Alberta Ferretti’s North Node in Leo Collection

Like other art forms, fashion and astrology seem to go together like the stars and planets. Alberta Ferretti’s fall 2017 collection saw an homage to Venice with a prominent lion motif present through out many of the designs. The lion is the ancient symbol of Venice representing both the city and its patron, Saint Mark. The sculpture adds a rich majestic iconography to the city, while other images of this kingly beast are seen on buildings, paintings, pedestals, and museums. With an homage to Venice, it made perfect sense that Ms. Ferretti would have featured this symbol in her collection. However, on May 10, 2017, the north node of the moon will be going into the sign of Leo…..the lioness highness of the zodiac. As a collective, this will ask us to be strong in our convictions, to stand up for the underdogs, and to work with others as opposed to turning our backs on them. On a individual level, NN in Leo asks us to dedicate ourselves to a higher truth, to embrace our passions, and to pursue them with the heart of a lion. Be bold, be flamboyant, and in doing so, we will offer the collective a creative masterpiece.

So perhaps it is just a coincidence that Alberta Ferretti has already embraced the leoline energy, but one thing is for sure, the lion is already beginning to wake from its slumber.

lion 1.jpg

lion 2.jpg


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