Spring Equinox- Soul Gardening

Seedlings breaking through the rich soils of the earth, rays of sunlight becoming a tad brighter, and the scent of new beginnings fills the air. Spring is the time of rebirth and new growth, and on a cosmic level this can best be explored through our own experiences on the planet. If we take a look at Spring’s astro chart, we see a fruitful year ahead, with a focus on creation and change.

Venus RX in Aries loosely conjunct the Sun in Aries is placing the focus on reviewing our self care practices, our relationships, and individuality. Loosely conjunct the Sun in Aries, there can be selfish tendency with this energy, so it is best to look to the opposite sign of Libra for answers. Jupiter will be in Libra until October 2017, which is all about how we relate to others and can be of service to humanity. If we spend all of our precious time admiring our reflection, we miss beautiful opportunities for connection.

The sun will be quintile to Pluto indicating creative expression will be very strong, and with the sun loosely conjunct Chiron, deep healing can be done through the art.

The moon will be trined Uranus in Capricorn suggesting that something wonderful is about to happen, something will be emerging this year that has never been seen before. The reinvention of self will be a common theme throughout the year.

The equinox also falls on a Moonday this year, placing emphasis on our emotions, and a new emotional cycle commencing. This would be a great year to let go of old feelings that are holding you back, and to embrace feelings of passion and initiation as Mars, the ruler of this equinox is un-aspected.

As much as Spring is a time of emergence, this chart is asking us to delve deeper into ourselves to take care of ourselves, honour our needs, and share our unique gifts with the world. In order to emerge as the little seedlings we are, we first have to submerge into the soils of the soul.


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