology. I have had some spiritual/psychic readings that have foretold of an upcoming relationship for me this year. Interestingly enough, Lenormand and Tarot readings I have done for myself have also shared the same messages. If you can spend your Venus Return consciously by doing things you enjoy, and by setting some Venusian intentions, you can make the most of this epic event in your own life!


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