Pisces the Mystic Mermaid

Welcome to the psychic watery realm of Pisces. This energy is very hard to define, and it almost makes no sense to project on it or label it. Pisces is equivalent to the iridescence of fish scales, reflecting rainbow lights up to cosmos. The altruistic healing qualities of this energy runs the risk of self sacrifice and self sabotage, she becomes the shoreline that the waves of emotions crash onto, rather than being the boat that flows with the ebbs and flows. High tide can be equivalent to higher consciousness, but the low tides are needed for grounding and releasing. In order to awaken to the soul of Pisces, being connected to both earth and the astral plane at the same time is the proper expression of Pisces, and not losing herself into the abyss of emotions, but rather discerning all of the information coming to her, hence the upward and downward fish as seen in its glyph. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac which contains a culmination of other previous signs, making them closer to source. Her task it to be the channel for spiritual information and not the filter for it. Your job is not to build sand castles on the dry beach only to have the waves come by and knock them down. It’s about co-creating your own castle using the earthy groundedness of reality and the dream like waters of the divine. Pisces souls have incarnated to make their dreams a reality, to live a creative life.

Deception can run rampant with this energy, so listening to your intuition is imperative. With all of these psychic gifts, the trove of Pisces can only hold so many treasures. Sometimes it is necessary to retreat into your cavern where true inspiration lies, and when the time is right, to come out of the cavern with the treasures to share with the world, with the collective consciousness through art. Pisces time can see the most creative projects blossom as if they were divinely inspired. Creativity is the essence of the Pisces soul, as she is the divine child- children being innocence, that wonder and awe of being only a miniscule drop in the ocean. Know that when the siren song calls, the divine is calling, and one must heed the call of the divine, or else drown into the watery subconscious dream world.


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