Sagittarius: Archery & Mastery

As we come up from the descent of the murky waters of Scorpio, we find ourselves in the rebirthing fires of Sagittarius. This season is about having a conscious direction in our lives through the wisdom that higher knowledge is able to bestow upon us. Breaking free from the centaur- which are the animal instincts of human nature and finding your inner truth- the human part, are part of the lessons that Sagittarius teaches us. The more we are able to hone in on our purpose in life the better control we have over our animal instincts (ego, desires, temptations). During this season, it is not uncommon to download visions and have an intense motivation to get things done. There is a strong electricity in the air during this time to create what inspires you. Once it is created, Sagittarius creates yet another vision, and so on. It is now that Sagittarius is able to use the mind as the driving force, and not the animalistic nature of the Centaur. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter- the planet of expansion and riches. The more you let go and surrender yourself to your divine plan, the more gifts the universe will bestow.

Using your arrow of wisdom this month, align yourself to your purpose by opening up your mind to knowledge in all its forms. Just be careful not to lose yourself in all the messages you receive during this time. Remember to look for synchronicities, and to trust your intuition during this next month. The sparks that ignite during this fiery season will ground your visions into reality once we enter the sign of Capricorn. Take time during this next month to master surrendering to divine will, and in doing so, have a laser sharp vision of where you need to go next!



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