New Moon in Sagittarius November 29, 2016: A Light in the Doorway

Date: November 29, 2016

Moonbeams- expansion, happiness, looking into the future, surrendering, dreaming big

What lights your fire? This is the big question hugging this lunation, as we have left the murky waters of Scorpio, which left us with some personal crisis no doubt. If you found this past month in Scorpio challenging, view it more as a renewal rather than a crisis. Sagittarius finds the light in darkness, which fuels its flames. There is nothing more than a Centaur likes then adventure! Jupiter is opposite Uranus which is square to Pluto right now, meaning you must let go and forge ahead with your dreams and plans. Trust the process, as Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus encourages us move ahead which will require confronting some insecurities and shadows (Pluto). Get ready to have a grand heightened perspective of you and your visions. Nothing is impossible during this lunation.

There is also a triple 11 portal opening up with this moon as it is happening on November 29 which reduces to 11, in the 11th month, in a universal 11 month. 11 is the number of enlightenment and inspiration. Open your heart, mind and soul (doorways) to the light during this new moon, and with that, be divinely guided to a new boundless happy place….your future awaits!


Dream big

Be inspired to push yourself further than you ever have

Magic Mike from Astrolada has a great tip during this moon, ask yourself “What do I desire.” Why do I desire that?

Intention- what does life mean to you?

Look to see what house this new moon will be transiting.Your perspectives in this house will be dramatically changing your future.



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