Mercury RX in Capricorn: When Will my Reflection Show, Who I am Inside?

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn until  January 8, where it is forcing us to reflect on these past 9 years, since 2016 is the final year in a 9 year cycle, with 2017 being the start of a new cycle.

Mercury RX is always about reflection and re-evaluation. When Mercury goes into Capricorn, the sign of level headedness, seriousness, groundedness, and ambition, be prepared to have your perspectives completely transformed. Since Mercury does go retrograde the same day that Mars moves into Pisces, your new perspective is one that has been brewing for a while, and is a conscious decision.

You will each experience a paradigm shift that will deepen your sense of who you are and what you need to release before the new year. A new foundation is being built. So take time during these next few weeks of December to reflect over these past 9 years, and through that, set the most truthful and heart opening intentions and resolutions for 2017.

You know in your heart what it is that is changing about you. You can only properly integrate this new energy if you take the time to reflect over these past 9 years to understand how and why this change is coming. When you consciously know what it is that is going to be changing, focus on it, set intentions around it, because when Mercury conjuncts Uranus the planet of transformation on January 29, 2017…get ready for a big permanent change.

Reflect, because when you do, you will see who you are so clearly, that the person you thought you were, was only a distorted image.


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