Year of the Fire Rooster!

Who’s ready to shake their tail feathers and strut their stuff? The year of the fire rooster will be a year of flamboyancy, commitment, determination, and success. This is a year of rebirth and transformation, not unlike our New Moon in Aquarius happening the same day.The year of the Fire Rooster is a year where the sky’s the limit….. and this rooster does not want to be confined to perching on rooftops…. nope, he wants to spread his wings and fly if he could. But the rooster knows that other animals are relying on him to wake them up, signaling dawn. It’s important to remember, that while the rooster energy is  independent and original, you cannot do it alone. Because the rooster has a natural talent for time, expect many more divine timings, and synchroncities to appear in your life. You will always seem to be in the right place at the right time. The rooster also encourages us to push the boundaries of what’s comfortable. Take a cue from your colourful plumage and take risks and pursue your wildest dreams. This Fire Rooster is also a yin rooster, meaning your intuition will be on fire this year. While a yang fire rooster is all about volatility and charging forth, the yin of this year signals more of a surrendering to the divine and process of life as opposed to aggressive determination. There is also a tremendous opportunity to embrace your creative side with this energy, so try to explore some new creative projects!

The cock-a-doodle-doo of the Rooster is the wake up call to the other animals every morning, and on a personal level, we will each experience a major wake up call this year. This will be the year of awakening as also foretold in 2017 Astrology.

The year of the Fire Rooster will see many successes, as long as humility is kept in check. This is not the year to hide away in your barn, like meek little hens. This is the year to put yourself out into the world and dream big! Plan your next move by trusting your intuition, and awaken to the empowering spirit of the Fire Rooster!

*If your’re a rooster like me, be mindful that you are entering a new 12 year cycle, so the seeds you plant now, will be sown during these next 12 years.

*Featured Image- Prada Spring 2017 Collection- a feathery chinoise cacophany.


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