December- Month of Light

Welcome to the final month of 2016 and the threshold of 2017. 2016 is the final year in our 9 year cycle. Both the number 9 and 16 are numbers of endings, completion, introspection, and resolution. This year we have all had to deal with the truth of life and of ourselves in often shocking ways. This could have been revealed to you through being faced with many challenges, or through heightened emotions. The overarching theme of this year has been re-envisioning our future, a future that is aligned with our purpose and divine plan. It hasn’t been easy, and that is why the 12 vibration of December is going to be the light that guides us during this time as we wrap up the end of an era.

December 2016 is a 12 month and a 12 universal month, which is also the number of completion and integration. No doubt you have probably experienced a spiritual rebirth this year that has allowed you to integrate the higher wisdom achieved into a potential reality for this next phase of your life.

2016 we descended into the depths of our souls, purging and releasing all that no longer serves us in order to enter into a new 9 year cycle with purity, perspective, optimism, and inner strength. It all begins with December, when our truest dreams, aspirations, and divine plan will be illuminated from our highest selves!

Allow yourself during this next month to slow down in order for the exciting 2017 energy to enter your being slowly and methodically, while the last fragments of negativity leaves your consciousness.

Be mindful, be grateful, don’t fixate too much on the future or the past, and spiritually prepare yourself for this next chapter by being present and connected to your inner truth and divine source. This is when your inner light will shine brighter than the sun. Afterall, December is the celebratory month of light!

xx     Sending you love and light from The Luminessence  xx

Key Dates

December 12- Super Full Moon in Gemini-See your life from a different light, you will be unrecognizable to yourself and others

December 19-Mars moves into Pisces- spiritual contemplation before action

December 19- Mercury goes Retrograde- yes the planet of communication and travel will be in retrograde during Christmas, however, this will be a very strong time for reflection and recalibration

December 29- New Moon in Capricorn- we end 2016 with a New Moon, signaling many beautiful changes to come in the new year!



2 thoughts on “December- Month of Light

  1. What you wrote so much coincides with my own life. My 9year long relationship broke last December and the completion is happening in this December. Wonder what the next 9yrs cycle has in-store for me..


    1. Thank you. Yes, it has been tough for all of us. I would recommend checking out your solar return chart for your birthday. It will give you a sense of what’s to come for this upcoming year. You can also check your personal numerology as well, to give you a better sense of what’s to come. I wish you all the best for this next cycle!


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