My Own Harry Potter Universe Character

In honour of the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I thought it would be fun to create my own character that would fit into the Harry Potter universe.

Name: Titania Dragomir

Homestead: Ogulin, Croatia- fairytale mountainous region known for witches, fairies, and ghouls

Power: Clairsentience- can decode the past, present and future emotions and feelings of nature, people and surroundings

Faemacer- Fairy Magic

Lunarian- Moon Magic Maven

Aesthetic- red brick roofs, thicket of enchanted forest, velvet flower capes fastened with quartz buttons with lace trimmings, crown of braids with sprigs of goldspun rosemary, gold ducat talismans scattered throughout the cottage, spells in folksy reds embroidered onto dresses, steaming cups of tea by a burning wood-stove catching the flicker of a gilded looking glass tilting against a cloche containing a moon jar with scatterings of lavender picked by her fae.

School of Magic- The College of Inter-magical Slavic Studies- attended Prague and Transylvania Campuses.

Attended- The Balkans School of Divination in Zagreb, Croatia and

Proud Member of the Academy of Astrological Advancements in Varna, Bulgaria




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