Winter Solstice: A Cauldron Brews

‘A darkness pervades me for which I don’t understand.’

‘A black curtain befell the village, stars dimmed out, the moon hidden behind a foggy cloud. The only source of light visible was from a thicket in the woods. The source? Rays of light wafting up from a cauldron resting on a stove in a cluttered cottage filled with brown leather tattered books and vials containing the words “Tears,” “Anger,” “Hurt,” and “Eye of Storm.”’

Winter Solstice comes from the latin words ‘Sun Sets Still.’ This is the proverbial witch’s cauldron of the year in which we have shortest day, with the longest night. There’s a black velvety magic in the air on this day that allows us to go inwards and reflect. Today would be the perfect to journal, be candid, and start formulating your new year intentions and resolutions. From this day forward, the days start getting a little longer, signaling the start of something new. Darkness only exists because of light, so while there may be a heaviness associated with this day, there is also a lightness knowing that one cannot exist without the other.

But keep your potion bottles of tears, anger, hurt, and storm away from your recipe. By this point, you should have released those emotions which are no longer serving you. Don’t spoil the taste of your newest creation. Add ingredients of joy, happiness, optimism, and vulnerability to your cauldron and watch the most potent potion brew its magic for the upcoming year!


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