Venus Retrograde in Aries Oracle

I have been focusing on Venus RX in Aries quite a lot lately, as I was born with this placement in my natal chart. I also feel this is the most important retrograde we experience here on earth as it is an opportunity for us to leap forward in our evolution. This is a time to get clarity on what our values and needs are, to ask the most important questions of “Who am I?” “What is important to me?” Learning how to have a deeper relationship to yourself is the only way you can develop a deeper sense with source. You have to go inwards to go outwards. Enjoy the freedom of being yourself.

Audrey Hepburn who was born with this natal placement is the perfect archetype for this energy. She was able to have a deep relationship with herself through her acting career, and through suffering the terrors of war, devoted much of her later life to humanitarian causes. Her romantic life was troubled but it was when she looked to the suffering of others (Libra polarity) that she found her purpose.

Rose quartz is the stone of self love and can be of great help during this time.

Mariah Carey’s (who was also born with this placement) first number 1 single ‘Vision of Love’ is a song about having a strong loving connection to source. As a Venus RX she must have subconsciously known that when you embrace the love of source, you see and feel love everywhere.


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