November Liberation Month

Lest we forget those who have perished, lest we forget the incredible sacrifices our ancestors have made, and most importantly, during this month of liberation, lest we forget ourselves.

November is an 11 month, which is the master number of illumination and authenticity. As double Master 11 myself, I can assure you all, that if you have been feeling confused, stuck, misunderstood, or shadowy, this month is your golden opportunity to turn it all around.

We are finishing up a 9 year cycle, so as we come to a close, it is crucially important that you be honest with yourself about the positive and shadow sides. November is the month that is always attributed to awakenings. The Judgement Card of the Tarot is the card of Scorpio and November. If you look at that card you will see the archangel Gabriel blowing her trumpets of awakening, while the dead rise below. This month is all about reviving those parts of yourself that have been “dead” inside of you, those forgotten passions, those authentic pure feelings, and your intuition.

Be honest with yourself, and with that you will be freeing yourself from the fictional chains that you have wrapped yourself in, and through this liberation, witness the process of alignment.

Key dates:

November 14- Full Moon in Taurus- Supermoon, let go and dream big

November 11= 11:11- divine portal for manifestation and spiritual alignment

November 29- reduces to 11- New Moon in Sagittarius- vision of the future, vision of your higher self, communicate your deepest desires



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