For Brigid

On December 16/17 I had the most beautiful dream, here is what I recorded

“I had a beautiful dream last night about a well covered in greenery and flowers  and the clearest water I have ever seen, and today on my timeline, saw a goddess card reading for the Irish goddess Brigid who is a creative goddess and is known to live in wells. I woke up this morning with such a strong desire to do more research on my Pisces Midheaven, in which I am meant to have a creative career.”

Since we are in the time of Imbolc, I really wanted to work with the goddess energy of Brigid, who I do feel is one of my guides, and a goddess archetype I need to work with.

I know since having that dream, a well of creativity has been awakened inside of me. It’s also no coincidence that this dream occurred on the cusp of the 16th and 17th of December, which was the threshold of 2016 energy leaving and 2017 energy coming in. I really do feel that 2017 is going to be a highly creative year for me and a year when I need to embrace my bohemian spirit and just go for it!

In honour of Imbolc which celebrates the fiery goddess Brigid, I bought a red hydrangea plant to symbolize the creativity and inspiration she can bestow upon us.



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