Magic of Snow

I was awoken this morning by a twinkling light peeking through my curtain, and was delighted to discover that the first snowfall of the season had blanketed my garden overnight. Snow, is in fact, magical, and here is why.

Snowflakes crystallize in the shape of the ancient “hex star” symbol which comes from the word ‘hexefus’ which means witches’ cauldron or witches’ foot.
I like to think of Winter as the crystallization period of the year. I tend to have the most inspiration during the Winter, and is usually when I experience some type of spiritual gestation, when I am able to witness all of my inner work come the Spring Equinox.

Snow is actually little tiny quartz crystals that when wielded correctly, can align us with our higher selves, hopes, and wishes. Snow is one of the most potent ingredients for divination, because it is water, which is connected to the divine feminine, and is the colour white, the colour of the divine and purity.

Snow Magic Tips

To melt hard feelings against you, gather snow that has fallen. Write the name of the person who is giving you a hard time on a piece of paper. Put it in the middle of the glass plate. Take the snow and pile it on top. Add a dash of sugar. As the snow melts, the person in question will loosen his or her hold over you.

Make a snow bottle. Write your wishes on a piece of paper and put the paper in a bottle packed with snow. As the snow melts, your wishes will be granted.

Legend also has it, that if you walk in nature on a snowy day, the divine will speak directly to you, as the silence of the cold allows you to tune into other frequencies.


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