How to Decorate A New Age Christmas Tree


Here are some ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree that has some pops of a New Age aesthetic.

Use crystals and gems suspended from ribbon to add some sparkle to your tree

Use a quartz crystal star as a tree topper

The more lights, the better

Paint ornaments that look like the planets

Use the colour white as it represents light- which Christmas is the celebration of

Include feathers to remind yourself of your connection to the divine

You can even decorate your tree according to the 7 chakras, which correlates to the Christmas tree, and the tree of life. For example; use an amethyst coloured tree topper, you can even use a Crown as a tree topper (Purple, crown chakra)  and a red tree skirt (Root chakra).

Have yourself a ‘Lumi’ little Christmas, from The Luminessence


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